'The Crew 2' Better Not Break My Heart

'The Crew' was built with such promise, but failed to bring the road trip vibe to life.

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Having never played the Crew if anything I hope this game at least captures the feeling of autosports as well as Ubisoft’s other game Steep did with snow & mountain sports. I feel the game can do well if it is seen more as a chillax game to pop in maybe do a race, time trial or just kinda ride around alone or with friends without interruptions. I guess that may have been the intention of the first game but I hope they have learned since then & seen where they have had success.

I played just enough of The Crew to get through the tutorial and get in to the open world, where I then promptly spent my time driving to New York, and then from New York, to San Francisco. Took about three hours. Wasn’t the worst way to spend an afternoon.

The Crew’s biggest problem is something about the controls felt really… it’s hard to even describe, because it feels like there’s a decent handling model under there. But something about the core mechanic of steering your vehicle just did not feel good. It felt mushy and slippery and just not fun. In the context of spending a day driving down the open road by yourself it was fine, but the moment I tried to do a race event after my road trip I was immediately repulsed by the way the game felt. My car felt chunky and floaty in all the wrong ways.

Then diversifying to planes and boats doesn’t tell me if they solved the way cars feel.