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Today’s pull: Deathstroke continues to be rock-solid under Priest’s pen. In the current Defiance arc he makes good on the new Wally West in a way no writer has so far. I’m so excited for him to move on to Justice League soon. Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman concludes what might be the best Alfred story ever. Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward’s Black Bolt ends its first arc with a (literal) bang. That book is beautiful and it made me like Black Bolt again after Marvel tried very hard to make me not like him. Overall a pretty solid week.

@sputnik I don’t know about other folks, but I’m totally cool with the pics. This book looks great. I’ll have to read it for Spookyween.


All-Star Batman’s last art was probably it’s best. Excited for the prestige hardcovers to drop for the future arcs.

Motor Crush was REAL good, as was Hawkeye.

I gave White Knight a chance since it’s NYCC hype time and it looks great but its ALL set up that we all saw coming. I’m giving it another issue, but Murphy’s already on twitter saying “Issue 2 will be better” which MY DUDE, that’s not how you market your book.

Also hey, anyone else doing NYCC this year? I’ll be there tomorrow, Friday and Sunday.


I see Milestone is back.


Yeah, but there’s some weird stuff with Dwayne McDuffie’s estate which has me worried about the good faith of this project. I’ll still dip in when it comes out, but Reginald Hudlin has always rubbed me the wrong way.


I am on a big cyberpunk kick right now so I’m gonna check out the Empty Zone because the art looks amazing and Tokyo Ghost because I always meant to check it out but never got round to it and I look forward to God Complex next week.


Tokyo Ghost rules. I need to catch back up with it. I only read the first two volumes. It sports an utterly believable and wholly distressing setting.


I agree, Tokyo Ghost is great. I think it only ran two volumes though ?
Those are some impressive covers on those other books as well, makes me want to read them.


ah jeez that figures. I thought it was still running


It’s only 2 volumes. Reminder said he has another story in mind, but with Murphy off playing Batman, things are going to be quiet on that front for a minute.


Mister Miracle: THAT WAS WEIRD
Squirrel Girl: The conclusion to a damn fine arc, I cant believe we’re getting Jim Davis and his large adult Canadian Son Chip Zdarsky next issue.


The Terrifics looks great. I hope out it turns out to be so.


Another issue of Redlands hit, and I hate to say it but I might have to drop it. A new character was introduced who is also a gator man (like a were-aligator or something) and while he establishes his bona fides as an unlicensed bounty hunter (and gator man) pretty quickly, this issue sure does have a lot of women with their tits out for no real reason. I’m not a prude by any means, but the introduction to the bounty hunter gator man is him surprising two criminals who have pulled over so they can bone, and several pages of an already light-on-content issue are spent watching the gator man and one of the witches banging it out against a jeep. For a comic that started out with some interesting thoughts on race and gender it sure does get real porny real fast.

Oh, and the guy who was causing trouble in the previous issue seems to have gotten his head chewed off by the gator man (or maybe it was just a lacky? I wasn’t clear on that point, and frankly I’m not particularly interested in going back to find out. EDIT: I went back and found out. It was the same dude. So that was a wet fart of a storyline, wasn’t it?). Kind of a disappointing third issue, to be honest. I’ll give it another one or two before I throw my hands up completely but man, between this issue and the end of the previous one (aka Witchy Lesbian Orgy Time, which again like… did not land well with me at the time, and only looks worse in light of this issues further sexual escapades). Maybe I’ll just stick with Sabrina for my spooky witch comic needs (I need the second trade to drop so I can pick it up because I don’t wanna have to buy all those back issues. This is why I hate getting into a series late - you’re left with the choice between “buy all these back issues between the last trade and present day” or “wait for the next trade and fall further behind”).

Oh, and Adventure Time is still, well, Adventure Time. Do you like Adventure Time the animated series? Adventure Time the comic is more of that. I like it quite a bit, and while Chris Hastings is not quite as good as Ryan North was, he’s still pretty good.


I need to talk about WicDiv with someone. It was so good, but I desperately need some hugs. Spoilers for Issue 31 & 32 ahead:

Imperial Phase I & II are a tough read for me and the creators have said, that they’re intended to be. The characters had a chance to get to know each other after the end of Rising Action and while that helped them work together at the beginning, there have been frictions and they also now know how to hurt each other in very specific ways - except for Amaterasu who’s well-meaning but reckless obliviousness became her exact downfall. What’s really satisfing to me is seeing how all these things were seeded very early, even though some of those hints appear more frequently than others. The visual and structual callbacks (Dio’s colours from #11 mixed with Wodens blurs from his issue for example) reinforce this as well and show just how much every single member of the creators of WicDiv in the processs of creating this comic is. I can’t remember where, but Matt Wilson said, that he’s much more involved as a colourer in this project in comparison to others. At This point I don’t even want to know the exact mechanics of the reocurrence, I just want there to be some possibility for redemtion for Laura / Persephone.


After realizing I was only three issues behind on Sabrina, I went ahead and spent the money on them.

Sabrina is Very Good.


WicDiv is great, except for the part where it destroys me, which happens like every other issue. Aka the Saga effect.

This week was light, as it was only the Zdarskyco’s Spiderman, which was fun super heroics.


Oh jeez I really need to catch back up with WicDiv. I kind of fell off after Laura came back but this sounds like they are doing some interesting work.


While at my local library(yes, those still exist), I picked up ‘Black Widow: A Finely Woven Thread’ and ‘Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet’. So far they are enjoyable, though I find the art-style a bit plain.


Irony of ironies is that I’ve been working on comics too much lately to actually read any. My ComiXology queue is heaving.

This is what I’ve been working on, editing a comics/prose cyberpunk anthology. The book is now finished, but now the real work (selling it) begins. Looking to carve out some comics reading time this weekend.


this looks dope!


A bunch today.
First, The Lovecraft Anthology vol 2 edited by Dan Lockwood, another compelation of Lovecraft stories with different artists.
Kindred, an adaptation of a sci fi story by Octavia Butler about an African American woman who is transported back in time to a southern plantation. It doesn’t pull any punches and is hard to read but I reccomend it.

Descender vol 1-3, Jeff Lemire. The first few issues didn’t grab me but as more of the world and it’s mysteries were revealed the more i liked it. By volume 3 I was hooked. I’ve always liked watercolors but some times it really does feel washed out, especially compared to the cover art (see pic) but otherwise the art is quite cool.

East of West vol 7, Jonathan Hickman. The art in this series has always been great, characters and world intriguing, but the story still confuses the crap out of me, and it’s been 7 volumes.

My favorite page in this volume. The leader of the house of Mao is brooding. She’s got robot arms because she pissed off the other horseman of the apocalypse when she married Death.