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All I read this week was Marvel Two-In-One, because my group of friends is obsessed with the Fantastic Four and I want to get on that wild ride. It’s good! Zdarsky really seems to be coming into his own as a writer.


I finished volume two of Southern Bastards and the collected three-in-one Bitch Planet mini comics. I really didn’t gain any pathos for Coach Boss in the second volume even though it seemed like maybe what it was going for maybe? As for Bitch Planet, allowing a ton of writers and artists to flesh out that universe in mini-comics was such a smart idea and works for an amazing trade paperback.

EDIT: And in other news, I continue to be upset about the cancellation of a ton of Marvel comics with PoC/queer/female lead characters. The chief creative officer tweeted about it and honestly just made me more upset. Polygon reported on it again here. I am just really upset because his comments may be true but it highlights a consumer base that may be less likely to buy these books possibly due to their diverse characters and stories.


Redlands #5: Man, I think I’m done with this. It’s telling a decent enough story, but that story involves A Lot of sexual violence that they are failing to write as Not Somehow Vaguely Porny. That might be on the artist, but I dunno man I’m just not here for this.

I really hoped it would find its feet, but… man. No dice. Looks like it is time for me to drop this one (lord knows if I want a good comic with strong female characterization and plenty of sticking it to the man I can just finally get around to reading Bitch Planet).

EDIT: I have now read the two volumes of Bitch Planet.

Hot fucking damn we don’t deserve something that good.


What I ended up getting from comixology
Poe Dameron v1
Batman: Rooftops 2 parter
Batman: The Brave and the Mold.


My Comixology Haul:
Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye volume 1
Waid, Samnee, and Wilson’s Daredevil volume 2 and 3
The Flash: Silver Age volume 1 and 2
Deathstroke volume 3

I can’t wait to dig into that stuff after I finish Mister Miracle

Oh yeah also I caught up with New Super-Man and it makes me wish I had pushed for it in the GILM Comics thread.


HOO DOGGY that Vice Top 10 2017 comics list sure is a piece of work. It’s bad AND wrong.


HEY! It took a lot of hard work for him to look at the New Release table at the Barnes and Noble and then throw in two different Love and Rockets comics to round it out before declaring that comics are over. You will regret your deeds and words.


the writer of that article is an absolute fucking BELLEND and i hate him. He’s so up his own fucking ass and everything wrong with Western indie comics.


In light of how shit that Best Comics list from Vice was I wanted to write my COTY for this thread. I ran into problems. Is it best series? Best single issue? Best scene? Do they have to have started in this year or is it counting the parts from this year in an earlier series? Too many variables, too many rules. Forget it.

Instead, I’m just going to shout-out my favorite comics things from this year. It’s bit long so here’s the break:


Shout-out to all the new readers. Hey, I get it. Comics are hard to get into. They’re expensive and self-referential and some of them have histories which span the better part of a century. How the hell do you know what to read first? It’s not a perfect system by any means. Despite all that, the average age of the comics reading public is going down as young people find more books that speak to them. Respect to the folks brave enough to jump in and respect to the folks making things worth jumping for.

Shout-out to the great colorists of 2017. Jordie Bellaire, Matt Wilson, Tamra Bonvillain, Matt Hollingsworth and so many more. Colorists are killing it in 2017. Bellaire elevates every book she’s on and Doom Patrol just wouldn’t be the same with Bonvillain. Waid and Samnee’s collabs would be fine, but you can’t deny Matt Wilson’s contributions. He is essential.

Shout-out to DC Rebirth’s continued success. I thought this was going to be the year the wheels fell off. I was convinced DC’s editorial bad habits from New 52 were going to creep back in and mess everything up again. That didn’t happen. Instead the good books got better and some of the lesser books were shaken up in exciting ways. The future is looking pretty bright for DC as they transition out of the Rebirth era into The New Age of DC Heroes in January.

Shout-out to alternative comics. I’m talking about everything from Image Comics to The Vault to single creator self-published comix zines. This was the year where Iron Circus made their millionth dollar on Kickstarter. This is the year there were too many comics anthologies for me to realistically submit to. This is the year Image Comics doubled down on their second boom, taking nearly 10% of the market share for themselves. Kotaku published a comic this year for pete’s sake! And it was excellent! The small and middle press will not be slept on any longer.

