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Summer seems like it might be light but at least there’s more Yama no Susume.


I follow a few people on twitter who continue to hope that show is gonna subvert its setup. I really love hearing their occasional updates on their podcasts. Sad that it isn’t really trying to do something outside of what you said.


I have come to this place to say that I really really want this to be the ending song for Vento Aureo and it’s def not gonna be.


Continuing my trend of watching last season stuff and started Megalobox. ITS GOOD AS FUCK AND I SHOULDNT HAVE WAITED.

Also speaking of not waiting on things Serial Experiments Lain just turned 20 and if you havent seen it lets this be your catylist.


So is this a general anime thread? Because i’m one episode in with Kaiji and it’s already getting super real with its talk on capital.


MHA ep 52 spoilers:

when you realize you’re a hero AND you got feet


I get the feeling that a really devoted, cult-like fanbase is gonna put Megalo Box on a couple bullshit “most overrated anime of all time” lists, but god damn, this show is incroyable

Broke: The music in Devilman


Ok so I follow a ton of queer artists on twitter/IG who absolutely love Sailor Moon. I feel like I vaguely missed it when it aired in the US (I know it was a bad version) due to either me thinking it was a “girly show” or some other reason. But now I really want to dive in! What is the best form to watch it in?


There’s the original anime and there’s Sailor Moon Crystal, which has a mixed reception (though I hear many people say season 3 is good)

I’d suggest just watching the original, which is available on Hulu

Crystal is on Hulu and Crunchyroll


Attempting to climb the One Piece mountain again and I forgot that Smoker kicks ass and is the only good cop


more JJBA news; the theme tune’s being written by the composers of Cruel Angel’s Thesis.


I’ve been up and down on Hanebado! I love sports anime, and this has a boatload of characters passionate about their sport, and it also seems to have knowledge how that sport is played and uses it in their scenes. Practice matters! However, it has at various times gone too far with fanservice and overly dramatic character intros. It seems like the characters are then made more “normal” after the introduction. Fanservice is one of those things I just have to find my peace with in anime, and at least this show has been ok with showing muscles on female characters!
I am very much into the main arc for Hanesaki, but if it doesn’t go where I expect it to go, it would frankly be cruel and kind of awful :frowning:


With my love of “sports” anime, maybe it’s not so surprising that the other main shows I watch this season are MAJOR 2nd (way more relatable main character than MAJOR), and Encouragement of Climb.


Anything Masaaki Yuasa! I’m currently watching devil crybaby… but loved ping pong before that. Great fun if you’re into kind of psychedelic designs


please enjoy this uh original content


Looking at this Index III promo stuff and god they’re probably gonna do the most soul-crushing side story from the light novels.

Hope yall liked the merc group from Railgun S because that whole deal is about to get WILD.


I am poppin into this thread to ask you all who like mechas to please watch Planet With. It’s real underated gem of this anime season. Short pitch for the begining of serie is: what if the protagonist of our story was a villain in a mecha-sentai anime? Of course, it turns out that things are not quite what they seem…

I have hard time to pitching it but I think it speaks of something when it had three episodes in 12 episodes long serie that could serve as a finale and be a satisfying conclusion (not counting, as of time of writing this post, the actually finale). Overall it’s a serie that goes ‘hey, we should care for each other’ and I for one appreciate optimistic serie like this

Also furry mechas:


Finally catching up on FLCL Progressive/Alternative.

Progressive isn’t grabbing me so much (I’m about half way through), whereas I think Alternative is shaping up to be a much more effective sequel show that does a better job at retaining original FLCL’s tone. Keep in mind these are pretty surface level impressions.

I think my major problem with Progressive is that it begins with the same statement that the original does: “Nothing interesting ever happens here.” Hidomi feels so much like an echo of Naota’s nihilism, perhaps without as much outward cynicism (character design is basically the same too, just make the sweater pink, which is a thing). Her whole character so far seems to exist in relation to Ide, who I have problems with (His friends also aren’t as interesting a group as Naota’s schoolmates, and kind of actively suck). The plot is messy and self serious, the comedy barely lands. The playful world around Naota from original FLCL just isn’t there in the same way.

Alternative, on the other hand, feels like it has the spirit of original FLCL, but it’s slightly different. Instead of the tag line of the series being “nothing interesting happens here”, it’s the equally naive and selfish sentiment “I don’t want my world to change.” Kana isn’t a direct echo of Naota. She’s different, she’s older, and because she’s older and nearing a very specific transition point she’s immature in different ways and it’s allowing her to interact with the themes of FLCL in a way that feels fresh, or at least more fresh than in Progressive. I also absolutely love the misfit ensamble cast. Kana’s friends are likable and it’s fun watching how Haruko moves through their lives. Even the animation and voice acting feels better across the board.

I’m going to finish both, and I’ll probably do a rewatch of the whole series in Novemeber when I 1: have more time and 2: the Japanese language versions come out. I hope Progressive picks up and Alternative continues to be as fun as it is.

Edits 1/2: spelling, completing some thoughts.

Edit 3: Music is still fire.


Just a reminder that if you likes yurucamp and also enjoy a short anime, the third season of encouragement of climb still rules.


Encouragement of Climb is definitely the closest parallel to Yurucamp I can think of. Maybe like… Amanchu, or something.