The current anime thing

So I could not seem to find a general discussion thread for current anime so here I am making one.

I assume there’s a bunch of folks who are watching some/many of the large collection of anime thats broadcast every day.

Going to admit that I’m only watching a handful of shows this season outside of sequels/ second seasons and so on. A couple of those include:

Just Because! - A nice little school drama/romance
Anime Gataris - A fun little anime club comedy
Ancient Magus’ Bride
Recovery of a MMO Junkie

plus a couple of sequels

March Comes in Like a Lion

What are other people watching?


I’m watching a few of the new anime shows this season. I was excited to watch the new Kino’s Journey show since I loved the original. I only saw the first episode so far and it seemed good. Unfortunately I have heard from other people that have watched further that they redid an episode from the original and it was rushed and not as good as it was before. I’ll probably see some more to be the judge of that, but if this show is just going to be a mediocre retelling if the original I might pass on the rest.

I also watched the Ancient Magus Bride. My sister is a huge fan of the manga and swears it will be amazing. I liked what I saw so far too, really nice art and cool characters. I’m a little iffy on the beginning being about a girl being sold in an auction, but my sister insists the rest of the story isn’t at all creepy and that this gets adressed in the show’s story.

Also watched the first episode of Recovery of a MMO Junkie and it seems really cute!


just finished episode 1 of Girls’ Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou) and i’m really really impressed. think Nier: Automata but more slice of life, less action, just as nihilistic. the animation rules and the jokes + writing seem incredibly promising. a bunch of my friends have been raving about the manga for ages so i’m glad it seems to live up to the hype even after adapting it for anime (not that i expect anything less than the best from White Fox Studio). worth noting that unlike most anime adaptations, the mangaka Tsukumizu (tkmiz) has a talent for animating, so they were able to work closely with the team on a ton of key animation (i think they even directed the ED?)


yea she did she rules!! here’s some gifs she made



I’m watching 15 anime this season wish me luck

Is this new Kino’s Journey available on crunchy roll? Wouldn’t mind some soft sci-fi.

It is indeed on Crunchyroll.

Recovery of a MMO Junkie has been the right amount of sap for me. I’m way into it.

I’m rewatching Osomatsu before I start the second season. I forgot how funny that show was.

I also want to get into either Naruto or One Piece ( or maybe another long running shonen series). MHA was my first shonen besides Dragonball and I really want to get into a show that has a massive backlog. What do people recommend?

Check out Hunter x Hunter, the 2011 series is the best this type of anime has ever been.


currently watching Silver Spoon and it’s about the best thing I’ve seen from A-1 Pictures in ages

also finally finishing Nichijou after I neglected to get through the full season six years ago, but it is definitely reminding me that I am really bad about powering through comedy anime for some reason. they just exhaust me yaknow?

of the current season I’m most hyped to get started on Mahoutsukai no Yome. how essential are the pre-season OVAs?

I keep trying to “get into anime” but tend to fall off after a couple episodes.

This season I’m enjoying The Ancient Magus’ Bride because it’s strangely calm and serene so far.

The other is Black Clover which I’m excited to see more of.

With regards to Mahoutsukai no Yome/The Ancient Magus’ Bride, the OVAs cover Chise’s childhood and (I think) give important context to her decision to sell herself into slavery. Without knowing if the series will cover that part of her life in detail (since the series was announced after the OVAs aired), I think they’re best watched first.

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Land of the Lustrous is a thing that everyone should watch but most probably won’t because of the service it’s on.

Girls’ Last Tour is good but strangely makes me want more Hidamari Sketch.

Net-juu/MMO Junkie seems charming enough after a couple of episodes.

Definitely going to watch Magus Bride, and I wanted to check out Just Because and Blend S eventually as well.

Also Apocrypha left over from last season.

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@Catamari Great point. I did watch the three OVAs first and it definitely gave context to the start of the actual series. Highly recommended viewing order

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 is just getting going. I’m sure I will like it as much as Season 1. Which was alot.

Land of the Lustrous is definitively my biggest surprise so far. If you can get your hands on it definitively give it a chance.

Girls Last Tour is really nice. Its the nicest thing. I enjoy how the show still frames the world as beautiful even after the apocalypse. The shows cast right now is two characters and its doing a great job telling a story with just them.

Love Live Sunshine Season 2. If you know anything about Love Live you probably know if its for you by now. What I will say its probably better then you think it is.

Osomatsu-San Season 2. If you know anything about Osomatsu-San you probably know if its for you by now. What I will say it probably has more dick jokes then you think.

Blood Blockade Battlefront Season 2. Even without its all star director this seems to still be doing ok. I still really enjoy the characters and the world so its nice.

Diary of an MMO Junkie - I like it but when I eventually drop something it will probably be this first.

How am I watching this many shows. This is the most Current airing shows I have watched sense High School. I’m not sure where this time came from. I’m going to try to keep up with them as much as I can because I like them all alot.

edit: Also watching season 2 of Umaru which is a nice relaxing ok anime. The potato chips of anime.

Like every season, I’m watching way too much anime. All of these are on Crunchyroll.