Shout-out to Black Bolt by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward. This book rules school. I was a huge cynic about Marvel through most of 2017. Whether it be questionable editorial decisions which left untested creators rudderless in a new field, predatory business practices which have only worked to hurt comic sales, the endless churn of events for years and years, or Ike Perlmutter’s ridiculous scramble to stick it in the eye of Disney’s film competition, Marvel had lost me. I would show up for certain creators, but that was it. Black Bolt looked like everything I didn’t care about in a modern Marvel book. A “stunt casted” book about an Inhuman character that never really spoke to me – no pun intended – with a deconstructionist plot. I don’t really remember what got me to try it, but I’m so happy I did. Black Bolt is truly gorgeous and should not be missed.

Shout-out to New Super-Man by Gene Luen Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic. This book is pure joy. It’s a new take on the superhero formula which examines what it’s like to realize you’re part of the problem and to honestly change yourself, which is something I needed to read this year I think. I love the cast and hope their new book continues the same level of heartfelt goofy fun.

Shout-out to Batman/Elmer Fudd #1 (Tom King and Lee Weeks) and Batman #37 (Tom King and Clay Mann). This is a double shout-out because Tom King wrote 'em both and this is my list so shaddap. Batman/Elmer Fudd establishes a wacky premise and runs with it so well it replaced my prior concept of Gotham City. All the Looney Tunes characters are just people in this version of Gotham City, which means they’re all some level of dirtbag with score to settle. It rules and I love it. Batman #37 is about Batman and Superman coming to terms with the fact that they have always been work-level friends and they’re becoming actual best friends, all spurred by Batman’s engagement to Catwoman. This results in a hilarious double date at the Gotham carnival on superhero costume night. No one is allowed in without wearing a superhero costume, so Lois suggests they switch to maintain their secret identities. The issue is an excellent analysis of the relationship between The World’s Finest heroes and is a reminder of what can happen in superhero stories when stuff isn’t blowing up the universe every other minute.

Last, but certainly not least. Shout-out to the reemergence of comics discourse. For years it felt like the only things people wanted to talk about in comics was power levels. In 2017 I saw people having earnest discussions about comics as if they were pieces of art, not just who would win between Superman and Thor. Whether these discussions were happening on youtube, twitter, polygon, or in this thread, I really appreciate people taking comics seriously again. I appreciate all of you for being the rad comics-loving people you are at every level of fandom.

Thank you for being you and I’ll see you in the new year!


Enjoyed this thread last year! Will continue to post, some cool looking comics in the library hold pipe.

edit: Agree that vice article was shitty. most likely click bait?


I finally broke down and read that Vice peace and WOW, it is the definition of Austin Walker did you ever read a tweet so bad it put you asleep dot jpg.

Luckily your dude has a dead day at work, so here’s my top 10 of 2017

  1. Mister Miracle
  2. The Wicked + The Divine
  3. Hawkeye
  4. Giant Days
  5. Saga
  6. Batman
  7. Shade the Changing Girl
  8. Doom Patrol
  9. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
  10. Extremity


I just bought My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness this past weekend and really excited to get to it at some point. I’m sure the cashier hasn’t seen that one bought before (I’m in Alabama). Looking back on this year, I started reading a bunch of new comics and found mostly new stuff I really like or am looking forward to seeing more of. Oh and started reading like 3 or so comics with queer characters!

Black Cloud is giving me a lot of early Saga/WicDiv vibes as I love the art and world but am still kind of grasping at straws trying to figure out what’s going on. Iceman has been decent but I will support it until the end for more gay characters. Same kind of goes for America except I think America has been better. I also started up Moonstruck which has great art, queer characters and I’m excited to see it play out. Most of my ongoing comics have remained good or gotten better (WicDiv). I’m interested to see what comes from the wave of Marvel cancellations early this year though…


BATMAN- Um more Superfriends less of this please.
BATMAN: White Knight- Some of the “politics” in this book are mad ham fisted, fun read otherwise.
HAWKEYE- This issue kinkshamed my girlfriend A LOT.

Still need to download X-men: Grand Design #2.

Also snagged that $5 Kirby Mr Miracle run from comixology.


I can’t wait for the new Dune comics.


Read two books recently:

Cucumber Quest, Gigi D.G.

