The current anime thing


The fight in the newest episode of MHA is exactly why I watch anime. Well-paced, beautifully animated, and completely unique from any other medium.


So apparently I missed this but Adult Swim aired the first episode of FLCL Season 3… as an April Fools joke?

I remember the Rick and Morty nonsense, so is this just a thing they do?

Anyway… I watched it and it’s got me hype. I watched Gunbuster 2 recently and that kind of solidified in my mind that Production IG can make damn good sequel shows, so I’m really hoping they pull this one off.

Also the ending song is very good. Edit: Link is dead.


I’m just soooooo worried that they’re gonna ruin some of the mystery that the original series had by trying to explain too much of the world. But I’m still excited for more of the show.


I searched the thread and saw just two mentions of it, but did anyone else eventually get into Welcome to the Ballroom? I’ve heard the animation style really put some folks off to the show, but I haven’t enjoyed a show as much as it in so long. An earnest MC, excellent senpai-ing left right and center, amazing dancing that drives hard on the sports anime FIGHTING SPIRIT thing that makes you clench your fist at your TV, and overall a cast that I just really came to like with the added extra nicety that there’s very little fanservicey shit going on throughout. The women could’ve been posed to be second-actors in the space of dancing leads and followers, but they’re treated just as capable and effectual as the men they partner with as well as being rivals. I guess it just didn’t feel like a boy’s club when it could’ve while also showing male dancers in a really cool and positive light that I loved. I’m wont to give sales pitches for it but also I just hope there are other people out there who it resonated with too. I can’t say it was perfect or anything, but I can count on one hand the times it did things that disappointed me insofar as “anime”.


Diebuster was Gainax.


I think I was confused by the connection between Diesbster, Kazuya Tsurumaki, the original FLCL, and IG’s co-production of the series.

I meant more that I have more confidence in the sequels as they occupy a similar space in my mind, I guess?


Production IG really haven’t been the same company for a long time. They’re not really technical innovators any more and most of their super big name animation contacts are either AWOL (Mitsuo Iso) or busy doing other things (Tetsuya Nishio on Naruto) and their output has been pretty fucking weak in recent memory. Other than Haikyu, Guru Guru (who they fired Ikuo Geso on for complaining about working conditions) and welcome to the ballroom (where somebody died from overworking!!) their output has been stretched and pretty fucking weak, basically carried by the people showrunning having good contacts with freelancers.

That said, FLCL seems to be another show carried by the showrunners having contacts. They’re at least letting newbies run wild in the same manner as the original (excited for the inevitably amazing ahoboy and Kazuto Arai episodes) but also it sounds like it’s very hit and miss in that regard.


The original is probably my favourite show, so I’d like 2 and 3 to be good, but I’m actually super into this. Even if some of it misses I like that FLCL remains a way for new directors to get their ideas out there.


I’ve been enjoying Wotokoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. Another slice of life anime that doesn’t take place in high school!


Wotaku is what I wanted Recovery of an MMO Junkie to be.


I am having a very good time with Hinamatsuri, it is very funny to me.


any good current mech anime? I’ve seen an ad for darling of the franxx but know literally nothing about it. I’ve been wanting to watch a current gundam one too, any good recs there?


Current as in current season?
Full Metal Panic just came back for a new season if you ever enjoyed that.
Gundam Build Divers is fun if you want a kids show with Gundam jokes and not much substance.
Space Battleship Tiramisu is an amusing parody of typical space mecha shows and is only 10 minutes an episode.
Franxx is a complete mess, but I’m a few episodes behind.

Outside of all that there hasn’t actually been a lot of mecha recently. ID-0 looked interesting in a transhumanism kind of way, and is on Netflix, but I still haven’t got around to watching past the first episode.
I also think Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans is worth watching if you haven’t yet, and is a more traditional Gundam show than the Build series.


Gundam: The Origin VI also just got put up on Hulu a week or so ago


@HatHair @atomictofu Thanks! Gave me a couple things to add to my watchlist


Megalobox continues to be very, very good; My Hero Academia is keeping the action fresh and the pace bonebreaking; and Golden Kamuy might be growing on me - bearly.


This season I’ve been watching Megalobox, Golden Kamuy, and MHA.

So far I like Megalobox by a WIDE margin. It invokes stuff like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo in that it oozes style, but doesn’t lack in substance.


Anybody here watching Gegege no Kitaro? While the quality of episodes vary the last two (6 & 7) were real good, especialy 7th. Honestly I would recommened watching 7th even if you don’t plan to watch the show cause it works just as well as a oneshot, you don’t real need to know anything about the anime to enjoy it.

Be warned that suicide is a big part of the episode, all offscreen but it’s still very clearly what happened. If you can’t handle visual allusions of suicide or even just mention of it, don’t watch this episode.


Yup, I started watching it in week 2 on a whim and it’s definitely been worthwhile. I’m inclined to say that the less screen time is dedicated to Kitaro saving the day, the better the episode, though with how long the show is scheduled to run (50+ episodes) there should be time for everyone to get the spotlight.


i watched the first episode of Kitaro but the second episode translated Nekomusume’s name as Cat Chick and i can’t watch it anymore. i just can’t.