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I’ve read the first run of Archer and Armstrong, some Faith, and the dude NINJAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!


I briefly flirted with Valiant for awhile and I’m meaning to get back into it. Nothing ever topped Ivar, Timewalker for me though. Excited to hear Neela’s coming back for the summer event.


When Lemire jumped onto Bloodshot it became a really good comic book. Seek it out!


Oh yeah, Ivar, Timewalker was one of the first things I read from them (due to the “its Doctor Who but good” comparisons) – super great stuff.

I enjoyed what I’ve read of Faith but I’m not super invested in keeping up to date with it – maybe it’s a little lightweight for my taste. I already have Ms Marvel in my life which is doing similar things, but generally I like it more.

Really enjoyed the first couple issues of the new X-O Manowar stuff from Matt Kindt. I have no history with the character/story and the art is good as hell so far.

Edit: OH, i really dig all of the Divinity mini-series, too! I think it might be getting an ongoing?


Really glad to see that Head Lopper, Injection and Wytches have all got mentions in this thread already; only on the first TPBs for those but they’re all showing enormous promise so far.
Also tried DC’s Omega Men a while back, really need to return to that as they were doing some really interesting stuff there (and my god those covers are gorgeous).


I fucking looooooove Divinity.


Yeah, those Omega Men covers are incredible, especially in the big trade, where they have all the clean variants as well. A really strong argument for just letting someone with bold design sensibilities, rather than pure artistic skill, cut loose on a cover (same for the Spurrier X-Men Legacy covers (even though Del Mundo is also an incredible artist)).


To be totally fair having some graphic design background myself I may be just a wee bit biased :stuck_out_tongue: but I completely agree- I’d love to see comics take advantage of design skill more often.


@TheAnarCHris I’ve been maining Beetle and Supergirl, mostly.


The Omega Men was a weird one for me. I enjoyed a lot of it but it kinda… fell apart in the end for me. And the whole “wink wink, can you see how we’re using the nine panel grid??” thing was more than a little obnoxious, in that it showed a lack of trust in the reader. Actually the whole last issue left me feeling sour, and that the mini-series was generally overrated.

(My favourite Tom King comic is definitely The Vision, but I see we’ve already had a book club about that!)


Has anyone read Last Man? I feel like no one in mainstream comics is talking about it. I read the first two volumes and were just blown away. The layouts are designed almost perfectly and the writing is great. It feels grand and epic on a scale, yet so small in a way I’ve rarely seen in comics.


I’ve seen that title floating around here and there and have been passingly curious. I’ll have to pull the pin on it and put that one on my shopping list for the next trip to the store!


It KILLS me that Supergirl doesn’t have her classic skin, nor does Powergirl. I LIKE Injustice 2 ALOT, but the art design for that game is FUG.

Went to a small Comics + Vinyl Toys + Beer festival in Manhattan this weekend. Got to shoot the shit with my pal/writer Tini Howard (WWE, Rick & Morty, MMPR: Pink), chatted with Leslie Hung (Snotgirl) & got a Kate Bishop from Annie Wu. Cute shot, shows promise, needs some programming IMO.


What’d you all read this week?

I picked up East of West, which had an absolutely great return (I’m all for any issue that involves a lesbian couple dramatically reuniting and a murderous dictator being burned to death), and Destroyer, which had a really interesting opening issue that really betrayed the expectations I had from the press I read for it, and was really just good in general. Great art/writing all around.


I love, love, love East of West. Nothing makes me as excited as when there’s a new trade of it out.


Just Batgirl this week! Which is fine, as I’ve been pulling 4-5 books per week this month.


One for the dog lovers - I’m just in the middle of re-reading Kinski. Did anyone else pick up this great, (definitely offbeat) crime book when it first came out?


Picked up Black Panther, Mother Panic, and Seven to Eternity this week. Trying to keep things in a good spread. (Haven’t had a chance to read any yet, but I like the switch back to the earlier art style on Mother Panic.)


Yeah, I wish I could pass that time easier by following East of West in singles, but it reads really well in trades. Plus I refuse to let Hickman burn me (again) by just taking ages to produce single issues of a comic.


I’ve been too busy to read anything but I’m trying to get through Naoki Urasawa’s manga since he’s an excellent storyteller. Halfway through both 20th Century Boys and Pluto right now.

I also managed to get The Incal for pretty damn cheap recently which im pretty chuffed about. That comic is amazing.