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My significant other surprised me with the first volume of Paper Girls last month and maaaaaan I’m going to have to get every issue of Paper Girls.


Yeah Paper Girls is supposed to be fucking awesome but I haven’t had time to check it out yet.


It’s pacing is very similar to Saga, which I love.

Sometimes comics fall flat for me because they read to unevenly but Paper Girls lingers at the correct spots. I definitely recommend it.


Slowly working through Gotham Central. I’ve kinda soured on a lot of Batman comics in recent years, but I think this one work so well because of how grounded and everyday a lot of the characters are. Probably the closest I’ll come to reading a superhero book for a long time.


I think I’ll finally get back to East Of West once it’s all out. The book is GREAT, but I have so much to read the moment and rather wait til it’s finished.

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Paper Girls is a fun read initially, but it DRAGS come the later volume. SAGA is v good tho and I’m excited for the Ghus issue this week.

I’m flying out to Portland this week and bought a few trades for the flight. Aside from my backlog, I picked up that first volume of the Overwatch Anthology, as well as Extremity v1, which has some AMAZING art.

@TheJames Gotham Central owns.


Picked up the first three volumes of Paper Girls. I’m real excited to add it to my reading list now. I was not prepared for it to deal with TIME TRAVELING SHENANIGANS but I’m okay with the shift and its sort of generational conflict - real excited to see how it all turns out. Honestly I just hope poor sweet doomed Mackenzie gets un-doomed somehow. I don’t know if I could handle it otherwise.


Paper Girls is one of my favorite on going series right now! Pre-historic men worshiping time holes and using objects from the future as artifacts from gods’ dreams , wowa. Didn’t expect that.

More recently I’ve read through Manhattan Projects (Hickman, I need more. Also, what you did to Yuri and Laika is not fine.), Beasts of Burden and caught up with (IDW’s Transformers) Lost Light.

Also waiting for the third season of Kaijumax to end so I can read everything at once, the first two are absolutely amazing and don’t get enough attention.


Hi all! I thought I’d share what I’ve been reading. It’s Alejandro Jodorowsky’s and Juan Gimenez’s “The Metabarons”! It’s this new-ish edition published by Humanoids Inc, which collects the 8 original books in to one.

If you haven’t read it, it’s a melodramatic space opera influenced by Dune and ancient Greek tragedy. It really focuses more on idividuals and their struggles, rather than grand space battles. Also, despite the sci-fi setting, it doesn’t really tackle any of the familiar themes of the genre. It’s really just an tragic opera in space.

It’s a story spanning five generations of Metabarons, perfect warriors, whose lives are pretty horrible from the start (growing up to be the ultimate warrior lord takes its toll i guess), and always seem to take a super dramatic turn for even worse at one point or another. Things got so dark at times, that all I could do was laugh. The characters often react to things in ways that feel irrational (like gouging out one’s own eyes to get a point across etc.), which makes the Greek tragedy comparison pretty accurate I think.

Jodorowsky is on fire here and each turn in the story is more imaginative and surprising than the last. Most of the storyteller-robots’ frequent interludes fall pretty flat, and there are a few themes that some might be uncomfortable with, but I recommend reading this just for the absolutely bonkers twists that take place in the story, and of course for Gimenez’s beautifully detailed and painterly sci-fi art.


Whoops, haven’t posted here in forever :upside_down_face:

Over the summer my pull list has changed a bit- dropped Shade because I’m just not as into it anymore (it’s still a very good book though), The Woods and Shutter both ended, and I added Generation Gone and Mister Miracle. Still have WicDiv, Saga, and East of West.

General thoughts:

  • I have similar feelings about the endings of both Shutter and Woods in that I think both felt a little rushed? In Shutter I would have liked more development of the backstory of Kate’s parents and some of Kate’s siblings (especially Achebe and Ulisses), and in Woods I thought the ending would be dealing with the how the characters readjust to Earth, but it stopped right when they got there. They’re still good endings for what they had, and I think it may have been time/budget issues on both counts. I know Boom gave Woods a 36-issue deal early on, for example. I would have loved to see 2-4 more issues for each of them.
  • Mister Miracle is peak Tom King, and I’m not sure what else I can say about it yet other than that “it’s good”, and I find it pretty approachable for someone whose exposure to the New Gods is mostly “I read their Wikipedia articles.”
  • I like Generation Gone a lot because I like Kot and Araujo a lot, but I feel as if there’s a lot going on that I can’t parse yet in terms of themes, plot, etc. I’m definitely not sure where it’s going. Is anyone else reading it?
  • WicDiv: [audible yelling] Yeah, I’d love to see what you all are thinking of this arc. I’m trying to figure out how the last issue of this arc could possibly top the wild stuff that’s happened over the last two- finally show us who Woden was talking to in his Vol. 3 issue, maybe? I also have my Theories about Dionysus not being 100% dead, although his icon is knocked out.
  • Saga: Only book I had out this week. Generally enjoyed this arc. At this point there’s an essay you could write about how Vaughn makes the plot work while having to cut out so many scenes for the sake of time and seeing as many characters as possible. I’m really hoping the crew that meets up at the end of the newest issue stays together. It’d be a lot of characters to deal with but it’d make for a really fun giant faux-family.

