The current anime thing


I’m on that My Hero Academia/Persona 5 shit right now. I haven’t watched any of the new episodes of Food Wars, so that’s in the wings with Golden Kamuy.

Also: Cowboy Beebop, maybe? I know it’s pretty much a classic at this point, but I’m wary of overhype and long series are intimidating, so it’s just chilling in my queue.


Bebop is only 26 episodes and it’s not super serialized, so I think it should be pretty easy to watch, even casually. Can’t help with your fear of overhype though.


So far this season has me watching MegaloBox, which I really hope has staying power, and BnHA, which I really hope keeps up a good pace and doesn’t go too GrimDark

also catching up on YuruCamp and while it’s not running away with my attention like Girls’ Last Tour did last season, I am at least finding it to be the rare high school club anime I actually do enjoy having on screen. helps that I put far too much of my expendable income into camping gear (I haven’t bought any video or board games in ages because of this impulse) and thus identify with the characters

I think Antarctica Moe is next on my to-watch list


I’m only caught up on Hero Academia, Comic Girls, and Wotakoi this season, but there seems like a bunch of other stuff that I’d like to get through eventually.


Unless things really turn around, I think I’m going to drop Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan. Super bummed the theme of the last episode was “women can’t find fulfillment in life unless they’re in love and raise a family” and “women can’t be trusted in the workforce because they’ll fall in love and drop out of their career” with the end goal being “Let’s make the pilots fall in love and then break their heart so bad they’ll never love again and dedicate themselves fully to their job.”

What. The. Fuck.


holy shit…i was interested in that show but god damn, that’s the absolute worst! guess that’s another anime to take off my prospective watchlist unless it somehow makes up for that


military themed anime for the past while have been kinnda skeevily imperialist (especially shit like KanColle) so I was avoiding Dragon Pilot on that gut feeling alone


If you haven’t seen it yet, drop whatever you’re doing and put on the first episode of Hinamatsuri. Then stream the rest of it. It’s a show that can seemingly do damn near any tone and genre it feels like, and makes it look easy. Mostly, it has some of the best deadpan comic timing I’ve ever seen in an anime; a lot of it reminds me very strongly of Nichijou, but without the weird filler and down time that show had in every episode.

(It might also be one of the best manga adaptations in recent years. When you’re done watching the first episode, track down scans of the first chapter, and note the vast difference in execution.)


Been blasting through this too the last week, and I agree. Gonna be sad when it’s done. Hina’s voice cracks me up.


I like Darling in the FranXX
Soma 3rd season is awesome as usually


One thing I really like about Hinamatsuri is the cast of characters, and that an episode can focus on any of them and not just Hina and Nitta.


watched the first episode of FLCL Alternative, and although Progressive is following along with the loose feeling of FLCL a bit better, I vastly prefer what Alternative has kicked off.


Same, and that’s one of the big strengths of the source material.

I’m hoping this gets a 2nd season, but I think they might need to wait on the manga to get to a decent stopping point plot-wise.


My GF and I have been watching The Vision of Escaflowne, and it’s been really fun so far. Really neat to see more of a shoujo, high-fantasy take on a mecha show. Those extremely 90s anime vibes are some MWAH chef kiss good shit.


Five Hundred and Forty-Six Days Later,


Holy crap, Megalo Box is really good. I genuinely want to see who wins this final match. It could go either way and I am totally invested.


[MHA Ep 50 spoilers]

I’m gonna cry, y’all


Also started HInamatsuri and it is just delightful so far.


Hanebado is looking like it might be the surprise hit of the summer season. It’s a sports anime about badminton that takes itself incredibly seriously and it’s got great animation

Not sure where it’ll go but the first episode is very promising at least.


Me, a fool, a blithering idiot: maybe FranXX will be about the rejection of patriarchal domination and instrumentation of female bodies

Darling in the FranXX; actually hetro love turns the man eating woman into a 1000ft tradwife who saves humanity from communism