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yeah the art’s fine for like ‘iceman fights a purifier’ but is less well suited to 'iceman awkwardly hangs out with his parents’
it could be a good comic. I’m optimistic.


Heroescon haul brag:
-Got a Babs Gordon sketch from Babs Tarr
-Got a bunch of Rebirth trades on the cheap-Supergirl and Tect v1, Superman and Flash v2
-Bought everything I didnt own from Sims and Bowers table, including that Deadpool OGN drawn by the Rob.


So I decided it’s time to do some summer reading. I have a disgustingly huge backlog to get through, but I’m not sure what to tackle first. I have a few that are definitely at the top of my to-read list:

  • Miracleman
  • Scott Pilgrim
  • The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage volume 1
  • Capote in the Park
  • Injection volume 1

Any opinions on what I should hop on first?


I vote for Pil Scottman. It’s a fun little series that definitely deserved it’s hype.


My nausea about election night here in the UK lead to me writing a few thousand words about the most recent Moon Knight run by Lemire/Smallwood/Bellaire, its circular structure, and recurring visual motifs. My coping mechanisms are weird.

Anyway, here is the first of three parts on the run.

Spoilers abound, obviously.


I really liked both Dr. Mirage and Injection.


Peter Parker, a Spiders, Man- V nice comic written by nice boy Chip Zdarsky. V wholesome and fun, excellent are by Adam Kurburt and Jordie Bellaire.
ASS BAT: Snyder is definitely writing his tribute to BTAS, loved this issue.
Cave Carson: Another trippy issue about a sad dad.


Cave Carson looks interesting, plan to pick it up sometime.

Comixology has a 60% off Vertigo comics sale going on right now (alongside Indie Pride & The Future is Female, both which discount some neat titles), so I picked up:

  • Gifts of the Night
  • Everafter (vol.1)
  • The Kitchen

Of the bunch I’m most excited to read Gifts of the Night since its presentation is a little more atypical than the rest. I’m also particularly fond of 90’s Vertigo.


For New Comic Book Day I liked Green Arrow, Superman, and All-Star Batman. In Green Arrow, corporate interests have been slowly corrupting Seattle, ousting all the poor people, and transforming the city into a dystopic tech-hub future city which is secretly built on a pentagram of ley lines. So now the evil muckedy-mucks at the top of the chain just refer to the city as Star City, which is pretty dang cool to me. Superman had a pretty good wrap-up for the Hamilton County arc and a great ending scene involving teens and a cow. All-Star Batman continues to the plot of Batman pretending to be Hush masquerading as Bruce Wayne buying pirate relics from the descendant of Blackbeard the pirate. It has been very good.


I was sceptical about Petey Parks; big fan of the Chipper (my kingdom for a second volume of Kaptara! (Or just my preorder money, I have bo kingdom to speak of)), but I tend to bounce of both the Kubert bros’ art hard.

So it was a nice surprise to flip through and see not only a back-up story by the terrific Goran Parlov, but also a very different Adam Kubert! Jordie Bellaire’s colouring is of a piece with her work on The Vision, and Kubert’s art has a sketchier, more stylised look than usual as a result. Maybe my issue with his art all along was the inking? Reminded me of seeing Adrian Alphona’s work on Ms Marvel compared to the more traditionally inked-and-coloured Runaways.

I love funny Spidey, (potentially) pairing him with a stand up comic is a strong move.


I don’t think Andy’s art has aged well, but I’m a fan of Adam. He drew the hell out of that Spidey/Wolverine mini Aaron wrote years ago, and given the right colorist, he looks great. Which is very much the case here.

Green Arrow sounds insane @Jonixman, and I should really give it another shot.


The mixed-up identities shit in All-Star Batman this week was so ridiculous I had to laugh at the “jawline” stuff. Loved this issue – though still had to roll my eyes at the clumsiness of “that glass is super strong but my blades are also super sharp” explanation at the end.

Otherwise, this week I just had a very capes-heavy pull:
Batman - setting up a huge Joker/Riddler battle told after the fact, which confuses me a bit on the timeline of things.
Daredevil - Haven’t read it yet, tbh.

Also @Jonixman, definitely do Scott Pilgrim, and maybe use the fun of that to break up Miracleman’s heaviness. And I’m another vote for Injection, which I love.


I finished The Can Opener’s Daughter last night, the followup to The Motherless Oven. Man, do I love this world. So surreal and mundane at the same time. Reading this made me want to go back and reread The Motherless Oven. I’d highly recommend this but you definitely should read The Motherless Oven first.


I believe GA’s one of those titles which works better in trade, so maybe now is the right time to jump back in. It stumbled a bit at the beginning, but they have really found their footing over the last few arcs. Also Otto Schmidt’s art is always a plus.


Otto Schmidt’s art is GREAT. I don’t care for the other dude on art duties, but Schmidt owns.


New Comic Book Day is here again and my pull was alright, but oh my god please read Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1. It is ridiculous and very, very good.


Picked up A.D.: After Death. Might be a while before I get to it as I’m working through my backlog.


Coraline the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, then watched the movie again. Interesting to see all the differences. Laika studios really made an extraordinary movie.
Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days: collection of unpublished comics, none of them really stood out to me.
Shattered Warrior by Sharon Shinn, scfi with some nice character building and good art

Still waiting for Vision tp vol 1, it’s in transit


Comics, is what I got. I said Comic Books, is what I got (I got):
Batgirl: Fun done in one with a solid guess artist.
Flash: Zzzzzzzz
Occupy Avengers: Solid script, questionable art.
Saga: V good as per usual.


I have my usual Saga complaint this week which is “shajfnfisbdjfibhfifjfb fuck you BKV can you stop leaving me on confusing cliffhangers I hate you”