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still my favorite comic/manga


I’m suprised neither of the Big Two have made a comic team version of Antifa.


imo nearly every Big Two superhero already is antifa, if not in name then in nature. Obviously there’s exceptions. “Quasi-anonymous vigilantes who use their lack of an identity to fight for the common good both violently and nonviolently” is more or less the basic mold. Seeing how the vast majority of the most popular ones were created by Jewish Americans in the early-to-mid 20th century fighting Nazism and fascism is more or less baked in.


antifa has only really been in the news these past few weeks and it takes months for comics to get made. so there’s nothing yet but in about 6 months you’ll see that dumbass motherfucker nick spencer doing some awful story where captain america fights them because punching nazis is evil


Hopefully he won’t have time. Spencer is off Cap in November. Rumor has it he’s replacing Dan Slott on Amazing Spider-Man, which may be a better fit. He’s better at writing lovable loser humor than political action thrillers clearly. When Spencer leaves it’s Mark Waid, Matt Wilson, and Chris Samnee’s go on Cap. Their takes on Daredevil and Black Widow were frankly incredible so I have high hopes.


Sure, as a general concept superheroes are already Antifa. I just mean a more direct representation.

@dordreff Antifa have been about for decades. They have been kicking the crap out of Nazis in the UK since the 70’s.


It’s true that antifa have been about for decades but it’s also still true that they’ve only really been in the news recently. Comics are slow. They’ll get name-checked next year, for sure, and it’ll be super embarrassing probably.

I’m really enjoying Generation X. I thought I would! It’s incredibly to my taste (I love shitty superteens, I love mutants with, hmm, less flashy mutations). I didn’t like the art for the first few issues but now someone new is doing it and it’s much better.
Also I’m not sure the first ‘setting up’ arc was great anyway but now we’ve had a couple issues of more character-focused stories and you know, yeah, I’m into it. I think it’s well written dialogue! And! Yeah I’m into it. Thanks.


Yes, Antifa are in the news now but it’s not like that’s the only time that’s happened. They have had plenty of coverage over the years.


Dang I forgot there was a new Gen X series. I should check that out, the original is one of my favourites of all time. I’ve been avoiding Marvel’s stuff lately because as a company they have shitty politics a lot of the time but Jubilee might be enough to get me back.


If Marvel supported the book better, they could have re-branded Occupy Avengers into Antifa Avengers.

Batgirl: Criminally underrated. Book is now a lovely mix of Burnside and New 52 Babs.
Shade: I THINK it’s over for now. Ending wasn’t bad, but it felt like they had to wrap things up real quick like. Great art as per usual.
Saga: The Saga brand of happy cliffhanger never fails to amuse.
WicDiv: OH.oh.oh. :frowning:
Motor Crush: God I missed Cameron Stewart’s pencils
Generations: Hawkeye/ Hawkeye: What Kelly Thompson has done for Kate is not unlike what Matthew F. Raction did for Clint. Hands down on of the best super hero books on the market .


I feel like if Marvel hadn’t messed up Secret Empire SO BAD they could have spun an Antifa-like team lead by Bucky or someone.


Most of my pulls were dull this week. Green Lanterns has been just okay since this arc started and even Nightwing took a down turn since Dick and Shawn broke up. This Blockbuster plot is kind of crap. Black Bolt was good, but it was more comfy than exciting. I am still enjoying that book immensely. Shade the Changing Girl was nice. I hope its hiatus doesn’t last long.


Speaking of Nightwing, I’ve been catching up on it and now I am wondering how Raptor and Anarky would get a long.


I dropped Nightwing a few months ago. Grayson was the best non-Morrison/Snyder era use of the character, and between the uninspiring plot and the art being bad more often than good on 'Wing, it’s time for a break, even with the return of Spyral.


Read Providence vol 2, enjoyed it, especially as a fan of cosmic horror/lovecraft.


I read Injection volume 1 while my power was out from Irma. I need to catch up on the rest like yesterday.

That was a damn fine mess of spooky-weird Ellis goodness. I was worried it was going to go the way of Trees (heavy atmosphere, little plot), but it really delivered on its premise. It felt like the spiritual sequel to some of the lost Ellis works like Fell and Desolation Jones. Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire continue to be the best collaborators of the decade, on and off the page.

Next on my summer reads list is Rumble volume 1. (I know it’s September, but hey Florida’s summer is like March to mid-October)


I need to find some good spooktacular comics for Holloween.


Aw man why did you have to go and remind me that we’ll never get a conclusion to Desolation Jones?

Gonna have to snag Injection now.


Hm… I love DC super heroes comic book :))) though I found their drawing is not as good as many mangas in Japan, They are very interesting. (I love them rather than Marvel’s movie LOL)


I’ve been reading Southern Cross, which is cosmic horror and damn fine.

Pull list for the week:
Mr Miracle: Damn good comic.
Metal: Someone who’s reading this needs to DM me stat so I can scream about it.
Squirrel Girl: Dinosaur Ultron is a gift. A gift.

I also picked up the Grant Morrison Zatanna mini from a few years back and it’s aight? Not a must read, but not terrible.