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Finally read my copy of Giant Days vol 1 and MAN, Giant Days is GREAT.


The Girl from the Other Side, Nagabe. Goodreads recommended it, plus I dig the artwork. The tone immediately reminded me of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus world: contrast of light and dark, innocence and evil intertwined.

The Mighty Thor: vol 1, Jason Aaron. Love the artwork, especially the colors. This was kinda my first jump into the world of Marvel norse mythology, and honestly it fell flat compared to the source material. Doesn’t help that I recently read the excellent Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.


Hey, I shared Paper Girls with my partner recently, and they love it. I’m trying to find some similar stuff. Elements I’d like to see:

  • Mostly about women/femmes, teenage and older
  • Serious, adventurous, frightening, whatever - no real tone preference, just not too silly (not targeted at a younger audience)
  • Cast diversity would be great, bonus for queer characters
  • Rooted in the ‘real world’, but doesn’t have to be entirely free of supernatural stuff
  • Not written by a dude would be a bonus, but not necessary so long as it’s good :slight_smile:

I just picked up Giant Days on @TheAnarCHris’ approval above. Any help would be great. Thanks!


Not sure if your partner likes horror at all, but Rachel Rising is a great story with a female-centric cast of characters. It’s mostly about relational stuff and less about the horror.


If your partner doesn’t mind mild superhero shenanigans Gail Simone and Neil Googe’s Welcome to Tranquility might interest them. It’s about Thomasina “Tommy” Lindo, the black female sheriff of a small Oregon town of retired superpeople called “Maxis”. This is not a superhero action story, however. The murder of a beloved resident shakes the town and Sheriff Tommy is charged with finding the killer. The book is a loving send up of superhero tropes which never takes itself too seriously, but isn’t just played for laughs either. Now it should be noted I haven’t read this book in about a decade so I have no idea how it aged, but Gail Simone’s writing generally holds up so it’s probably still good. Also there’s only 12 issues so it’s not a huge investment if it doesn’t hold up :slight_smile:

This isn’t necessarily a comic book, but Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran (link) is one of my favorite comics ever. It’s a slice of life webcomic about grumpy fruit shop girl Eve Ning and her circle of friends learning how to exist post-college in New York City. While not a wholly unique premise, the characters and situations are so believable and enjoyable it never feels cliche. Central to the book is Eve’s ever-evolving relationship with her best friend Hanna, a spastic burnout who turned her stoner lifestyle into a business. Like most great webcomics, you get to watch Meredith Gran’s art become more refined and adventurous as the series goes along. The comic finished earlier this year, so no worries about missing out on an ending.


The webcomic by Tillie Walden that came up in the 2017 best of thread seems like a good fit for what you’re looking for, check that out!

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley also comes to mind, autobiographical comic about a woman who loves food.


@TheJames Ahhhh I’ve wanted to read Rachel Rising for so long! This cements it as a purchase, thanks.

@Jonixman I LOVE Simone, I’ll definitely pick up Tranquility. Clean Room in particular was fantastic!

A webcomic might be tough - reading is typically a wind-down thing for us - but we’ll check that out, too.

@sputnik Cool, Relish sounds like a neat angle. Thanks!


I Kill Giants is a great graphic novel about a young girl who has to face “giants”. It’s a super emotional read that can be finished in an afternoon. It also deals with family ties as well as childhood friendship but is not a children’s book.


2nding I Kill Giants and Octopus Pie, which are both printed by Image. I’ll throw Motor Crush into the mix,as it’s everything @kcin asked for, except it’s written by 2 dudes, but edited and drawn by women creators! :smiley:

Also, does anyone know if that all aged STAR WARS title being put out by IDW is any good. Jonesing for some comics featuring Rey.


@quartermoose cool, thanks! This sounds rad.

@TheAnarCHris Perfect, picked up Motor Crush Vol 1 last month! Tarr’s artwork is awesome.

Thanks again!


Delicious in Dungeon vol 2 and 3 (Ryoko Kui) came in, still loving this series, just the kind of lighthearted fun I need right now.

That’s a reference to The Thing in the Omaki section here, right?


oh yeah that has to be a Thing reference


Hey digital comics collectors, Comixology is having a gigantic sale right now. A bunch of DC and Vertigo collected editions are $5 each (tall Sandman volumes, Crisis on Infinite Earths, all four 52 volumes, and tons more), Marvel comics up to 88% off (Ms. Marvel volumes at $3-$4 a pop, all of Waid and Samnee’s Black Widow for $3 a volume, Annihilation for a little over $10, etc), IDW has a 55% off sale (Godzilla, TMNT, Transformers, and other great books), Boom Studios is linewide 50% off (Giant Days, Steven Universe, Lumberjanes, The Woods), and more. Most of these sales are going on until the first week of the new year so there’s still time.


Solicitations for Marvel for March have come out and there are some worrying absences, possible cancellations, and maybe ending series. It’s been reported a few different places but Polygon has an article here about it.
The big ones are the absence of America and the end of Gwenpool as well as a possible end of Generation X and maybe Hawkeye? I would be really bummed to see America ending that soon as I’ve really enjoyed it. As for Gwenpool, I’ve stopped reading it but absolutely loved what I read and the art was some of the most polished I’ve seen in a while.


I saw that too. I wonder if it has to do with the upcoming Infinity Countdown event. It wouldn’t be the first time a bunch of series went on hold for an event. Then again with Cebulski coming in and Bendis already out this could be the start of major restructuring.


I guess the thing for me is that these are a few series with female leads or a lot of female cast including America with a queer latina lead and super diverse cast. I just worry that it’s gonna get cancelled due to low sales.


I read Gwen in trades and Hawkeye monthly, so losing those two books kinda sucks. While Marvel could learn a few things about publishing less titles, there weren’t the ones I wanted to see go.

This week’s pull:
Metal: Rad as heck
Spider-Chup: Joe Quinones cant start drawing this book soon enough.
Tales of Suspense: By the numbers debut, but a fun little spy book none the less

I’ll probably pick up some DC titles on the comixology sale, are the King “I am” trades worth it, or should I just start with the War of Jokes and Riddles?


In all honesty I think the War of Jokes and Riddles is pretty dull. There are good moments, but the whole construction is so joyless it’s a bit hard to get through. I liked I am Gotham overall. I am Bane and I am Suicide both have their problems. I think King has only really come into his own since Bruce popped the question.


TBF: I’m here for a) that Swamp Thing issue b) KITE MAN C) HELL YEAH!


That Swamp Thing issue is legit one of the best Batman comics I’ve ever read. I wish the entire arc had that same heart and pathos.