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I really want that Korra book, but will wait for the eventual big’ ol hardcover edition!

Pull list this week:
Hawkeye-A good good good book
Nightwing- Came back for the Spiral arc, WOOF the art is B A D. Dropping it once this is over.
Shade-Strongest issue of this arc imo.
SEXT CRIMZ- still have to read it, but i trust Chatt and Miup.


I think I like Iceman.
The awkward ‘mutant as metaphor for queer’ thing actually works super well with a dude trying to build up to talking about being queer?
(I don’t love the fight scenes but, you know, superhero comics)


Wizzywig:Portrait of a Serial Hacker , very interesting story, liked this book

Sex Criminals vol 2 and 3 , had some good moments but didn’t like it overall, the bulk of the jokes kinda fell flat for me, more lows than highs I guess.

Finished re reading Prophet and man I still love that book. If anyone has suggestions for similar titles I’d really appreciate it.


I read Mister Miracle. I liked it, didn’t love it. They probably should have put a content warning on the front. The plot involves a pretty personal look at suicide and self harm. I think I understand what King is getting at with his use of metaphor, but I hope it doesn’t end up being only what I think it is.

I’m worried that Tom King is starting to write comics as art therapy instead of as a creative process. It’s quite easy to slip from one to the other, I can assure you. For instance, In school I used a painting assignment to create a shrine for two lost loved ones who I had not properly mourned. It was wrong of me to try to force my sadness on others instead of creating a piece which expressed my sadness and guilt. I feel Tom King may be doing that in his Batman and Mister Miracle runs. Now they’re not terrible comics by any means, but King’s character voices slip every now and then. His protagonists become sadder than they ever were before and make allusions to dark things in their past in ways they never have. For those who don’t know, Tom King is an ex-CIA officer who worked in counterterrorism operations right after 9/11. The dude has been in some dark places at some dark times. Obviously the therapeutic writing is easier to see in his superhero work because they’re established characters making strange turns, but Sheriff of Babylon might as well be called ‘I Saw Some Shit: The Comic.’ I’m all for folks exorcising demons and getting to good mental places, but I don’t think this is healthy anymore.


I read somewhere that Mr Miracle #1 was intentionally dark, because the character is anything but. I’m obviously down to wait and see, because his work on Grayson was anything BUT bleak, as was Omega Men, even though that ending fell apart.

The military voice critique was spot on, and the book could have used a self harmed warning. That being said, this was easily my favorite #1 of the year and everything I wish Bug was in. I’m HYPE for more, especially after re-reading it for a 4th time this morning.

Other pulls:
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: This book is so charming, and the fact that Erica Henderson needed a break for an issue to draw a graphic novel speaks volumes about her talent.
WicDiv: Still the this is fine dog in comic book form.


Finally caught up with the end of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth and that was a hell of a series. Crazy to think they’ve gone this far and still have a third arc just as long as each of the previous two ready to write. The series’ ambition never loses sight of the small character moments that made the end of this gut-wrenching.


Read Walking dead vol 27 and Monstress vol 2. Monstress is turning out to be quite good, especially the art…some of the scenes with the Blood Fox were amazing.
East of West 7 and Providence 2 still on hold.


Oh jeez that page convinced me. I have to crack open Monstress after I finish Injection.


I got bored of Mostress pretty quick. It looks so busy and every time people opens their mouth and spews something out, I find my eyes glazing over.

But that’s just like my opinion, man.


Last week was Cave Carson, which went some interesting places, and Metal #1 which was D O P E. I also picked up the first volume of the Black Monday Murders and am excited to dive into that later this week.


Quick, someone recommend me some hippy\philisophical\new wave science fantasy comic that resembles Morrowind and Dune!


There’s a pretty big helping of Dune in Prophet (2012) and it’s well worth the read. Shade the Changing Girl is pretty hippy-dippy and it is sci-fi, but if you’re looking for hippy/philosophical I would recommend the Peter Milligan run of Shade the Changing Man from Vertigo. It has about 30% more monologues on the nature of identity and some truly beautiful psychedelic artwork. As for resembling Morrowind I can’t help much. I’ve only played a sliver of the game.


Finder by Carla Speed McNeil? I love that comic, its science fiction, and does spin some pretty heavy philosophy. Is it like Dune or Morrowind…not really…but read it anyway.


Anybody seen the design for the new Iron Fist?


I like Afu Chan A LOT, so I’m hype to see what the final product is!

Pulls this week:
Batgirl: Very very good. New arc off to a strong start.
PP, TS Spider-Man: I didnt know I wanted Zdarsky writing JJJ, yet here we are.


It’s very different from all other Iron Fist designs which I like a lot. I wonder if she is the first of the 67 Iron Fists to wear red.


Wait, is this for real?

Shit, I might actually read an Iron Fist comic.

EDIT: Oh right comics, let’s talk about 'em:

Am I the only person reading Sun Bakery? It’s this weird little anthology title by Corey Lewis that Image has been putting off. Basically little scribbles of ideas, some of which come back from issue to issue, some of which don’t. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, particularly the monochromatic style of each story (with one exception in the most recent issue). I

I’m also very much still enjoying Sex Criminals, because I’ll always be a sucker for Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky doing damn near anything. As good as the comic itself is, the letters section might be even better? It’s a good book and the most recent issue continued to prove they’re committed to writing something that feels real, in spite of also being about people that freeze time when they orgasm.

Adventure Time is still a very fun book that I have continued to read even though I’ve not watched the cartoon in ages (I really should catch up on the last like four years of that show at some point).

The Fix hasn’t had a new issue in a while, but it is very very good (brought to you by the same fine folks that brought us Superior Foes of Spider-Man, bless their hearts).

I am working my way up to finally diving into Warren Ellis’ Trees and Injection, respectively, but it will be a hefty investment to get caught up. I’m a sucker for Ellis, though, so it’s likely I’ll dive in again sometime soon.

Every so often I remember I have access to Marvel Unlimited and jump into it again - I’ve been working my way through the Star Wars comics (notably Kieran Gillan’s run on Darth Vader) and have enjoyed those more than I’ve enjoyed any of the recent films.



Sun Bakery is something ill pick up in trade, as I love the art, but wanna to snag that in color and in one collection.

Sex Chumz v4 was super great and I love the community and the creators. Fraction needs to get that 'Wide Weiners Man" LP out asap.

Dropped the Fix due to Nick Spencer being insufferable on the internet. Will pick it up in time. LOVED the first volume, and Steve Lieber is a good good art dude.


talked about it in the manga theread but absolutely 100% the Nausicaa manga by Hayao Miyazaki, 7 volumes, paced like eurocomics, one of the best to ever do science-fantasy/post-apocalypic, and heaps of metaphysical environmentalist stuff, especially how it kinda self-critiques the protagonist’s (& author’s?) “save the whales” stuff in later volumes


the tone is wayyyyy less nana/shoujo and way more kyoko okazaki/moyocco anno/josei. It’s supposed to be a dark psychological thriller/black comedy in the vein of something like Helter Skelter, though decidedly a little less wild. Issue 6 def made that clear as day imo.