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Has anybody been reading Days of Hate?


I’m new to Waypoint and only really got deep into comics 7 months ago, so here are my strong thoughts and recommendations haha.
Stjepan Sejic: The writer and illustrator of Sunstone, a lesbian bdsm romance that oozes creativity and somehow became one of my favorites. He’s working on Justice League Odyssey which has been unfortunately delayed until September.
I’m mostly into DC and image with Saga and Young Animal leading the pack, though I recently enjoyed Tom King’s Vision (along with everything else he does)


The latest (which is to say, the second) issue of Shanghai Red came out and I read it. It is getting a little deeper into the trauma our protagonist is carrying, and also has the quest for revenge take some twists that evoked, at least for me, some of the bumbling, poorly-executed murder of Blue Ruin. Red’s not good at this whole revenge thing. She has the skills, but the execution is sometimes lacking, and I appreciate that immensely.

I am still waiting for more Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but at least I can watch the TV adaptation when it drops in October.


Has anybody read Days of Hate?


I read the first issue or two of Isola and was into it as well. Karl Kerschl, the penciller, sometimes works on pages on his Twitch channel.


Cought up on Saga and now I’m numb again…


At least their year long hiatus will give us plenty of time to recover? Yikes. It’s a good time to get other people into the series though.


I’ve been reading Scales & Scoundrels and their most recent issue (#11) said that issue 12 was gonna be their last. I am really sad because I love the world they’re building especially the female dwarf character that issue 11 followed. I’m really hoping they’ll be able pick it back up at some point.

EDIT: Oh, I also read The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang was absolutely beautiful and very touching. I have become more and more impressed and enamored by comics that have a big focus on fashion whether it be due to plot or creator care. Another series that comes to mind the is the recent Runaways by Rainbow Rowell with art by Kris Anka. They both work to convey a lot through fashion, and I love it so much.


my comic book story is that I went to a place while I was in Canada and picked up the TAZ gn and issues 1-10 of Blue Beetle Rising, loved it, then found out it got cancelled, because of course.


I also grabbed Marvel’s Rising Alpha and didn’t realize it had 4 issue #1s and when i found out via spacetwinks on Twitter, I was just like “aw beans”

I also also got 2 issues of the plastic man mini that gail Simone is writing. Plastic man good.


I’m rereading Jason Latour’s run on Winter Soldier and damn is it extremely Metal Gear Solid.


Kris did a little write-up on twitter about (Issue 11 spoilers?) Gert’s New Look and it’s very good


Finally catching up King’s Batman run. Just finished Vol. 4 of Batman Rebirth and holy hell, Kite Man is a kick in the stomach. I am so impressed with how well King writes these characters dealing with trauma. Also I actually like the less bombastic Joker in the run.


Starting my horrifically large backlog with From Hell.

Not a word of a lie, shit’s giving me weird dreams.


From Hell is a heck of a trip, man. Enjoy the ride.


Speaking of dreams, I just read Sandman Universe and now I am looking forward to all these new books.


I tweeted a thing:


I’ve been using Marvel Unlimited the last few weeks to read through late-80’s X-Men. So far I’ve read every issue of Uncanny, New Mutants, and X-Factor from the Mutant Massacre to where I’m at now, which is somewhere in 1990 (currently about to read Uncanny #260).

Been using this to guide me in my journey:

I’m young enough to have grown up with the X-Men Animated Series, and have been a fan of the franchise ever since. I’ve read a ton of the comics over the years, but mostly from 2000-onward and Claremont’s classic stuff from the 70’s and early 80’s. I’ve read scattered issues from the late-80’s before, but this is my first time reading through all the issues from this era in order.

This has really reminded me how awesome big event crossovers can be when they’re actually, like, well written and planned out. Because that whole span across the three titles in that 3 year stretch from Mutant Massacre to Inferno is just full of great storytelling. And each of the three bookending events feel natural and earned, with the Mutant Massacre being a catalyst for everything and directly leading to the events of Fall of the Mutants and subsequently Inferno.

Inferno especially was really satisfying, just for how much payoff it had for storylines that were set up years back, like the X-Men and X-Factor finally reunited after being apart and unaware of each other’s existence for so long, Illyana Limbo storyline, and Madelyn Pryor’s journey to villainy, which I think is one of the most effective and believable heel-turns I’ve probably ever read in a superhero comic.

I’ve just recently met Jubilee for the first time in Uncanny, and Cable is right around the corner in New Mutants, which means the 90’s are truly right upon me. Again, I’ve read scattered issues and a few of the big storylines of 90’s X-Men, but this’ll be my first time reading through everything. I’m weirdly looking forward to it. The 90’s for comics get a bad rap in general, and specifically it’s considered the era where the X-Men franchise really lost its way, but I’m looking forward to seeing if that opinion still holds up, and to see where the dropoff in quality really starts. Some claim it’s right after Claremont left, while others defend the Lobdell and Nicieza runs and say it only really starts to get bad in the latter half of the decade with the likes of Onslaught and Zero Tolerance. I have a weird fondness for 90’s superhero comic art and aesthetic too, so that will help make it more enjoyable.


Whoops, missed this topic!

inserts glowing post about Eternity Girl from other comics thread here

Anyone else read the excellent Eternity Girl? It just finished last week and it was probably the best book to come out of Young Animal.

I welled up a few times, it was incredibly relatable for a story about an immortal, indestructible, elemental super-being on a quest to destroy all time and space. Magdalene Visaggio has become one of my favourite modern superhero writers, alongside Saladin Ahmed and Tom King.


I’m not caught up but the 3 issues of Eternity Girl I’ve read have been very good.


Found out on twitter that Kate Beaton has an archive of her comics

loved Hark! A Vagrant

So much good stuff in that archive.