Love Live! Sunshine!!: Yo, I’m deep in idol hell. I love the characters, I love the songs, and I love the story, as sappy as it can be.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride: This was one of my highly anticipated shows this season. I watched the OVAs and fell in love with the art and character and was so happy to hear it was getting an anime adaptation. I really like how they really get straight to the point of things and give enough background and context for the world without wasting time on too much exposition.

Konohana Kitan: It’s a slice of life show about fox girls working at a bathhouse. I knew off the bat this would be my moe cute show for the season, and it definitely is that. But the interactions between the characters are really sweet and knowing the original manga was published in a yuri publication pushes all of the subtext into text. Also the third episode is devoted entirely to the relationship between two of the girls and how they met and how they feel about each other, so yeah. This said, I doubt there’ll be an outright love deceleration. I imagine it’ll stay around hand holding as the characters fall asleep or forehead kisses. But maybe this one will surprise me, who knows.

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond: I didn’t watch B3 when it initially aired, but after binge watching the entire show in one sitting a few months ago, this was my other highly anticipated show and it does not disappoint. In some ways it’s a slice of life in a supernatural hellscape and that’s great on so many levels. But it’s also a great character story and the balance of comedy and action is really great to watch.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~: I didn’t have any expectations going into this show. It’s a steampunk London otome romp with cute guys fawning over the main girl, but dammit if I don’t like it. Cardia is lovely and deserves a happy life, and sometimes you need a show that’s just entertaining more than anything.

Blend-S: This is the light, anime-as-fuck comedy that’s a nice balance to all the serious stuff I’m watching. It’s the moe, trope-based comedy of the season and that’s perfectly fine. Maika’s unintentional sadism is hilarious and I’m always fond of shows with girls being friends and supporting each other.

Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World-: I never saw the original series when it first came out and I’ve never read the light novel. I know there were lots of mixed opinions on the second episode since it adapts a story also adapted in the first anime and didn’t do as great a job. Having read on the differences, I definitely agree. But I still think the show is interesting and I want it to be able to stand on its own.

Recovery of a MMO Junkie: I’m so in love with this show. I love the fact the main character is a 30-year-old woman, I love the fact most of the rest of the cast (as we know) are also adults, and I love the mix of humor and gentle, emotional moments. As a 30-year-old currently burning out in an office job, I relate to Moriko so much.

Anime-Gataris: Last season, there was Gamers!, an anime about a group of high school students who become friends over their love of video games. It also became a pretty entertaining romance farce. Anime-Gataris is that, but with a meta look at anime, and less signs of a farcical plotline.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War: Twelve people each representing a different animal from the Chinese zodiac gather in a battle royale where the winner gets a wish granted. It’s the ultraviolent death game of the season and it’s not a great show, but I find it oddly interesting. Each episode focuses on a different character and (for the most part) you get to see their motivations and reasons for participating. They’re not great people at all, but they’re interesting characters.

RWBY: Not really anime, but I’m watching it. It’s the fifth season, the animation looks great, and things are dire.

Bungo Stray Dogs: It’s not from this season, but I’m watching it right now so it goes on the list. It’s an interesting counterpoint to Blood Blockade because it’s another character-driven story with supernatural elements and awesome abilities.

This is long enough so I’ll end soon, but I’ll mention I started and dropped Black Clover, Sengoku Night Blood, Urahara, King’s Game, Dies irae, and TwoCar. Urahara and TwoCar might get picked up post-season depending on how overall reviews of the series go.

I’ve been enjoying Juri Taisen’s nonsensical violence, I’m sure by the end of it I’ll hate every character and myself.
Garo: Vanishing Line is an amazingly sleek and sexy show about sexy boys and girls doing sexy things to monsters in a modern environment. It’s the directors first show and he’s doing a great job.

whoa I had no idea there was a new Kino No Tabi! I loved the first version. Hopefully the new one retains that kinda slow melancholy style.

Only animes I’m watching now are Little Witch Academia, which I kinda stalled out on midway through the second season, and Kill La Kill, which I may have given up on due to its like hypersexual weirdness.

Right now, the only following a few new shows, but only because I haven’t had the chance to expand beyond Crunchyroll just yet (so things like Girls Last Tour will have to wait). So my current short list consists of…

Recovery of an MMO Junkie - Just the right mix of funny and relatable. This show will likely make me start playing Final Fantasy XIV again before the season ends.

Anime-Gataris - I’m enjoying this so far, but I have to admit that I’m half expecting to fall off. I enjoyed Gamers! a great deal last season, and this does in fact seem to be the equivalent series about anime instead of games…but whereas Gamers! actively subverted all tropes and expectations, this show seems to lean hard into them (so far). I’m finding it difficult to not compare the two shows, which is making Anime-Gataris look bad/worse than is probably fair. I’m going to keep watching, though, so hopefully my concerns will be unfounded.

Dragonball Super - Maybe it’s the nostalgia, maybe it’s the ability to see NEW Dragonball content that isn’t just retelling the same old DBZ stories for the millionth time…all I know is I have a lot of fun with this show. It’s not great, by any stretch, but it’s just good enough to scratch a particular itch in my brain. Also, Future Trunks has never been better :grinning:

…once I have time, I’ll probably add The Ancient Magus’ Bride to that list, just for all the amazing things people have been saying about it.

I’m in love with Girls Last Tour so far. It’s so calm and gentle, but with a really darker undertone to it. I like Yuuri’s outlook on life.