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Sorry I’ve been so absent from this thread. I had some real life stuff that was taking away my ability to post as much as I like. Anyways here’s what I’ve been reading these last couple weeks.

  • Mister Miracle is a treat and issue 7 might be my favorite. Less obvious metaphor, more Scott and Barda life goings-on please.
  • The new arc in New Super-Man and the Justice League of China is excellent! The origin of the Aquaman of North Korea provides a strange new wrinkle on a familiar concept. Kong Kenan continues to find new and interesting ways to be a knucklehead and I love him. This issue shows Gene Luen Yang upping his game and tackling subjects most other Big 2 writers wouldn’t dare touch.
  • The Flash went from dull to cool to annoying in about 4 issues, so that sucks. Williamson is falling into the same trap the New 52 writers did by focusing so much on Speed Force Lore, which is almost always dull as dirt. He seemed most at home writing Wally West’s return to Central City in Flash Annual #1. That book was pure a joy to read, and the main book pales in comparison.
  • Honestly I’ll gladly take Bendis after this atrocious Action Comics run from Dan Jurgens. It was Jurgens retreading his 90s work to a fault and writing the most boring Lois Lane I’ve read in a while.
  • Don’t read Wonder Woman right now. It stinks! James Robinson is clearly more interested in Wonder Woman’s long-lost brother (yuck) and a boring New Gods plot (which has been spinning its wheels since Geoff Johns introduced it) than writing about Diana. Read Liam Sharp’s The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman instead. It does not stink! Wonder Woman and Batman dealing with Celtic mythology! Steve Trevor is best boy!
  • I finally started catching up on East of West and I think I’m bought in now. It had kind of lost me by the end of the first volume, but the introduction of The Prince and Death’s quest are compelling enough reasons to stick with it.
  • I read through Grant Morrison and Chris Weston’s The Filth recently and it’s probably my least favorite work of his. It felt like he was trying to flex his gross-out muscles like Garth Ennis or Mark Millar, but the whole thing just came off as edgy and crass for no good reason. It’s filled with the same kind of out-there psychedelia one can find in his more prominent works, but it’s only used to explain why someone is getting killed by a giant sperm. I understand the underlying themes of beating negativity and expanding your horizons, but I feel like those subjects were explored much more succinctly in Flex Mentallo and The Invisibles.
  • Shade the Changing Girl/Woman is a great book and I am so glad it exists. It is pure, mad delight.
  • I also read The Adventures of Captain America collection by Fabian Nicieza, Karl Kesel, Kevin Maguire, Kevin West, and Steve Carr. It collects a 90’s retelling of Cap’s origin story which was one of the inspirations for Captain America: The First Avenger. Kevin Maguire’s exquisite use of form, expression, and composition are on full display in this book. It’s only a buck right now on Comixology so I definitely recommend picking it up if you like classic two-fisted superhero shenanigans.

Next on my catch-up list is the new Doom Patrol and then Milk Wars once that’s collected.

Yay comics!


New Mutants Dead Souls is… not a great name, but otherwise I’m digging it. Group of second-rate X-Men investigating the paranormal. (Sorry to any diehard Boom-Boom or Wolfsbane fans but let’s be honest, Magik is the only big name here).
I really really like Karma and Prodigy and I’m excited to see where this goes.


Hey, folks would anybody like to also talk comics in the Waypoint Discord? We are also pretty active.


Oh yeah I forgot about that place. I need to get on there.


link? I would be okay with that.

Mr Miracle: a really good done in one, even though it’s probably not a done in one.
USG: Not my favorite arc, but a solid enough ending none the less.
Spectacular Spider-Chip: Easily the best issue of the run, thanks to some stellar art from Joe Quinones.

Also the 2 Batmans comics I pulled from like 2 weeks ago were solid. I also snagged Kirkman’s new book and dug it.


Here is the discord link!


I’m looking to get into some DC comics. What are some good runs of like the past 5-10 years. I’m a big Green Lantern and Batman person (kind of). I recently read the All-Star Superman run and really liked it!


If you’re interested in Green Lantern, pretty much anything in Geoff Johns’ run from Rebirth forward is solid (though sometimes bloated due to having GL anchor a bunch of DC’s yearly events). Just stop reading before New 52, because everything after that is nonsense.


After New 52 starts just swap to Johns Aquaman.


Hey everyone! I read comic books a lot! I’m currently reading through the Wonder Woman 75th anniversary boxed set and I’m surprised how contemporary the George Perez volume feels (I’ve only read the Gail Simone run, of the ones included in the box set, and not the specific included volume, either).

I actually buy more comics than I actually read. This is a problem. So it’s probably dangerous, me being here! Whoops!


The Scott Snyder New 52 Batman run is pretty great if you’re into Batman! Starts with “Court of Owls” and hits the ground running. It quickly becomes bogged in Bat-family crossovers but it’s pretty easy to follow on the whole.

I don’t know if this is within the decade but Justice is a really excellent little mini-series. And if you find a DC comic with Gail Simone’s name on it, you won’t be disappointed (Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, probably more). I’ve typically found it more satisfying following creators than specific characters or series, so the more you read, the more you’ll find artists and authors that you gravitate towards and that suit your storytelling and stylistic biases. Which sounds intimidating, I guess, “just keep reading,” but it’s true. There’s just so many comics!