And I don’t think any issues of East of West have come out…? Anyway, comics! They’re good.


I’ve got a solid dozen ongoing subs at the moment, but my favorite of the bunch continues to be Ms. Marvel. It was Ta-Nehisi Coates who brought me back into single-issue comics, but it was G. Willow Wilson who has kept me there.

I’m also slowly chipping away at Jack Kirby’s Fourth World saga. It’s something I’ve always heard people speak about in reverential tones as the thing that helped them to “get” Kirby. I gotta say, I still don’t “get” Kirby, but I’m persevering (for now) regardless.


Silver Surfer’s finale made me cry this week.

It’s very Doctor Who in the way that it gives a reverse explanation for a name, and takes heavily from Rose’s departure from the show.

I’m going to miss it.


This week’s pulls:
Hack/Slash. I am friends with the writer, so I bought it to support her. Wish the art was stronger, especially since most of this issue is set up.
Batgirl: VERY GOOD ARC, especially it my faves do indeed do a sex.

What you guys are talking about:
@conman: I love me some Fourth World, but it’s not what sold me on Kirby. That Jack/Stan 100+ Fantastic Four helped me GET Kirby, as it really help MAKE the Marvel Universe. The 4th World stuff is great, but it also requires a lot of leg work and greater context, aside from the fact that it gave DC some GOOD GOOD characters.

@Skippy Imperial Phase was DEVASTATING, but I loved it. It’s the closest the book has gotten to EVENT COMICS type of crazy, but without all the downside of that sort of thing.

SPEAKING OF EVENT COMICS: METAL, I love you, but why are you so bad at deadlines? There’s now multiple delays and skip months, and while I’m glad GRANT MORRISON is coming to co-write a special, I wish it would come out more frequently, especially since I do not care about the non-Snyder tie ins.


I stopped reading Hack/Slash eons ago. Is it an on going or a special book/mini for October?


I was SO fucking scared when I saw Ghüs was on the cover and so relieved nothing happens to him!!!



On another note, anyone else into the work of Simon Hanselmann? One More Year is sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to completely mess my head up. I absolutely loved Megahex and Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam, but I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to take the plunge just yet; I can only handle so much torment in a day.


I got hipped to a crowdfunding campaign for a new graphic novel called The Unlikely Story of Felix and Macabber by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and Juni Ba. The art is the perfect balance of creepy and cute for an all-ages book about a little monster.

According to the writer, the book is about monsters, wrestling, coming from a mixed culture, and the culture of masculinity. It is entirely my shit.

So yeah I’m just throwing it out there because it’s an indie book that deserves all the love it gets. Here’s the campaign website if anyone is interested:


Hanselman is one of the most interesting people working in comics. I have Megahex and a smaller one-shot that he put out in the run-up to Megahex (wandered over to my bookshelf to look just now and it is called Life Zone), and it was something else - which is to say, it was funny and also deeply, deeply sad and unsettling. His stuff is so good but it is also emotionally taxing in a very real way that I’m not always up for.


Oooh, cool, haven’t heard of that one, might have to see if I can dig it up!

Yeah, it’s tough to read, but it’s really well done and so darkly comical. Some bits are terrifyingly relatable, he captures the depressing, stoner malaise so well.


Paper Girls vol 3 because you guys reminded me it was out!

and Roughneck by Jeff Lemire, about an ex hockey player living in a small canadian town. Like the use of color, or lack of it, mostly greys and blues that emphasize the lonilness and starkness of their lives…except in flashbacks, which have warm colors, and extreme events like fire, or blood. Story is mostly about him and his sister trying to get over their past mistakes and relationships.

Good stuff!


Roughneck was a good read. I love Lemire’s warm portrait of deeply troubled charters. It reminds me that I need to go pick up Royal City sometime this week and I also want to double back and read Essex County. Too many books, not enough time.