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I’m not a huge fan of it. It feels like the modern equivalent of Rip Hunter’s chalkboard form 52, but they’re charging you for it. Scott Snyder’s strength has always been in human stories, and the Metal prequel stuff has been anything but that. Pair that with it being almost completely based around Batman despite their insistence that it’s a book about the whole universe and it leaves me feeling skeptical to say the least. Based on what I’ve seen from The Forge and The Casting, I’ll be giving the main Metal book a pass and wait for the trade if I hear good things. I’ll probably end up checking out a few of the Dark Matters tie-in books though because they seem interesting enough on their own.


I dug the heck out of the Metal preludes TBH.

Hey I’m back from Austin (Texas, not Walker, although I did run into him on July 2nd). Comics what I read:

WicDiv: This is fine
Bug: Need to re-read.
Squirrel Girl: Pure and good and wholesome
Flash: Unintentionally hilarious


Decided to pick up The Casting since it was a light week for me. Getting better as the story comes together a little more, but still not a fan of switching artists and the really hand-wavey powers of dionesium and the other metal (metals?). I agree with @Jonixman that it’s stretching Snyder’s best qualities, in that he usually writes a more enjoyable and human Batman, but here Batman is more obsessive and obtuse.

Otherwise, picked up Kill or Be Killed, whose first few pages is a hilarious jab at cop shows.


So like…what is the deal with this DC event? What’s it called, even? I saw an ad for it last month where it was like “read Dark Days, the prequel to Metal, this comic is called The Forge!” and it was utterly incomprehensible and idk why I should care about something called “The Dark Multiverse.” Love Snyder, but perhaps more when he’s on solo/All-Star Batman than when he’s overseeing sprawling Eternal-type stuff.

Still not sure if I like Bug! The Adventures of Forager. I think the theoretical concept of an all-Allred tribute to the many DC creations of Jack Kirby is more appealing than it is in practice :confused:


I was confused too. Dark Nights: Metal is the name of the main event. Dark Days is the banner all the prequel issues fall under i.e. Dark Days: The Casting. Then there’s the spin-off books focusing on new characters called Dark Matter. That last banner also coincides with the new artist-focused initiative DC Master Class, where the books are meant to emphasize the artistic talent in lock-step with, if not above, the writing talent. The Dark Multiverse looks like a concept within Dark Nights: Metal and not a book itself. I’ve seen a silly page with one of the Blackhawks flipping over the Multiversity map to reveal a pitch-black underside a la Stranger Things. This is about the same level of event banner bloat we saw in Marvel’s most recent Secret Wars. Luckily it looks like the tie-ins aren’t quite as merciless as the last few Marvel events, so most of my DC reading list should stay intact.

I agree with you on Bug! I love looking at Allred’s art and his layout game is top-notch in this book, but I think it’s a bit too meandering and spacey for the concept.


Re-read Bug 2 and 3 this morning on the train ride to work. The biggest problem with it, aside from being weird for weird sake, is that it focuses way too much on hyper obscure Kirby characters without giving readers much reason to care. Who was claiming for the return for Atlas after all? It shines when dealing with Bug and the New Genesis stuff, but the core plot is kinda eh after 3 issues. Great to look at, but not the strongest YA offering.

As for Dark Nights/Dark Days, again, I am here for it ((feel free to spring some clapping emojis around)).While the multiple artist thing is annoying, especially when some of Andy’s art feels rush, but more JRJR Wonder Woman please.But yeah I’m digging it as it’s finally giving us some answers for ol’ Duke, sees Snyder and JTIV dust off some cool old toys, and looks like a good ol’ Heroes V Villians romp. I’m excited for Capullo to show up as well, as he’s probably Snyder strongest non-Jock contributor.


Just received Prophet TPBs as a gift, love this series.

I’ll actually be re reading everything, but I enjoyed it so much and the universe they’ve created is so dense and interesting I’d put it in my wishlist.


yesss I love that book! Though I want to read it again, I’m trying not to because I’m afraid it’s going to bleed into some comic ideas I’m developing right now. Same with Kill Six Billion Demons.


