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It’s pretty fun! It was absolutely born out of necessity though. There were trades that I’d had for years sitting there waiting for me to read, so this was the way I decided to get through them. The randomness helps me read stuff that would normally end up on the bottom of the pile lol


If Marvel decide to integrate Conan into their universe proper I will just have to resign my self to never reading another American Conan comic and instead hope for translations of the upcoming Glenat Conan comics.


I just got this volume by mail and I can’t tell you guys how excited I am. It is the Portuguese version of Black Panther, and the reason I’m so excited is that comic books have been through some kind of “dark ages” here in Portugal. Our country is very small, and so is the market. It doesn’t help that physical media is slowly going away either. But there are some people that believe that we are in the beginning of a renaissance of comics here in Portugal. Some publishers started publishing Marvel comics and others as well, which is exciting. I hope this means more variety in the future, other than just super-hero comics, but so far I’ll take it.


That’s great to hear! I’ve always wondered how American comics operate in other markets. Despite having the largest media properties in the world, the American comic scene is relatively small in the states. I hope the renaissance continues :slight_smile:


I asked this in the Waypoint Discord but I may as well ask it here also. When the JSA comes back after Doomsday Clock do you want the book set in the past when they were still young or do you want it set now with them being all old?


I think a book which can do both would be cool. Current stories with the oldies and flashbacks with them as young heroes.


I think an analogy would work best. Self contained stories focused on a handful of characters from different periods, and lets the creators tell the type of stories they like w/o having to worry about the status quo. I like the idea of having a book that could give me a “in the trenches” war story one month, and “Stargirl teams up with Damian and Batgirl” next month.


Finished reading the Darth Vader Marvel Omnibus, I don’t throw the description “massive tome” around lightly, but it’s big.
Collects the entire series written by Kieron Gillen, which takes place roughly after the first Death Star blows up to the siege on Hoth.
Liked the art, and the story is good, at least as good as the plot of the Star Wars films. I found myself wanting more, but then, I have to ask myself, what do I want from something in the Star Wars universe? This was never going to be some kind of radical re imagining.

But check out this art! Some of those covers were better than movie posters.
Favorite character? Thanoth the Sherlock Holmes level detective/Empire investigator who sports the mutton chops and monocle.
Edit: I can’t find who originally reccomended this series ! I know it was in this forum. Sorry!


Straight from the mail. I even took the picture outside. Looks amazing!


Rolled through the first two volumes of Batman: Rebirth

I AM HERE FOR THIS! This has to be the most emotionally vulnerable Batman that I’ve ever see.
The letters between Selina and Bruce were heartwarming to read. I’m really looking forward to the proposal.

Also finally got around to reading the first issue of Dark Knights: Metal. This series seems like some classic comics lore bullshit and I am so ready.

Next up: Nightwing Rebirth, WW Rebirth, Shazaam, Superman, and ODY-C vol. 2


Ooh how is ODY-C? I skipped on it because I’m 50/50 on Matt Fraction these days, but I love Christian Ward’s work on Black Bolt. Is it worth digging into?


It’s terribly overwritten, but it’s gorgeous to look at. I stopped buying it because I stopped reading the book altogether and just poured over Ward’s art. So if you like his art and can deal with tortured, stilted prose, then . . . give it a try?

(It’s very bad, and very pretty.)


I enjoyed the first volume well enough.

@sanchonino is right about the art. It’s an absolute TREAT to look at.


I’m a Fraction mark, but I couldn’t do ODY-C. Ward is great though, and maybe it got better after 2 issues, so YMMV.


Today’s pull:
New Super-Man and the Justice League of China #20: Kong Kenan gets a new wrinkle to his powers and a new character from North Korea shows off an interesting ability. Also the triumphant(?) return of Sleez! I am so happy this book avoided cancellation.

Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt: As an avid fan of Grant Morrison’s particular brand of comic book stupid, this book had me grinning from ear to ear. No one writes ridiculous cosmic nonsense like Morrison. Also I wish Jorge Jimenez could draw everything in my life.

Marvel Two-in-One #3: This series continues to surprise me. I’m a bitter Fantastic Four fan who has been hurt before, but this is a nice balm.


SAME SAME SAME SAAAAAME okay as you were


My Pulls:
Dark Knights Rising: The Witcher 3: DELIGHTFUL! At least 3 YUCK FES moments.
Squirrel Girl: Any comic that has 2 Horse Thors and 1 Space Pup is very good
Shade/Wonder Woman: Gorgeous, with some killer concepts.


Picked up issue 2 of Twisted Romance, and man I just love that book. Anthology books are seriously underrated in American comics, and this one is a lot of fun.


With the release of the Black Panther movie, I decided to go pick up the first World of Wakanda trade and am gonna catch up on Ta-Nehisi Coates’s run of Black Panther that I kind of fell off because it was super dense.


Just read the Complete Okko. 550 pages, give or take, and a wild ride throughout.

Generally speaking, I don’t trust Marvel for nothing anymore so it’s mostly Image and Boom on a weekly basis: there’s always something new and interesting turning up.