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I actually read up to about halfway through this arc in the light novels, and it’s some A-tier “I have most certainly heard of england” shit. Like, Kazuma Komachi streight up invents an entirely new royal family because why the fuck not, and the major McGuffin of the arc is called Robin Hood.


Finished Hanebado! Did not like it. Hanesaki was such an asshole and no one really called her out on it. They even cheered for her!? All other characters were also assholes at first and then changed somehow for the better, but she never did. I found it very frustrating.


How has nobody in this thread mentioned the best anime of the year, Revue Starlight? Y’all need to get on that. I wrote a whole thing about how much I loved its thematic relation to the theatre.

Go watch Revue Starlight.


Okay now where’s Lustrous 2.


FLCL Alternative just wrapped up and I have to say, you should probably watch it.

That wasn’t just better than Progressive (which is a super low bar), it might actually be even better than the original FLCL. Like, the writing was so insanely on point, and that ending. WOW.



Zombie Land Saga is anime of the year and it’s only on episode 2.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a rap battle between two zombie idols:


I’m so happy with Alternative after being supremely bummed by Progressive. Like it’s such an incredible thematic continuation of the original and is just… so much more meaningful when it’s not bogged down in trying to progress the actual overarching plot of the original like Progressive was.

Also hot damn the ending is so fucking good.


SSSS.Gridman is amazing, but not for the reasons I expected. It’s so weird having a Trigger show where the action choreo has to catch up with the writing and direction instead of the other way around


I completely agree. The show is incredibly well written, performed and directed. I almost hope the action stays its course and doesn’t overpower whats happening around it for the sake of the spectacle Trigger is famous for.


Also nice to be able to overwrite Darling in the FranXX in my memory whenever someone talks about Trigger’s 2017 mech anime


Absolutely. FranXX was such a bad, aggressively heteronormative, shitshow

Side note: I wonder, after Space Patrol Luluco and that one episode of Little Witch Academia, if it’s possible for Trigger to not reference their old Gainax stuff at least in some limited fashion in every single show they put out:


I mean


Yeah I literally burst out laughing at that line. That episode also has some shots during the fight that are pulled straight out of Eva.

Edit: Speaking of old Gainax stuff: Noriko would be proud of this one.


I don’t watch Grindman (yet), since I wanna see how it turns before I get invested but I appreciate that the director put characters from his web yuri novella as a side characters in an anime he’s directing (though, looking at the timeline, it likely was written when the work on Grindman was already progressing so, yuri novella was a part of ARG all along? Or something).

Here’s source:


All I know about Gridman is that it’s apparantly a Transformers AU Fanfic:

It’s definitely the strongest force pushing me to watch it right now Im not gonna lie.


Definitely take the dive, because there is so, so much more to love about it


I’m loving Gridman so far, I’m surprised by that it’s much more subdued than Trigger’s usual work. There are still moments where their style pops up, but overall it’s much more quiet and focused on characters. The way it’s directed at times is incredible. Like in the first episode where in a conversation all the parts inbetween sentences are just cut out. Or in today’s episode where it lingers for a few seconds during that bus scene.

The only part where their style doesn’t really feel restrained is, as already pointed out, their love to reference Gainax. Especially Evangelion in this case. All the Transformers references flew over my head though.


Jumped in on Gridman.

Yall were right, it’s real good. Naturally, knowing about all the Transformers stuff has fucked me up and I can only remember characters based on their Transformers names. There’s plenty of stuff been set of for Trigger to do what Trigger loves best and take a hard turn into tragedy and sadness. I’m glad Anti didn’t get iced streight away, because I’m pretty sure he’s based on Metal Sonic, which is an absolutely laster-targeted way to make me instantly like a character.


a Japanese magazine’s just announced that Dorohedoro’s getting an anime adaptation.




Big fan of everything else I’ve seen from Trigger, but Gridman isn’t doing anything for me. Every episode is exactly the same, the battles doesn’t seem to mean anything. Not funny enough to make it worth it either.