The current anime thing

I really enjoyed the two Goku Midnight Eye OVA films. I wouldn’t call them classic, but they’re cheesy cyberpunk 80s films that are basically Person of Interest meets Kilik from Soul Calibur.

Here’s a trailer:

(CW Warning for SEX and NUDITY and GORE and BARE CHESTS IN SUITS. It’s pretty dated, writing and content wise. But you can easily take yourself out of it and have fun. I think it’s free on Youtube or on Amazon Prime.)

Also, the ending theme SLAPS:

This movie made me watch Wicked City, which was a HUGE mistake. Fuck that movie.

Speaking of which, I’ve been looking for a 80s early 90s anime OVA that involves body horror. I don’t know what it’s called, but I remember there’s a scene where The Thing starts to basically start forming inside of a diner. It’s very bloody and gorey, but I think the Thing monster snaps out of it when the girl he likes tells him to stop or something. I only saw that ONE scene, but I’ve been looking for it ever since.

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I don’t think the show was entirely successful, and it’s been a long time since I last watched it, but The Big O is a fascinating watch just for how conceptually and aesthetically similar it is to Batman: The Animation Series to an uncanny degree. It’s no surprise that both were produced by Sunrise just a few years apart.


The original Macross is very hard to find and an absolute favourite of mine. Apart from the Robotech adaptation, there was an actual English Dub of just Macross where they got Minmei’s Japanese voice actress to reprise her role in English, which is neat.
Last Exile is a pretty fun show about planes.
Serial Experiments Lain is worth looking for, and deals with a lot of issues that are probably more relevant now than when it was made.
X The TV series is some fun CLAMP melodrama. Do not watch the movie, it is terrible.
Patlabor is a police procedural in a world where mechs have entered common use both in construction and military applications.
If you want something super peaceful and chill, Hidamari Sketch (aka Sunshine Sketch) is the way to go.


A lot of the shows I’d consider “hard to find classics” are actually on streaming at this point in various ways (hell, even Utena is free on Nozomi’s YouTube channel) but I don’t have time to check all the different services because I’m writing this right before starting a shift at work.

Anyways, here’s my short list:

Kimagure Orange Road - 1980’s supernatural/love triangle slice of life. Hella style.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor - an early 90’s comedic send up to space opera classics like Space Battleship Yamato (also worth watching!) about the captain of a space vessel who may be either a tactical genius or a complete buffoon.

Reach For The Top!! Gunbuster!! - very well known, but very hard to find (legally) in it’s original OVA form. Anno’s super-robot send up before Evangelion. A little lighter in tone, but dealing with some of the same themes in (imo) some more interesting ways. Definitely also watch the sequel, Diebuster, which is a personal favourite of mine and easier to find streaming. Unfortunately, Gunbuster is required viewing.

Dragon’s Heaven - 1980’s mecha OVA with a really distinct style and I can’t determine if it’s due to lack of budget or unique artistic vision. Either way, a great watch.

Space Runaway Ideon - Tomino’s post-Gundam mecha series from 1980.

I’ll absolutely co-sign Patlabor and Hidamari Sketch.

Thanks for all the recs so far! I’ve definitely got a couple new ones to track down (it also taught me that Amazon Prime has added a boatload of older anime recently).

This is triggering a memory of some Top 5 Body Horror Sci-fi Anime video or something, but I can’t track it down.

I haven’t seen it, but the film “Goshogun: The Time Etranger” is a cult classic. You can pick the DVD up from Discotek these days.

I’d also recommend “Belladonna of Sadness” if you’re up for it: it’s a truly weird, trippy movie from 1973 that’s both a problematic sorta-disaster and a film that’s far ahead of its time. Several anime directors were inspired by it, ranging from Kunihiko Ikuhara (Utena) to Naoko Yamada (K-On!) It’s wild!

I feel like the Stand Alone Complexes are surprisingly hard to find, for some reason?

The show?

I think it’s on Hulu.

Last time I checked it def was. Also, the Blu-ray’s are out, but are apparently a really bad way to watch the show :expressionless:

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Oh, for those looking for Cyberpunk anime, I found this incredible list a while back:


Netflix dropped this… The day it comes out.

HOW is Netflix so bad at advertising.


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Having watched the first three episodes, I can see why maybe they wouldn’t advertise it much. The world and characters are cool, and the animation can be good at times, but the writing’s been pretty bad. The plot is just kind of boring, and when it doesn’t focus on its plot it focuses on its humor which has just been bad juvenile jokes. It’s pretty disappointing so far.

The opening song is good though:

I was also disappointed. I saw last night that this was out, remembered seeing a preview months ago so I watched the first couple episodes with my partner. I ended feeling like it was interesting, but also kinda gross. There’s quite a bit of gore, and all the majority of the humor is very juvenile so I was left wondering if it was worth watching for S.A.M and Casey, both of whom are extremely good.

Finished season three of Bungo Stray Dogs. It’s a series I enjoyed a lot. Fun characters, cool mood, looks good. It feels a little directionless, and most events are completely without consequences. Every major event in the different seasons usually just have them end up where they started more or less. And the resolutions are usually pretty simple with a trick up their sleeve or another level of power-up, but hey, that’s what we are here for. I give it my recommendation.

Also rewatching Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and it is still great.

Bumping to rep Kanata No Astra, which has the camp vibe of vintage Star Trek and a really fun mystery hook.


Hiroshi Nagahama is directing an adaptation of Junji Ito’s famous horror manga “Uzumaki,” with music by Colin Stetson (Hereditary). Adult Swim (a la Toonami) and Production IG are co-producing. It’s a wild time to be alive

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Junji ito anime adaptations have not been great so far. If they actually give them the budget though, I’m excited. Uzumaki is amazing

The teaser is hype:

The guy who is doing the music is the guy who did the music for Hereditary.


The anime for Aku no Hana was such a deeply chilling work, a horribly underrated masterpiece. Ito made a great choice picking out Nagahama for this adaptation.


Carole and Tuesday is on Netflix! I’ve been interested in this one for quite a while, so I’m really excited!