@AnnD is right about Snyder’s run on Batman. It was most excellent.

I’d also recommend Batgirl of Burnside, the Johns run on Aquaman was cool.

The New 52 Animal Man and Swamp Thing runs started of VERY strong. I lost track of them after awhile, but I remember really liking them, plus some crossover between their worlds without it being a “crossover event.”


Pre-New 52 Secret Six was one of my favorite DC titles, and probably the best thing to come out of Infinite Crisis. It was basically Suicide Squad, but on a whole other level. I haven’t read the New 52 version, because the cast got split between books, which kind of defeats the point.


I really like anything involving Scott Snyder and Batman, and anything involving the Bat and rebirth is worth your time, especially the Snyder’s All-Star Batman.

The current Mister Miracle ongoing is amazing, and Tom King co-wrote Grayson, which sees Dick Grayson as a spy. I adore it.

Batgirl got a really cool update thanks to Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, which continues with Hope Larson and a bunch of rad artist.

Oh and Gotham Academy. Very pure and good.


Hey I just wanted to drop in and say that this week’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (#31) is wonderful.
Just a little one-issue standalone story, about Squirrel Girl and Nancy stuck in hypertime together. It’s fab. Thank you.


I still need to read Squirrel Girl. I have it! It’s on my shelf! I am excited to read it!

Speaking of getting around to stuff way too late, I finally read my copy of Lumberjanes and O M G it is delightful.


With the recent news that Warren Ellis’ Injection got a TV deal (so who knows if that will happen) I remembered that at one point I’d meant to read it, so I picked up the first three volumes and burned through it in a night. That should be enough to tell you how I feel about it - it’s a fun ride and allows Ellis to indulge his three vices: futurism, shamanism, and intense discussions about sandwiches.

The series is summarized thusly: “Once upon a time, five crazy people poisoned the 21st century.” What that means in practice is that an AI got combined with dangerous magic and uploaded to the internet, causing a whole bunch of Weird Shit to happen. The five people responsible are running around dealing with the fallout of their very bad decision. It’s got shades of Nextwave in it at times, though it is not as much of a 1:1 parody. I can see why it would get optioned for TV - it lends itself to a Monster of the Week structure as the titular Injection continues its efforts to understand and manipulate the world around it.


Hey I’ve been spending A LOT of time of the WP comics discord but yes, Squirrel Girl 31 is extremely good and great.


Anyone know of some good queer comics/webcomics/manga? This can be featuring queer characters or specifically about queer identity. I’ve read Iceman and My Brother’s Husband recently and am always looking for new stuff.


I’m not sure what else you’ve read but I hope this helps!

Kabi Nagata’s My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness is my favourite manga of last year and the sequel is coming out this year! It’s Nagata’s autobiography about dealing with depression, her musings about her mother, getting into manga as a career, and discovering her sexuality.

A classic of queer comics is Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, which is anything but fun. It’s also auto-bio, and it’s beautiful and tragic. Bechdel also wrote Dykes to Watch Out For, which is really good but long running. I think theres a series of omnibus comics for that one. Much less tragic than Fun Home.

Jillian and Mariko Tamaki’s Skim and This One Summer are both queer coming of age stores (Skim is much more explicit in this regard), and are extremely well written and illustrated by cousin duo. Another well known pair of comics, but very good nonetheless.

It’s a bit difficult to get your hands on these days (which is a shame, considering how recently it was published), but Wrecked Hearts by Mathilde Kitteh and Luca Oliveri is a pair of coming of age comics that are both about queerness, and Oliveri’s comic in the collection is very explicitly about transness. It’s a personal favourite of mine, and if you can find it I suggest you pick it up!

I’m not sure if it’s out yet, but look for We’re Still Here: An All-Trans Comics Anthology. The title is self explanatory. It’s a collection of comics curated by Tara Avery that went up on Kickstarter last year. All the cartoonists are trans and many of them are queer. Note that I do have some personal stakes here, an acquaintance has a comic in the book. In any case, the collection is looking great based on the Kickstarter.

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, I read After Hours by Yuhta Nishio last year and had a good enough time with it. It’s a sort of slice-of-life deal about a young woman who goes to a club to meet her best friend who skips out to hook up with a guy. She ends up meeting another woman named Kei, who is a DJ, and they form a relationship. The main character falls into Tokyo’s club scene from the other side with Kei as her guide. I really like how lhe relationship is portrayed in this one. It’s just a healthy, happy queer relationship and they don’t really get into it that much after the first couple chapters. The romance is central, and is a driver of plot, but the fact it’s a relationship between two women is never a problem it just is, and I appreciated that.

EDIT: I’ve just remembered another good anthology: No Straight Lines edited by Justin Hall. It’s a collection of short, one off comics written by queer cartoonists from the past 50 years or so. I don’t own it myself, but I’ve flipped through it at some comic shops and it’s really incredible, especially if you’re interested in the history of queer cartooning.

I also neglected to mention Revolutionary Girl Utena by Chiho Saito and Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi, probably because I think of those much more as anime than as manga.