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Grayson got me on the King hype train. It was a fantastic series that did a lot in a short amount of time.

Also I read some things this weekend
Transformers: RID vol 1. Despite this going down in the middle of a story, it’s super accessible and REALLY GOOD. I do like how quickly Starscream weasels his way into politics!

Final Crisis: A Comics Facebook group wanted to do a New Gods related read for the month. I suggested FC, because I’m a Morrison guy. This lead into an argument, because FB, and I re-read issue on last night. Holds up imo.


I haven’t re-read Final Crisis in a while. adds it to the list of potential future Comic Book Club books

Also, I’m a huge fan of Morrison. He’s easily my favorite working comic book writer. I totally understand that he’s not for everyone, but I just love the way he thinks about comics and superheroes.


What I like about Morrison is that he challenges readers. Sometimes that mean it’s a SPECTACULAR FAILURE (Multiversity, Happy), but at least it’s something fresh and new. Also that JLA run is still the best run of DC team comics to date, don’t at me.


There are individual issues of Multiversity that I love but, as a whole, it’s kind of a mess.

His run on JLA is certainly the best Justice League has ever been, I think there are a couple of solo character runs that are, perhaps, better. From the jump JLA is just amazing. I mean, two of the best Batman moments of all time are in that single run of comics.


I was referring to just DC-based team books, not all of cape comics/Morrison. Lord knows I love “Kill Your Boyfriend”.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Morrison-era Batman, especially when it was the Dick and Damian show. Arguably some of my favorite comics.


Oh yeah, I read a random issue of Grayson and thought it was pretty good! I bought the first few issues on Comixology, better never got to them. I’ll have to get around to it sooner rather than later.

I really enjoyed the first half of RiD. The politcal machinations and intrigue were really entertaining really fit the characters. The fact that no one had really done politician Starscream before is baffling. The series shifts to a more military focus in the second half after Dark Cybertron and I lost interest (Its successor, Optimus Prime, has been pretty good though), but the politcal stuff continues in Windblade and Till All Are One.


This Superman bit from JLA was just pitch perfect.


Morrison GETS Superman in a way no one else does. Also see, the New Gods.

But GDI, I’ve been thinking about re-reading that JLA run and remembers WW3 was like the first time I cried reading a comic. That and friggin All Star Superman.


I’m happy to see all this Morrison love :slight_smile:
He’s a wacky wizard with a talent for writing compelling stories about humanity at the grandest scales imaginable.


I liked We3, I guess…

I’m more in line with Alan Moore when it comes to Morrison.


I recently read through the entire first run of the Marvel Ultimate Universe and: it was a massive trash fire of awfulness and I had a lot of fun. Bad Comics are so much more fun to laugh at than Bad Games


I liked Ultimate Spidey, but can only imagine how well Bush-Era Millar has aged.


I was livetweeting the whole thing so I got caps of all the best panels and: extremely poorly



aw ultimate x-men was my first comic book. tiny teen me had fun, anyway.


Ultimate is weird because at times it wants to be satire, but at other times it wants to be a modernization ala USM and UXM. Those two things don’t quite work together. Add an extra touch of Millar’s over the top edginess and you get a book that just doesn’t work, IMO.

I love Ultimate Spider-Man though. There are a few arcs near the end of the Peter Parker portion that aren’t very good (Ultimate Deadpool and a chunk of the post-Ultimatum stuff), but for the most part, it’s solid throughout. I read the whole thing in a marathon session a couple years ago up until the early Miles stuff (Which I then read as it was coming out).

Bendis stuff reads best this way, I feel. His Guardians run was an absolute slog trying to read month by month, but his Avengers was serviceable with a few moments of greatness read in a big marathon session.


Re: Bendis, 100% he reads better in chunks.

I remember I was doing a readthrough of his UXM run not long before that finished, and there’s a whole super decompressed time in the middle after Original Sin when its just dialogue not really going anywhere for issues and issues and nothing happens. That’s when it finally clicked that Bendis is the dude who loves dialogue and decompression. I mean, Powers and Daredevil and Alias weren’t too bad, they just had lots of talking, but I feel like Avengers onward is just stuff that requires bulk reading.


Surprised so many people dislike Multiversity here. I think that is among Morrisons best. The Captain Marvel issue is among my favorite things published by DC. Dude for as weird as he gets has this humanistic streak that I really relate to. The ending of Flex Mentallo is among my favorite moments in any work of fiction ive ever read.


i really liked multiversity, despite not knowing that much DC stuff before reading it. it seemed very exciting to me… and there were moments that really hit me especially in the issue about the justice society (? i think, am on my phone so can’t look it up easily) and thunderworld. but i think as part of its whole deal it was quite volatile and changeable, and at times it could become unreadable. there were issues i couldn’t get through. it’s the kind of project i’d like to see more of, but i’m a sucker for the multiverse.


Regarding Morrison, has anyone ever read his book Supergods?

There’s a lot in there about his line of thinking about superhero comics and the function they serve.


Pax Americana completely deconstucts The Watchmen in every way possible and does it all in one issue. That comic is bullets.