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I concur. Shoulda known it’d be the case if Coates was writing it but wow those issues were pretty intense! I think I wasn’t in the right mindset for them the last time I tried - I’m gonna give them another shot.


Decided to grab and read all the once-off evil batmen (or badmen as they’re officially called) comics for the Dark Nights: Metal thing DC has been doing.
They’re all just slight variations on “My Friend has died so I, Super Genius, Batman will proceed to go nuts and kill everyone!”

The cyborg one is just “Oops All Evil Alfred’s”


I read those too. The formula got pretty old and they probably could have just put them out as double-issues or backups without losing too much. I think the only ones that stick out to me are Red Death and the BatAquawoman one.


I would like to see American Eagle again


Also, I really really want to read Elric vol 3 White Wolf but it hasn’t been published in English like the first two have. Tempted to just buy the French version off of ComiXology and pump all the dialogue into Google Translate.


I liked the Bat Lantern one, mainly because it was sorta goofy that they’d send an all powerful ring to a kid who’s parents were murdered like a minute beforehand and expect it not to be abused horribly.

The problem I had with the Red Death one was it felt a little weird that after he got powers he’d resort to just killing pretty quickly.


So Marvel is doing a reboot/relaunch again. Yeah. Huh. Excited to see Jason Aaron writing Avengers but am still holding my breath to see what kind of comics are gonna survive or start up.


As long as nothing happens to Ms. Marvel I’m fine with this.


Yeah, she was one of the few on my Marvel pull list that I think will survive.


“marvel legacy, original numbering, woo” (like, a few months later) "forget that, #1 again, woo"
it’s honestly hilarious to me

I saw an interview where someone was talking about how they’re reworking jen walters’ powers to make her hulk more distinct from banner’s hulk and I ??? am baffled by the apparent assertion that they’re not already distinct


Kelly Thompson confirmed she has a new book with Kate Bishop dropping in August, so I’m fine with whatever nonsense Marvel has planned.

What I got today:
Bloodborne: Ales Kot does not shy away from the fact that he’s put hella time in said game.
Batman: Amazing art, very fun concept.
Cave Carson/Swamp Thing: As someone who owns a lot of Funko POPs, I feel very attacked.
Tales of Suspense: This continues to be a very fun mini.
Sex Crimz: Great issue, the letter column GOES places once again.


I’ve just started Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang, and god im upset i dont have the cash to properly collect the series. It’s real good, but heads up that it does feature anti-queer slurs tossed around early on (which fits due to the series being set in the 80s. There’s stuff in later volumes that addresses why a character might say it, and it isn’t something out of the blue, but still.)

I also picked up Hometime: Book One by Campbell Whyte, and god it’s beautiful. I will outright admit that there’s some bias because the dudes from my hometown (or at least the capital of my home state), but holy shit you need to check this out. The artist is great, the writing is great, the character designs are great.
Heads up that it technically takes place in Australia, with Australian kids as the protags, so there’s some slang tossed around that might confuse people.

Finally, I recently read Batman #37 (as well as the run before it with the Joker x Riddler war, and weirdly hot buff Riddler) and it’s so close to stuff I enjoy in his series. It’s less angry batman punching people and being an ass and more Bruce Wayne being a solemn asshole while everyone makes fun of him for it.


A friend reccomended a bunch of his favorite comics, so I’ve been catching up on some classics.
American Flagg! , Howard Chaykin.
Xenozoic Tales, Mark Shultz. Liked the pulp magazine style art in this one.
Cerebus vol 1, Dave Sim
I killed Adolf Hitler, Jason. Liked this one a lot. Alternate reality where assassins are as common and easy to access as a plumber or lawyer. Everyone is drawn as an anthropomorphic animal. An assassin has just foiled a murder attempt on himself that was probably hired by his ex girlfriend, and a guy hires him to kill Hitler because he just built a time machine.


Finally caught up on Sex Crimz and I think it remains my favorite currently running comic series.

Beginning to think I might end up finally bidding farewell to Adventure Time though, the last arc was a little flat. Hopefully things pick up in the next installment, but I feel like they’re running out of wacky hijinks to have (which is not a problem I realized people could have).


What I pulled:
Batgirl: Fine as per usual
Spider-Chip: Cool ideas, not the best execution.
Milk Wars finale: A good good!
Saga: y’all going to be shocked, but Saga was great.
Motor Crush: Felt kinda rushed and disjointed TBH.


Jason’s real good, probably my favourite graphic novellist. If you want more from him I’d suggest Why Are You Doing This? (his version of a Hitchcockian thriller), The Last Musketeer (Athos of the Three Musketeers comes out of retirement when aliens attack Paris), or Werewolves of Montpellier (thief who dresses as a werewolf while doing crimes is bitten by a real werewolf). Or really anything else he’s done, they’re all great.


thanks for the reccomends! I’ve got Why are you doing this? on hold already, add those others you mentioned later.


The Sandman Universe looks cooooool


A few more classics from my friends list:
Why I hate Saturn , Kyle Baker
Why Are You Doing This , Jason
The Left Bank Gang, Jason
Zot! , Scott McCloud

Not a bad one in the bunch, but Zot! really appealed to me. The collection I read has a lot of authors notes, which was fascinating. About halfway through he abandons the superhero stuff altogether and focuses on the lives of the real world characters. The whole collection feels like an authors journey to find his own voice and work out how he feels about comics and as a medium - and it WAS after this he made his famous analytical work, Understanding Comics.


Decided to pick up the 4 issue run of Twisted Romance last week and really enjoyed it. Every issue has two mini-comics and a short story relating to romance. The variety of art and storytelling was fantastic!

I also read the trade of Star-Lord: Grounded by Chip Zdarsky and illustrated by Kris Anka. It was a great (mostly) self-contained story with gorgeous art!