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Yeah, BT-1 and 0-0-0 are maybe two of my favorite characters in just about anything these days.


Finished Bacchus Omnibus, volume 1. I especially enjoyed the stories relating to Bacchus, but lost interest as the story focused on the other characters such as the Eyeball Kid. Love Eddie Campbell’s drawing style, it’s so deceptively casual but detailed and perfect when you really look at it, like a wily drunken master. Probably won’t continue to volume 2 because I was struggling to stay interested by the end.


I had a very Bat-heavy week this week with Batman Annual #2 (King somehow writes the Fudd/Batman Batman better than his normal Batman. Lee Weeks killing it again), Batman: Creature of the Night (I love Kurt Busiek and this books makes me love him more), and Supersons Annual #1 (It introduces the Super Pets, an all-animal team of crimefighting animals. Also Streaky the cat is tsundere). It was a good haul.

Oh yeah I’m also reading Kirby’s Mister Miracle finally and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I wouldn’t think a series about a super escape artist from the Bronze Age could stay fresh, but here we are.


Batman Annual -Very good, and nice to see Lark playing at DC again!

Motor Crush- Really interesting and god everyone is so attractive in this book.

I think I’m going to re-read some Aaron Thor after seeing Ragnarok last week, which was VERY good. I should probably also give Planet Hulk a re-read sometime too.


I finally started reading Monstress since my bf has the first two volumes. It is absolutely gorgeous, has a pretty diverse cast, and does some amazing world building that I’m excited to see more of.


After seeing Hwei Lin Lim’s illustrations being featured in the recently translated novel Anime Supremacy, I went poking around her Twitter, since it’s been a while, and discovered that Mirror: The Mountain is out in Spanish translation as Mirror: el reflejo de la montaña, in print hardcover. I’m a little jealous of the hardcover-ness!

The store listing is also where I found out that apparently it was reviewed in El País. Nice. (From this I learned a new word, “tebeo”.)

Now I’ve got a most terrible yearning for the second collected volume to come out, which it won’t until next year at earliest… sigh.

edit: have now made it slowly through the review. It was a glowing review all told, and I have learned several more new words, but will probably forgot most of them.

Thinking about it, Emma Rios (who does most of the writing) is herself Spanish and a native Spanish speaker – I wonder if she helmed the translation, and if it reads best in Spanish. But I’m not natively fluent and any such nuances wouldn’t register with me.


My pull was great. This week’s Batman was particularly good. The Batman/Catwoman romance and marriage is the shot in the arm this story needed. Priest’s first issue on Justice League establishes his short arc’s premise flawlessly and Black Bolt continues to be exquisite on every level.

From Batman:


Comics, is what I got (I got)
Hawkeye- Clint and Kate 4ever, 100 years of Kate and Clint and Lucky, Kate and Clint and Lucky dot com.
Batman: The White Knight: Murphy does some bold stuff with this issue, and I’m digging it.
JL: finally a good issue of JL.


I haven’t checked in in forever and I’m being reminded of my massive backlist. Some highlights from the past month or so:

Sleepless #1 has sweet art by Leila del Duca. I showed up because there’s a black princess and a brown knight and dude, all those things are like my fave. Super cute so far and I’m really excited to see where this one goes. My only issue so far is that the characters are noticeably off model here and there, but I’m willing to look past that.
Black Magick returned and I feel like the skies opened up to shine god rays down on my cold heart. I loved it when this series started and I’m loving every minute now. I’m very into occult-themed stories and I appreciate that Black Magick researched its witchcraft.
Black Bolt I haven’t read the latest yet, but I’m still kinda blown away from that Frazer Irving issue. I never heard of the guy before he guested on this title and now I really want to check out his work on Annihilator.
Snotgirl is gorgeous and that’s why I’m still subbed to this, but I agree with past comments about it being confusing. I think it’s confusing in part because Lottie is so oblivious, but it’s also taken its sweet time getting around to its main event. I liked the boys’ issue though, it was like a fluff fanfic dropped in the middle of the run.
Outcast was/is good and I used to have that on my pull list, but I honestly stocked the issues up until they were close to a trade’s worth anyway. This is a good one to binge and I go friggin’ gaga over the art team on this book.
Gifts of the Night is also super old. I think 90’s era Vertigo is legit my favorite period of comics, every time I dip into this period I feel like my mind is blown because the work was so diverse compared to what Marvel/DC is producing now. The art in this was interesting and the story included an obvious metaphor for Jewish persecution. I think I’ll have to write a bit to fully get my feelings on this one, but overall, I thought it was interesting if a bit literal / on the nose at times.

Has anyway been reading Aquaman? I got curious because I saw that Stepan Sejic is on the latest issue and I’m into his drawing.