Lighthearted adventure of a borther and sister trying to save the Doughnut Kingdom. Plays around with videogame and adventure story tropes, also, food puns!
As I was reading it, I slowly realized the art style reminds me of Cave Story, and I wonder if that was intentional… Anyway, I like it, very colorful layered effect with very few actual lines, it’s a neat style.

The Interview, Manuele Fior.

It’s Italy a few decades from now, and weird signals and shapes have started to appear in the sky. Follows a middle aged psychologist who’s new patient says the signals gave her telepathic powers.
Really nice black and white shading makes a lot of panels almost seem like photography, with very defined ink lines. It’s funny I didn’t intend at all to post comics with such contrasting art styles, but stylistically it’s like the opposite of Cucumber Quest!


Seeing that page from Cucumber Quest made me realize why it sounded so dang familiar! It’s a webcomic! I saved it to my bookmarks ages ago but I’m bad about keeping up with those. It’s cool to see it so highly regarded in the GILMs.

I’ve had a Comixology Unlimited subscription for the past few months, but since I haven’t utilized it to its fullest, I finally cancelled it. I’m binging the stuff I was really interested in nabbing off it now:

Runaways #2 & 3 - Yo, Victor is mad cute. I made the obligatory Se7en joke while reading because I have no shame. I feel like I knew of Kris Anka before he got into comics stuff, but I can’t for the life of me figure out if I’m just confusing him with Kevin Wada, another illustrator I’ve seen go all into comics in the last few years. Anyways, I’m digging this series but I figured I would. I like Rainbow Rowell. The pacing is good, I like her sense of humor and I’m interested in seeing what happens. She’s already started to dig into my big question concerning Gert. It’s gotta be weird being a time-displaced shoulda-been-dead person with a goatee wearing maybe-boyfriend.

Generation X Vol. 1 - I was originally put off because of the art, but after the first issue I got used to it and even came to like it. It’s a little wonky, just like the characters its depicting. X-Men is one of those series I’ve tried repeatedly to jump into because while I have some childhood fondness for it, I have no real history with the comics. X-Men is also one of those series that is known for being fucking impenetrable. So, this relatively backstory/crossover free series has been a nice way to dip in. The first few issues follow a loose Plot A while cycling between the main cast of mutant misfits. The sixth issue, however, upped the ante by bringing back everyone’s favorite sentinels, this time in nano form! I have a thing for young misfits with useless or hyperspecific gifts, so I’m sad to see these guys go. I hope the final issue wraps up the arc that the sixth sets up well enough.

Royals #2 - Medusa is cool, but I feel so-so about this so far.


I’ll just copy/paste this here. Not all of these were published in 2017, and I think i’ve talked about most of them in this thread!

Favorite 10 comics, 2017

On a Sunbeam, Tillie Walden
Delicious in Dungeon vol 1-3, Ryoko Kui
Providence act 1-3, Alan Moore
Monstress vol 2, Marjorie Liu
Hellboy in Hell: The Descent, Mike Mignola
Prophet vol 5, Brandon Graham
The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, Sonny Liew
The Flintstones, Mark Russell
Tetris: The Games People Play, Box Brown
Wizzywig: Portrait of a Serial Hacker, Ed Piskor


This week pull-list!
Mister Miracle: Really good with a solid twist that I dug
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: an incredibly dense and wholesome issue.


So I really fell off the wagon this year, but I recently splurged on a bunch of trades to catch up on the series I’ve been reading.

So far, reading Batgirl: Beyond Burnside is bringing back wonderful memories of how much I adore Babs as a character. I love how they’ve adapted the classic Batman internal monologue to feel very personal to Babs.

I also picked up Vol.1 of The Dark Prince Charming and holy shit the art. I’m not even 4 pages in and I’m stunned by how beautiful this book is.

Finally, catching up on Southern Bastards.

I have about 10 hours of plane travel ahead of me, so I have the following on deck to read:

  1. Batman Rebirth vol. 1&2
  2. Wonder Woman Rebirth vol. 1
  3. East of West vol. 5&6
  4. DC Metal issues 1-6

Also, how has the Swamp Thing rebirth run been so far? I’m a huge fan of the character, but he’s tough to follow sometimes.


it’s not gonna be out until MUCH later this year but Check, Please! is getting published by first second and I’m very excited (it’s very good)
(uhh, there are plot spoilers in that article)