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Read the new Avengers #1 and BOY does it suck. I know Jason Aaron is a good writer so its complete blandless just feels condenscending. I won’t even complain that it ignores continuity. In fact, it brings up continuity when it arguably does not need to, with incredibly cringy exposition, and uses it in lieu of actual character development. It feels like the most surface level attempt at recreating an MCU Avengers plot while ignoring what actually keeps people buying comics and creates MCU die-hards: caring about characters. There is not a single charming or intriguing character beat in this book, imo.

Also I just do not like Ed McGuinness on art. Clearly he can create striking figures but his camera angles are so zoomed in and cramped, he doesn’t have room to draw proper sets to place the characters in. I challenge you to decipher the opening scene. One page they seem to be in a forest, the next they’re jumping off a cliff with no trees around. Ok?

Also not to rant even more but I think if you want the Avengers “trinity” working together again you either A) seed the character development for a bit or B) Just have them meet in battle and team up. They’re super heroes, it’s what they do! But watching Aaron try to bind them back together in a 4 page bar scene was painful.


Loved iron man being like ‘really tho us three? cmon’ because not often I agree with stark but lmao yeah dude

anyway it’s cynical but I wonder if the reason they’re completely disregarding she-hulk’s solo comic and throwing her back to Savage She-Hulk is that they wanted hulk but realised they only had one woman on the team…


Been a while since i’ve posted, here’s what i’ve read recently:

  • Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, Box Brown
  • The Return of the Honey Buzzard, Aimee de Jongh
  • Bottled, Chris Gooch
  • Goodnight PunPun, Inio Asano
  • The Voyeurs, Gabrielle Bell
  • Bizarre Romance, Campbell and Niffenegger
  • The Electric Sublime, Prince and Morazzo

The Andre the Giant comic is actually more informative than the recent HBO doc…but you can’t beat the live footage of the matches though.


Love that art in that Andre comic


Finished up The Flintstones(2017,Mark Russell) with vol 2.

You’ve got social satire, celebrities, aliens, dinosaurs, and all the rock related wordplay you can handle.


I have only read vol.1, but I was impressed with the writing!


This isn’t the best example in the world, but what comes to mind is the Dan Harmon style of comedy writing: it gets as cynical and dark as it wants, but also has heart. There’s definately some optimism mixed in with the deep cynicism of the Flintstones writing, and it wouldn’t work without it.


Saw a little review for Shanghai Red over at io9 and the concept was cool enough that I took a look. I’m a sucker for a good revenge tale, and one that involves a woman’s bloody revenge against the men what Shanghai’d her (not knowing she was a woman) has so far started strong in the first issue. The art’s gorgeous too, as a sort of bonus. I’m most curious to see how it develops from here.


Yeah, I liked the first issue. I thought it was meant to be a pirate book but its not, good either way tho.


This book - about a guy who suddenly finds himself beholden to a demon who demands that he kills bad people, turning him into a violent vigilante - is ending this week (as the author always intended), and I haven’t yet read the final issue but every issue up to this point has been phenomenal and I can’t recommend this book enough. I’d have ripped through the collected series in two days if I had em all at once. Bonus: the directors of John Wick picked up the rights to this book, and Brubaker has lots of experience screenwriting. I don’t normally get stoked about preproduction movies but MAN this one is gonna fucking rip!!


Catching up with some books:

Delicious in Dungeon vol 4 and 5, story has taken on a more serious tone as the plot moves forward, which was probably inevitable. I see this book trying to balance out the comedy and drama.

The Walking Dead vol 28 and 29. Not sure why I’m still reading this, long since lost interest in the show or zombies in general. The main narrative is still a kind of nihilism vs morality struggle in the face of societal collapse. Volume 28 feels like a climax to that struggle, but you never forget that the story is designed to never end.

Paper Girls vol 4. I love the art and characters but the story has still not won me over. Not sure why the two faction’s mechs are designed to look like Shockwave vs. Evangelion. Maybe they just thought it would be cool.


WicDiv and Saga went straight for my emotions and I’m not okay.


On WicDiv:

The blank pages at the start didn’t work for me. I normally like it when the WicDiv-Team does formalist stuff, but it took up too much space. The fight scene contrasted with the flashbacks worked like gang-busters though and gave us one of the best fight sequences of the entire series.

Haven’t gotten to Saga yet, but I’ll catch up now.


Sat down and caught up on Scales & Scoundrels this week. I really loved issue 8 with the mermaid. It was a lot of great visual storytelling without words. I also read a graphic novel called Taproot by Keezy Young. It’s a short-ish story about a gardener who can see ghosts and what that entails. It has some of the prettiest art I’ve seen in a comic recently, and it’s gay! I’m really actively trying to find more comics by and about queer people and PoC. So far it’s going fairly well!


I recent order three vols of The Hound, a graphic novel series with amazing art about Celtic mythology.


Good GRIEF the art for that book is gorgeous. I need to check this out!


Yeah, it’s pretty great. It’s by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin and you can check it out here:


I wanted to catch up with Mouse Guard, so I read Legends of the Guard volumes 1-3 and Baldwin the Brave. The Legends books are collaborative with different authors and artists, the conceit is that patrons of a mouse tavern are gathered to tell their best tale, and the winner gets their dept cleared. As usual, the art in all the books is fantastic. (David Petersen, and various artists)

Also read all the Dungeon (Sfar and Trondheim) books the library system had in stock. French comic about a dungeon owned by a bird. There are quite a few volumes, and it jumps around in time a lot. My favorites so far are the ones that are sort of prequels about when the dungeon master was young. He falls in love with an assassin and decides to be a medieval batman named “nightshirt”.


I’ve never been a monthly comic reader, but for the first time in my life I’ve been picking up each issue of Isola as it comes out. I’m enjoying it, the art is beautiful, and I’m really interested to see where the story is going.

I also just picked up Snotgirl Vol. 2, Copra Vol. 2 and Here There Be Gerblins, the Adventure Zone thing (never listened to the pod, the comic shop guy gave me a good pitch though).
I’m thinking about picking up the West Coast Avengers, I love me some double Hawkeyes.


thats some nice art