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Why it’s none other than Etrigan the Demon!




Now all DC have to do is scoop up a good writer for that character and we can keep doing some good Kirby memorial stuff this year.


ie not Shane Davis <.<


I think the obvious choice I’ve had in conversation with other people is Ryan North, but I’d also take my eternal suggestion of Marguerite Bennett. Really want someone who can play with the weird poetic nature of it, personally.


Dear god that Sex Criminals today has the funniest opening in the world and then completely turns it on its head. I’ve been loving the plot movement in the last few issues after what I felt was a stagnant last arc. BTW there’s a one-page stinger after the letters, so nobody misses it.

Saga’s also out this week and going in a direction I didn’t really expect, which is always good for that book. By the by, has anybody read anything from trans readers/writers about Petrichor? I’m never really sure about how well the book handles that aspect of her (I think she’s pretty cool in all other ways, and this issue introduces something new and interesting about her that I did enjoy).


Alright I finally got to the Wonder Woman annual. It was a nice collection of shorts by some of the best talent in the biz. My personal favorite was the story about the Kaiju, but Nicola Scott’s art in the opening story with Batman and Superman was p e r f e c t i o n

In non-current comics, I started reading The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage today and boy I wish I had bought that book when it first came out. The first volume is excellent! Its beautiful, kinetic art and magical mystery plot have me hooked. Deffo worth a read.


I try and read it first at the library if its available and then if its good or unavailable, I’ll put it on the to-get list. But honestly I should really do library first then if its good enough to own, get it on digital, if i’m reading it all the time, get the physical trade, if its really good, go get the singles.


I almost exclusively use my library to read comics! (I’m broke pretty much constantly, and I like @brielie I’m Australian so the prices of books aren’t very affordable. I mainly only buy stuff I know I’ll reread many times.)

Just finished reading Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier, which – it was good, if a little too long. I haven’t read much DC stuff before so this was a fun primer as much as anything else. Dug all the Martian Manhuter stuff the most. Great visuals, obvs.

Looking forward to reading Sex Crims + that 25cent Saga. :slight_smile:


oh shit, i don’t mean to make this an Australian forum post, but where ya from?


I didn’t know I wanted the king of Canada to write The Demon, but holy shit, why hasn’t someone at DC made that call.

re: Sex Crimz: That kid keeling over in the opening pages is some of the best stuff Chip & American Chip have done,


Melbourne! You?

Also: Rainbow Rowell + Kris Anka doing a Runaways ongoing:

I’ve only read the first two omnibuses (i.e. before it gets really shit, I hear?) but this should be goood.


Sydney! You guys have some really good stores down there


I’m pretty excited! I’ve only read one of Rowell’s novels (Carry On) but I love it, and Anka’s art is great (I’m a fan of comic book artists who can draw half decent outfits, you know.)

Shitty super teens are my favourite genre of superhero so, hooray!


This could be interesting, I’ve not read any Runaways stuff but Rainbow Rowell is p good and Kris Anka’s a really sweet dude.

Aside: this month’s Saga!!! That first page, such a good ‘wait…WTF’ as usual from that team


Runaways was a book I bought since day 1, where the cashier said he would buy back the issue if I didn’t like it. Spoilers: I still own that comics.

Comics internet claims that Rowell is PROBLEMATIC, but I can’t say I’ve read her stuff to confirm/deny. I do know Anka is a good good arts boy, so I’m here for that.

ALSO HEY, Conventions, any of you beautiful nerdos hit em up. I’m going to Heroescon in like 2 weeks, Rose City in Sept and NYCC for a day come Oct.


For sure! I recommend digging through All Star’s second-hand section if you’re ever down in Melb, found some great treasures in there.

Oh yeah, I am about 1/4 of the way through Bone for my first time and !!! it’s so good !!!

I have never been to a convention tho! It’s all just sci-fi TV stars at conventions in Australia so, eh.


Wow, sounds like a great line-up. We have AwesomeCon coming up in DC in two weeks, but I’ve basically stopped going in the last few years. The prices have gone up and it’s been more and more emphasis on stars of genre TV shows, rather than artists and exhibitors. Not to say that’s bad - that’s some people’s jam! - but hasn’t been that interesting to me.

Blessed to have the Small Press Expo near here in the fall, as well as the Baltimore Comic Con, which rarely disappoints. I usually try and make both of those.


So, uh, I don’t read a lot of comics but I do like them. I especially like the work Drawn & Quarterly does, and I’ve had some good experiences with them. So I’m wondering (because I’m almost certainly teaching it in the fall) if anyone else is a D&Q fan and noticed that James Sturm’s The Golem’s Mighty Swing just got a fresh run of printing? It used to be pretty darn hard to find (or you had to buy a bigger hardcover). Anyway I guess it’s finally being printed again.

I can’t be the only Sturm fan in here, can I??


Anka is a very good arts boy although an unreasonable part of me baulked at how stylish all these tragic teens looked in those promo pics. No teen is that stylish!! They’re meant to be a load of hot messes still clad in stuff their parents got them from the GAP!!