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The latest issue of Monstress came out Wednesday, and boy oh boy did it remind me why I love that book so much.

I got to meet Marjorie and Sana this summer while presenting at SDCC - what a great team for a stellar book.


I could never get into America, outside of the issues Kelly Thompson co-wrote. As for Iceman, I like Bobby and I love Sina Grace, but I was not a fan of that comic.That being said, those type of books absolutely need to exist and it’s a shame Marvel axed them (Also see Gwenpool and Hawkeye).

Exiles looks like a good book though, and I’m expecting big things from Kelly Thompson this year. That being said, Marvel really needs to do something, as the only book that they publish I’ll be buying come summer is Squirrel Girl.


I’m sure all these books are just getting relaunched.


My pulls today:

The Flash #39 and Annual #1: I am such a mark for Flash nostalgia and as such these books are completely up my alley. The return of Grodd and Zoom has me so hyped.

Dark Knights Metal #5: There is no way this conclusion is going to be satisfying, but the comic is enjoyable enough so I’m still bought in.

Detective Comics Annual #1: I am sad about a man made out of clay. This issue is a very good reworking of the original Clayface’s origin (did you know there’s like 8 Clayfaces?) and sets up what will probably be a devastating finale in the next normal issue.


Metal has been great so far imo


What I got
JLA/Doom Patrol: A LOT of fun. Milk Wars is off to a crazy start.

Metal: Some fun moment, but the weakest issue of the bunch. Rally hope they can nail the landing with the next one shot and the final issue, but I’m slightly concerted.

Tale of Suspense: REALLY solid. This is shaping up to be a very fun mini.

Oh I forgot to mention I snagged Sex Crimz last week and it was very good and funny but also sad.


Volume 8 of Saga. Excellent as usual, unexpectedly feel good ending.

Last Look, by Charles Burns. A poet/photographer ruminating on his life and losses, intertwined with a journey through a surreal inner landscape.

Just got a huge Darth Vader hardback from the library, based on reccomends from this thread!


Sex Crimz is very good and fun. I haven’t got all of the sad yet, but I’m impressed by how real this relationship is.


Can anybody recommend me some good explorer\adventurer\tresure hunter type comics?


The Delilah Dirk series is pretty great. It’s an all-ages comic, but my elevator pitch for it would be “What if Indiana Jones-style shenanigans with a WOC protag”.


Oh man yeah Delilah Dirk fucking rules. I need to pick more of it up at some point.


Ok thanks, this looks fun.


You could also try the Corto Maltese books, a series about a sea captain going on various swashbuckly adventures in the early 20th century. Kind of Tintin-ish but more adult-oriented. Only one i’ve read is the first one, Ballad of the Salt Sea (which is fantastic), but there are a bunch more.


You didn’t tell me this comic was about Abby.


New Comics Wednesday!
Batman- Catwoman has been one of the best parts of King’s run, this issue is proof of that. Gorgeous issue that was very wholesome.
Batman: White Knight: Steps away from Murphy’s hamfisted politics and does some good character work, great visuals as always.
Hawkeye: Very good as usual, will miss this book :frowning_face:
WicDiv: This book is massive and I still need t read all of it.


The only comic I follow is Ms. Marvel because she’s the only comic book character that feels like she was made to inspire me. Our backgrounds are pretty much exactly the same and I get that swelling feeling I assume people feel about other comic book super heroes, which is new to me.

And the art style is v v cute:

Civil War 2 almost ruined it, though.


Ms Marvel is EXTREMELY GOOD, and I’m glad Civil War 2 didn’t ruin it for you!


This is the comic I’ve been buying for the second longest (behind Deadpool), and it continues to be such a delight. I agree about Civil War 2 though. That and the pretty heavy-handed “Get out and vote” issue are the lowest points in the series.


So I’ve gotten VERY behind on my to read pile, so I’m pulling back on buying new things and systematically reading through my pile.
I’ve got about 40 series to catch up on. Uuuuugh. And I just discovered/got into Hoopla, so that’s not really helping.
In order to complete my lists I’m randomly picking my next book by splitting the books into digital and print comics, flipping a coin, then rolling a die to pickthe actual series I’ll be reading. I have had some down time so I’ve been getting through a bunch of comics!


I used to read it regularly, but the Secret Wars lead-in issue felt like such a good ending that I couldn’t get into it once it picked back up. I’m happy to know it’s still maintained its quality.

That sounds like a really fun thing to do.