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The Truth arc in Wonder Woman finally wrapped up. I think I would have liked it more if the pace hadn’t been excruciatingly slow. The events are all interesting, but each issue had very little meat. I’m interested to see what Rucka does with his last few issues.

Deathstroke surprised me again this week because I’m pretty sure Priest has been building up to a single moment since issue 1. The Lazarus Contract has been an interesting little event which may lead to a rift between my favorite Dynamic Duo, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. Oh also it’s exactly one year to the day since DC Rebirth started. I hope this quality keeps up because nearly every DC book I pulled in this year has been good if not great.


In honour of Jason Todd coming to Injustice 2, I thought I would ask, what is everybody’s favourite Robin? I have to say, that time Damion Wayne beat the shit out of the Joker with the crowbar he killed Jason with is etched in to my memory forever.


Dick Grayson is the best boy, therefore best Robin.


He’s better as Nightwing tho.


Dick Grayson- best dude who was a Robin
Tim Drake- best Robin


I’m not sure I can pick a favorite. I think they’re all great!

  • Like TheAnarCHris said, Dick is the best boy and he has continued to be the best boy as Nightwing, Batman, and then Nightwing again.
  • Jason is better now than he ever was, but his position in comics lore as The Time The Fans Killed Robin is bigger than the character will ever be. I like him in Scott Lobdell’s RHatO with the ‘Dark Trinity’ concept.
  • Tim is the one that cemented Robin as a constant in the DC universe and the character who brought the modern world to Batman. He gets the short end of the stick a lot because he’s so much a product of his time, but he was a perfect audience surrogate when he debuted.
  • I wish Steph had been given more of a shot because I think she had a lot of potential and was screwed by editorial. Her relationship with Batman was fascinating to read. We’ll see how her new storyline goes in Detective Comics.
  • Damian Wayne is the perfect heir to the title Robin, but he works best when put next to Dick Grayson. That limits his appeal somewhat as he just doesn’t shine quite as brightly when partnered with Bruce.

This was going to be a short reply, but I got carried away. I’ll leave it on a thought. While I can’t pick a favorite, I do know this: The Boy(s and Girl) Wonder is one of most important pieces of DC Comics. Robin brought some much-needed levity to what were otherwise pretty grim crime-action stories. Kids flocked to the character and the book’s sales doubled putting it on par with Superman books. Eventually the company rebranded to ‘Superman-DC’ which was then shortened to just DC in the 70s. There would be no ‘Detective Comics’ Comics without Robin.


Finished The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg last night. Picked it up on a whim and quite enjoyed it. The art is rather simplistic, but I think she’s trying to mimic the cave drawings that are the earliest records we have of human storytelling. The narrative is an interesting exploration of the nature of oral storytelling in early human culture. It’s definitely worth a read.


Ooh I’ve had my eye on that for some time. I will have to check it out.


i don’t know that she’s necessarily trying to mimic the style of early art, though it can be argued her style is evocative of it, and it certainly works for the kind of mythical vibe she’s going for


That’s a fair assessment. Mimic probably wasn’t the best word for that.


great thread, two promising books put on hold. Does anyone else use the library for reading comics?
Here’s what I’ve read lately that I’d reccomend:
Providence, Alan Moore: kind of a retelling of Lovecraft’s fiction as if Lovecraft experienced all his stories firsthand in the 1920s, good stuff
Through the Woods, Emily Carroll: genuinely disrturbing stories for children with amazing art
Saga vol 7, Brian k Vaughan : still incredible
Uzumaki: Spiral into horror, Junji Ito: cheesy, disturbing, one of a kind cosmic horror


LOVE Through the Woods, read Saga in singles and I’m like 30 pages into Uzumaki. Good stuff right there.


I love using the library, I live in Australia so comic prices are hideous but the libraries have surprisingly great selections, still waiting on that batman rebirth volumes though. Every few days I’ll go through and search comic and sort by publishing date and thats how i stay up to date with comics.


Picked up The Flash and Occupy Avengers on Comixology, going to buy Sex Crimz physically later and get down with the thickness, oh ah aw aw ha, etc.


Oh yeahww, it’s a good New Comics Wednesday.

Sex Crimz
Captain America Sam Wilson (kept reading this kind of out of habit)
Southern Cross (anyone else read this?)



Also I need to catch up on SoCross.


Uzumaki is one of those comics I’ve known about for a long time but finally bit after some recommendations in a cosmic horror thread in neogaf, and glad I did!


Live in Ohio right now, comic section in the library is surprisingly robust and up to date, and all the collections in the city are linked. Had very good luck finding obscure and new titles. Heck, I put phonogram and the marquis on hold yesterday and they are already in transit. Transit DOES take a while though.
Only comics I buy now are ones I’ve read and like so much I’ll know will get read many times over.


Slowly going through my stack I picked up The Flash which had pretty much everything I wanted as a fan of the Silver Age stuff. I also got the Trinity annual, which has been middling, but this issue has the Rebirth of one of my favorite DC characters so it got better.


I’ve acquired Sexy Crimz & Saga, one is v good, and one is v Chip and Matt, which is good for an entire different set of reasons.

Also @Jonixman who’s back?