I just got caught up on Godshaper and it’s so good!! So colourful, great world with a interesting set up. Starting to set up the mystery too which is looking intriguing.


Short week:
Cave Carson: Super intriguing plot twist, worried that this and Shade are really ending as issue 12.
PPTS Spider-Man: Adam Kubert’s art seems rushed, but Chip’s good those S-Rank Spider Man jokey jokes.


I also had a tiny week with really only one highlight from my list. Super Sons is a nice book about nice boys being friends and I like it. In other news, I finished the first entry on my summer reading list: Alan Moore’s run of Miracleman. That’s a damn fine book and I feel like I have some thoughts that are still percolating, but I do have a few things:

  1. Man, Alan Moore sure does talk a lot of mess about modern cape comics having no ideas for a guy who got famous writing edgy fanfiction of a knockoff Captain Marvel comic he read when he was twelve
  2. The comic keeps pointing out Mr. Cream is black in just about every scene he’s in. Like it’s not an enormous problem until the raceless, body-swapping, psychic aliens show up near the end and go “wow look at those dead (white) men and that one dead black man.” Why would they stop to point his race out when their very concept of racial identity is purely intellectual? It’s ridiculous. I’m not taking offense or anything but it’s weird as hell.

The next on my list is Injection volume 1. I’ve heard good things so I’m excited to jump in.


i just read the first three issues and i’m loving it!! the artist is gold & the woldbuilding is really working for me so far

also read GENERATION GONE by Ales Kot / André Lima Araújo and… yeah, I think i’m on this train. Read most of Kot’s stuff (and enjoyed most of that) but I was a little skeptical of the ~jaded millennials get superpowers~ pitch for this one. But the big first issue (which has a long section of really effective silent pages in the middle) is selling it for me. Arajúo + the colourist are dynamite. Hope it strays away from groanworthy Gen Y cliches (there was one bit og dialogue that already made me cringe) but otherwise, yep, good stuff.


This week!
Flash: And we’re done here.
Doom Patrol: Not to bag on Bug! too much, but giving Allred an GOOD writer makes a HUGE difference
Batgirl: H*cking wholesome
Occupy Avengers: This book deserved a better ending :frowning:
Saga: Still need to read it, but I’m sure it gr8


tbh Occupy Avengers deserved better in general. The book was pretty good, but jeez that title and marketing really stunk.


Agreed. The Occupy adjective was dated before this book dropped and it being slightly tied into Civil War II’s whack ass didnt help. It sinks though, as it was THE BEST use of Hawkguy since Fraction/Aja times, and Walker used a bunch of near forgotten characters. And like Pachelo and Walta couldnt be a better art team.:confused:


Totally! I feel like this book is the Captain Britain and the MI13 of its generation.


At least that book made it into double digits <.<


The solo series Black Bolt (Saladin Ahmed, Christian Ward, Clayton Cowles) has been excellent so far. It may be the first time I’ve ever liked Black Bolt as a character. Issue #4 is no exception. It focuses on the story of Carl “Crusher” Creel aka The Absorbing Man, a Thor villain with the power to mimic the properties of any material he touches. He and Black Bolt are locked up in some crazy space prison that shuts off their powers. They spend the issue talking about their lives while oxygen slowly runs out in their cell.

Ward’s art in this book is spectacular, combining gestural figures inside of masterful layouts with a neon-psychedelic color scheme. Every page is dripping with atmosphere thanks to the hot, hot pinks and the cold blues of the prison scenes. It reminds me a bit of Frazer Irving’s digital work on Annihilator.


New Legend of Korra comic just came out the other week! It’s really good, and it explores Korrasami and same-sex relationships in the Avatar universe in much more depth than the TV series.

Also, my friend and I went to a signing/Q&A, but they were all sold out when we got there :cry:

Luckily, my friend already had a copy, so she got this sweet signature from the artist:

(The artist is Irene Koh, btw)


oh good I was meaning to pick that up! (I hope Irene Koh knows how to do faces heh heh)