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Has anybody been reading Batman - The Shadow? I’m not all that interested Batman but I love the Shadow and I have been hearing interesting stuff about it.


That’s his thing Gremlin friend. Also the cliffhangers usually end screaming “OH WHAT THE FUCK!” real loud which is good for a laugh.
@Jonny_Anonymous- I too have been hearing good things about it, but apparently it works better if you’ve been reading the Shadow stuff Dynamite has been doing.


So, did anyone else read the Batman/Elmer Fudd Crossover from this wednesday?

I was very exceptical but it’s currently one of my favorite books of the year. I love it when things that seems like are not supposed to work together, sometimes totally do.

Thoughts on the issue


I loved it! With a premise this ridiculous it’s easy to sound hyperbolic because “it shouldn’t be this good,” but this book, on top of executing spectacularly on the premise, is also a very good Batman comic. It plays in the world of Gotham City and never apologizes for that. Lee Weeks is a perfect fit for noir Batman stories and this is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. The only complaint I really have is that this is not a good first Batman book. It relies on the reader the finer points of Batman’s gear in order to suspend their disbelief. When Fudd shoots Batman with a shotgun TWICE, it’s a little strange that they don’t mention how or why he survived. Obviously Batman fans can assume his kevlar reinforced symbol and cape are why he survived, but the new reader might just see Batman as being bulletproof for some reason. It’s a minor quibble in the grand scheme of things, but it is an issue.

Overall the book is fantastic. The mood is just right, the pages are paneled expertly, and the Gothamized Looney Tunes characters are a treasure. If you read one Batman comic this year, let it be this one.


Finished Vision: Little Worse Than Man, it was good! The marvel universe references that aren’t in the movies went over my head, but weren’t necessary to understand the story, which had the superhero stuff strictly in the background.
Is the book of the month club still going to be a thing?


I would love to do the book club again, but I think a month may be too short. It might be better as a bi-monthly or even quarterly event.


Honestly all of these crossovers are gonna make a good HC in the near future which is a nice surprise given the silly premise.

They’ve all beem above average, some great and this Batman/Elmer Fudd is a PERFECT book


Fudd/Bats was R A D.

This weeks pull:
Hawkeye- once again, so very very good
Shade the Changing Girl: Not feeling this arc as much.
Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys: A really rad licensed comics written by a pal.
WicDiv: yet to download and read.
Rock Candy Mountain: also yet to read.


This Shade arc I’m a little wobbly on, too, but that final image of this issue was A+


I read the first issue of the new arc of Snot Girl last night before I went to bed, but maybe I was sleepier than I realised bc it did not make a tonne of sense to me. The design felt dodgy, I was accidentally reading panels in the wrong order (one particular double page looked like it read all across the top, then under, but I actually this totally wasn’t the case). Super disappointing as I loved the first arc of that so much. I’ll try give it another go on the weekend when I’m more alert, though.

I haven’t had chance to read Shade yet this week, but I haven’t mind the arc so far!


First volume of Snotgirl did not impress me, so it sounds like the next arc will probably not do anything to change that.


Comics are doing a lot better with introducing diverse characters these days but I really wish they would try and introduce non-American characters. Every comic character lives in New York or a fake American cities. Even the non-American characters like Storm, Colossus and Blade spend most of their time in America and end up being American in the movies.


Yeah probably not. It’s fun and goofy but I have trouble measuring what the tone is supposed to be (bar the strong shoujo/Nana vibes) and what exactly is happening sometimes. There are some wild shifts and weird narrative backpedalling at times which is a little confusing. Love the artwork though.


You’re not wrong, but that’s probably true of most American fiction. It’s very easy to fall back on just writing someone from America when you’re also just someone from America.


Sure, but that was also the case with the straight white males who write most comics up until the present.


I would kill a man for a faiza hussain captain britain comic


I’d recommend reading more comics written outside of America. Moon/Ba write some great stories set in Brazil.

And SelfMadeHero is a British based company that publishes a lot of interesting books.


I didn’t catch her Secret Wars appearance (been meaning to. Al Ewing is a beast), but I adore her in Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk’s Captain Britain and MI-13. That comic was incredible.


Did anyone around here read the Dark Days: The Forge prequel? I’m curious if it’s worth keeping up with that and picking up The Casting today. I thought it was… alright. Definitely a prequel, just an extended set-up montage of a couple different storylines. The artists changing every few pages bugs me to no end, too.


I’ve fallen off reading comics weekly at the moment (so you can thank me, personally, for destroying the industry with my trade waiting), but I also wanna know if the event turns out any good. DC is doing some interesting stuff for the event (like cheaper issues) and I’m excited to see how it works out for them. Events can get annoying, but DC doesn’t have the same line-wide event saturation problem that Marvel has, in my opinion.