Is anybody looking at the Black Crown stuff?


I am really enjoying Aquaman. It’s pretty solid all the way through Rebirth. Sejic’s work in the latest arc really distinguishes it from the previous one, which is great. They have very different tones.


Descender vol 4, Jeff Lemire, Not as interesting as previous volumes, visually or story wise. But I’m still digging the main theme and story so I’m sticking with this one.

Rat Queens vol 4, Kurtis Wiebe. Still a fun series, this vol appealed to my love of monster hunting as well as D&D. Giant duck dragon!

Delicious in Dungeon, Ryoko Koji. Another fun D&D inspired comic, loved this first volume. All the details and illustrations about which monster parts are edible, etc, were great. Thanks to whoever reccomended this in the best of 2017 thread.


Latest issue of The Fix is out, and it continues to be a good comic. The shit, which has been in the process of hitting the fan for the last 10 or so issues, appears to have hit the fan. The art is still great, and hot damn is the writing still a treasure. My only complaint is that this issue felt shorter than others - dunno if that’s actually the case, or if it’s just a matter of pacing. Either way, still worth the read.


I use to cosplay with Tini Howard, so yeah, I GUESS I’m excited for Assassinistas.


I’ve been reading Kid Lobotomy (I’m interested enough so far to see where it goes), but really, I’m all about seeing what magic happens with Assassinistas.


New Comics:
Mister Miracle: I’ve been jokingly calling MM DC’s answer to Aja/Wu/Fraction’s Hawkeye for a minute, but this issue went an gave me the ol’ mask as a censor bar thing and I stand by my joke.

WicDiv Annual: A lot of ppl will tell you about the sexy times, your chum Chris will advocate for Kieron Gillen’s arrest after this outbreak of puns.

BUG!: I have no idea what happend.

Squirrel Girl: Delightful as per usual, also nice to see Loki pop up again.


I absolutely CACKLED at “well cadabra my abras”

Runaways is a joy I honestly sincerely love an entire comic of people standing around talking (VICTOR)


On the last podcast Rob quoted Kieron Gillen and today he tweets about reading Omega Men for the first time. Join us, Rob! You clearly share our tastes!

Ironically, my books this week were also a Gillen book and a King book:

Mister Miracle: I saw someone tag a post about Scott and Barda in this issue with “Tom King’s good at making me care about straight couples and that scares me.” It’s true! Funky Flashman is definitely not completely real, right? He seems like an embodiment of Scott’s suicidal feelings.

WicDiv Christmas Special: This one gets pretty horny, but even in the horniest bits I was most interested in how it illuminates a lot of the character relationships. Some of this is info I wish we’d gotten ages ago.


I leafed through Action Comics this week. It’s really nice to see Booster Gold again. Dan Jurgens has been pretty spotty on AC since Rebirth started, but he still treats his baby right. It’s also nice to see Jurgens doing pencils again. I might pick up this arc in trade.

This is probably my favorite issue of Mister Miracle so far. I’ve always loved Scott and Barda’s relationship and King writes a fantastic version of it in this issue with their strange nexus of divine, mundane, and famous. Seeing Funky Flashman show up right after reading his original appearance in Kirby’s Mister Miracle was extremely gratifying.


Is anything real? All we know is one thing. Darkseid is.

Ah shoot I forgot Runaways started. I liked that first issue a lot. I need to catch up.


Confession: I picked up the WicDiv Christmas special because the previews showed the beginning of a cute romance scene and I’m here for it. I’ve only read volume one of the series and that was ages ago. I don’t even know who the characters are.

I have a huge backlist of comics and one of my goals for next year is to eliminate it (mostly because I want to reclaim the physical and digital space), so I’m trying my best not to jump into any new series unless I really, really wanna.

I finally read Airboy and wow! I’m curious how much of this debauchery is true/close to the truth, because it had such a tell-all feel. I’m an art snob. I always hone in on the visuals and Airboy has really good ones. It goes between technically tight and expressive where it needs to, the coloring was highly effective, and the style is plain fun, it made the overwhelming egregious behavior of the main characters palatable long enough for me to buy into the story.

Nightwing Rebirth was alright. All the #0s are basically summaries for the newbs like me, but I’m hesitant to continue Nightwing because I heard it was kind of dull? Apparently, even that booty just can’t save his storylines. We’ll have to see.

Gotham Academy: Second Semester I liked the drawing from season one so much more, but I still enjoy this series. I just love teen detectives. I’m excited to see where some of the early set up for this semester is going. Amy(?) is so aggressively annoying, but at least she’s probably not real?

And I’m real excited to continue Runaways. That #1 was fun. I have high hopes for the rest of Rowell & Anka’s run.