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I chalk it up to Anka being SO L.A. and it being reflected on the kids.


Thomas have you seen teens these days, they are VERY stylish and make me feel ashamed


There’s two things Anka does good, and that’s hip current fashion and hot muscly people. And its gonna be fun to watch him stretch the former muscles after doing Captain Marvel then Starlord and making me lose pounds sweating.


Finally caught up with 3-4 weeks of comics, quick thoughts:

Sex Crims still hitting it out of the park. That last splash page was an absolute killer.

Saga’s soft “jump on point” worked better than I expected, and I like a new direction/motivation for the series.

Not totally feeling this arc of Paper Girls, though. It’s just kind of… there? And it feels like there is no stakes, or really any reasons to be in the Dinosaur Past Times. Like a detour. Fine, just a bit of a holding pattern for me.

Giant Days – still good.
Ms Marvel – still fine.
[She-]Hulk – fine, if a little too breezy in its pacing, mostly reading it because its Mariko Tamaki.


Yea, Paper Girls had a good setup, but once it hits the fan, I found myself completely uninterested in what happens next.


I dropped Paper Girl 2 issues in with the current arc. May catch up next 99 cents sale.

What I pulled this week:
Nightwing with some 90s-ass art.
Hawkeye, which remains a good good.
Shade the Changing Girl which is more of the same, which is fine.

Need to pick up Rock Candy Mountain and Spidey/Pool later.


My local had run out of Hawkeye when I went at lunchtime :frowning: Shame cos I’ve really enjoyed Kate getting the spotlight properly, Kelly Thompson and Leonado Romero have the perfect light touch without feeling inconsequential. Less heavy than the Lemire/Perez run, which I dug.

Is anybody else here reading Black Bolt? Enjoying it so far but can’t help but hope Christian Ward gets to properly let loose at some point, having come to his stuff through ODY-C.

The last few pages of this month’s Injection were hardcore unpleasent. It was great!


I had a nearly all-cape pull this week. Batman and Superman had their big twists and revelations, but for me the highlights were Green Lanterns #24, The Flintstones #12, Black Bolt #2, and Justice League #22. JL is particularly exciting because this issue is a fill-in with Shea Fontana. Series regular Bryan Hitch’s issues have ranged from fine to dull, but Fontana’s single issue “A Thousand Little Things” is easily the book’s best in the Rebirth era. Fontana will be taking over writing on Wonder Woman for a five issue arc in July. This issue got me hype for her take on Wondy.

RIP Flintstones. You were a heck of a thing. I hope Mark Russel and Steve Pugh continue working together. They are dynamite.

Black Bolt has been very good so far. I wonder if it will have any lasting impact on the state of the Inhumans status quo.


I can’t wait for the Black Bolt TPB – i know I’m gonna want to own that Christian Ward art, and I hear real good things about the story too! (I’m a bit cautious with Big Name Authors Contracted To Write Comics For The First Time after how dull Coates’ Black Panther turned out.)

Can’t wait to read Injection too, one of my fave series for sure.


Yeah I was similarly sceptical after how Black Panther turned out, but Ahmed’s so far got a much better handle on the pacing of comics/not crowding panels with text!


I agree with what you guys are saying about Paper Girls. I read the first couple of issues and dropped off and then after Stranger Things came out and everybody was like “If You Love Stranger Things Read These Comics” and so I tried catching up on Paper Girls and dropped off of it again. I was expecting some nostalgic teen comic similar to Stand By Me, IT and Super 8 but It’s so incoherent and ridiculous, it’s really not that at all.


In Paper Girls defense it has great art, designs and excellent colors. But yeah, its weigh downed too much by it’s own bullshit.


That’s a great summary of every BKV book I’ve read. Yea, I went there.


I’m super hot and cold on the dude. Like Runaways, his Wolverine mini, Y, Saga & Ex Machina? All rad. Everything else? PASS.


There’s been some stuff levelled against Eleanor & Park. I read it but its been a couple of years and I don’t remember it being too horrific, just stuff where its like C’mon. Do better.


Yeah I’m going to give it a shot regardless, I just hate how the internet is like “PROBLEMATIC PROBLEMATIC!” when we’ve seen nothing aside from covers. OSC she’s not.

I started reading Sensational Comics today and YOOOOOOOO, that book is fun fun fun.


Late write-up of my box this week:

DAREDEVIL - Not a huge fan of whoever’s taken over the art on this one (forgot to look), but I’m into any story that gets Daredevil and Cage working together. It’s alright.
BATMAN - Had no idea there was supposed to be a twist in this until the cashier at my local store warned me. Normally I’m a little tired of King’s Batman issues that waste a lot of pages on very little story, but this one felt like a breath of fresh air. After all the running around with Bane, the convo with Gotham Girl is overdue.
PAPER GIRLS - I’m with @TheAnarCHris – love the art on this, which is probably why I’m still reading it. Not at all into the haphazard worldbuilding and the weirdly pointless aside into dinosaur times.
INJECTION - Thought this was spending too much time in the slow buildup of this arc, but wow does some weird stuff happen towards the end. Hopefully adds some more momentum to things. I miss the other characters of the team.


Christian Ward is quickly becoming my fave contemporary comic artist. I love his work on ODY-C so much and I enjoyed Black Bolt #1. I have the second sitting on my iPad for later tonight.

I’m trying to tackle the gross backlog I’ve accumulated, so I’ve been reading more old than new stuff.

  • Doctor Strange Vol. 1 (Jason Aaron) was fun. I was curious for a long time because #sorcerors #magic. That stuff’s my catnip. I watched the movie recently and was really into the visuals, but not so much the story or characters and my reaction is pretty much the same to the comic. I love Bachalo’s art and the colorist is doing a phenomenal job here, but the story was just kind of bored popcorn crunching.

  • Animal Man Vol. 1 (Jeff Lemire) was more interesting than I thought it would be. Something about the markmaking reminds me of 90’s comics. Perhaps, it’s just because it’s so often grotesque? I don’t know. It’s trippy, though, and I am so into weird, trippy shit in my comics.

  • Enigma (Peter Milligan) was fascinating. I really liked it, but I have mixed feelings about its ending and what that ending implies. At some point, I think I’ll reread this one, but as of right now, I’m still kind of digesting what I just put into my brain.

  • Young Avengers Vol. 3 (Kieron Gillen) ended weak, imo, but the party was cute. I love seeing so many different art styles in a single book.

  • Black Magick (Greg Rucka) WAS AWESOME. Ugh, Nicola Scott’s work here is gorgeous and I was engrossed once I got past the first issue. I noticed a related comic is coming out soon on Comixology and I’m so, so glad that this hasn’t been totally forgotten.

Has anyone read that Iceman #1? I was eyeing it, but I think I’m going to wait for the price to drop.


Lately I’ve read:
Hellboy in Hell vol 1 and 2, Mike Mignola
The Marquis: Inferno, Guy Davis

Been so long since I’ve read something drawn and written by Mignola, and I still love his style. Real pleasure to read.
Liked the demon designs in The Marquis! Found it a bit too …wordy? At times, there is a lot of lamentation about being damned and loss of faith, but it definitely picks up in the later chapters.
Put the Vison tp on hold , but there’s a wait since its a popular new book.


Re: Animal Man- Easily Lemire’s best cape stuff at DC.
Re:Iceman. Great writing, the art wasn’t bad, but an odd fit for this title. Hope ppl buy it.