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I have mixed feelings about Gridman. I think the character designs are incredible and they drew me into the show immediately. I also really like the idea of a dark deconstruction of Tokusatsu that the first couple of episodes promised.

But everything since episode 2 has felt like incredibly trite, bog standard tokusatsu. Aside from Akane’s role in the creation of each kaiju.


[Slime spoilers]


i just started watching goblin slayer.

only six episodes are out, and i’m torn on the series so far. it seems like everyone is just a caricature. it seems like the brutality is weirdly juxtaposed by how shallow everything else is. i keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and that there will be more depth to the world or characters to justify how violent the action scenes are.

but so far, i’be been pretty disappointed. seeing the other adventurers doing stuff in the periphery has been fun. especially when everyone gathered round to celebrate the swordsman getting his sword back.

cribbing everything from MMO/RPG tropes has also been kind of a fun twist. but otherwise i have kind of mixed feelings about it.

has anyone on here read the manga? should i be expecting anything more than shallow violence, or am i wasting my time?


Usually I only watch two or three currently-airing shows per season but this time there’s just so much stuff this season that I’m keeping up with ten shows this time around.

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san is a short comedy show about a skeleton who works in a bookstore. It’s silly and fun and I think that the main character is highly relatable because deep down inside we’re all anxious skeletons.

Another good comedy show is Zombieland Saga. It’s a show about girls who are brought back to life as zombies and are now being turned in to idols to promote tourism to Saga Prefecture. It manages to actually be a piece of zombie media in 2018 that doesn’t make me immediately fall asleep! The musical performances have been fun and good so far, particularly the rap one from episode 2. I do wish it would be a bit more critical of idols shows and the idol industry in general. It is pretty much a parody of all that stuff but I feel like they could be leaning into that a bit more than they are.

Not quite a comedy show, but Double Decker is extremely silly. It’s a fun detective show with some great character. One thing that I really want to point out is that it has actual canonical queer representation in it and although I don’t think they really get it right 100% (so far at least) I feel like that’s at least worth pointing out since it’s just so rare in anime (outside of yuri or yaoi, obviously).

Spelunking of yuri, Bloom Into You is really fantastic. The art and music are gorgeous and the story is beautiful. I strongly, strongly recommend this to anyone that is even a little bit interested in it.

Tsurune has been a really fascinating show. I’m mostly interested in watching it because I think archery is cool so learning about all the tradition and ceremony involved in kyudo has been really fun. Even though it’s only four episodes in, I’ve become more attached to the characters than I was originally expecting and am enjoying the show a lot more because of it.

The Girl in Twilight has been a really big surprise for me this season. I went in to it expecting a show about a niche club that has some sort of paranormal investigation aspect to it but it ends up that it’s almost completely not that! It turned out to be a pretty weird and wild sci-fi action show and it’s been some good fun.

Run with the Wind has been a fun show. I really enjoy running so it’s nice to finally get a sports anime that is pretty directly relatable. I think it had a bit of a rocky start but it’s found its footing and is making some great strides as it treks on.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been watching SSSS.Gridman. I really like the action and the show overall looks amazing but the characters aren’t really doing it for me. It just feels like the really wild kaiju show got bolted on to a standard high school drama show. I guess you could say the plain-ness of the various high schoolers is intentional in order to make a bigger gulf between the normalcy of school and the extreme not-normalcy of the kaiju battles but it ends up with me just not feeling invested in those characters almost at all.

Release the Spyce is show that I’m probably least enthusiastic about. It’s not that it’s outright bad or anything, it just feels extremely average. It’s a fun premise but it’s just chock full of anime tropes and very common stereotypes.

I keep forgetting that Golden Kamuy is technically a this-season show since it’s the second season of it that’s airing. I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s got some really wild and creative characters and a very intriguing plot. Also it’s the best cooking anime I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know if there’s a different/better thread to post about not-currently-airing shows but I just wanted to say I watched all of Revue Starlight last week and absolutely loved it. One of the best shows this year and maybe one of my favorites ever.


The only good overly violent light novel adaptation remains Overlord, and even that is only great half the time. It’s like if you mashed together a generic author self-wank fanfic with a pitch black comedy where a giant skeleton man hugs a serial killer till her organs explode.

Goblin Slayer is just bad and only manages to get any attention through shock value.



If like me you’ve been watching stuff on Crunchyroll sans premium you’ve likely been bombarded by ads for Hinamatsuri. It’s definitely got the strangest and most interesting set of ads compared to everything else being advertised. I’m extremely glad I caved and gave it a watch. The ads really don’t do it justice, I don’t know what they were trying to get me to expect but it still managed to blow those expectations to shit very quickly. The writing is sharp, it moves at a lightning-quick pace and it’s a lovely thing to watch, with some fantastic editing.

The first episode is very self contained, it’s well worth watching just that if you want to get a feel for the series as a whole, but even then it doesn’t quite go in the direction I expected.


Between the dance and the intro of Six Bullets it was a pretty great episode.


Ya, Hinamatsuri is very good, noone sleep on that one.

I’m glad I started watching the Slime show, which is very good, and I’m sad now I have to wait a week for each one.


I think Mista might be the first JoJo character I’ve liked this much since Caesar. He’s a good boy™


I’ve not kept up with anime much but I remember reading the slime thing back in the day, and I have enjoyed the adaption so far.

I encountered a youtube video that covered some reasons why I enjoy it- warnings there are spoilers for a specific episode but they’re clearly warned in-video too.


I can’t beleive all 12 episodes of Hinamatsuri were building up to this line:



(Gridman Ep 8)


I haven’t watched it yet but HOLY SHIT thats a good line. Rikka’s friends are such great side characters.


Cool Zombie Land bit of info: Turns out of the the members of the idol squad, Lily, is canonically trans and had an entire episode about this (rocky execution but with actual sympathy).

The bad news is that this has driven all the alt-right shithead anime “”"“fans”""" bananas and now they’re desperately trying to find a way to make her canonical gender identity not exist while also fetishizing her to no end.


Saw this happening last year a little with Land of the Lustrous too. Constant intentional misgendering of Phos and the other characters, refusal to use they/them pronouns in any case. I have to imagine all those characters were also heavily fetishized as well.

Anime Nazi Punks fuck off. honestly.


I am crying/laughing at one person who attempted to pretend they are ‘an actually Japanese person and that CR is inserting their LGBT propaganda in subs’, but a) made it so painfully obvious they don’t speak Japanese even at very basic level and b) just month ago said that they are a weeb who would love to go to Japan. I am frustrated that even with this people will still choose to believe some alt-righter with no evidence just because it fits their worldview.


You talking about that person who pretends to be a Japanese housewife who uses an EVA-01 avatar, because they’re kind of infamous for being terrible.


No, it’s not about mombot this time, it’s another person.


I think they’re talking about the person on twitter who claimed that their incriminating tweets were made by the “friend” that they “borrowed their account from”. Truly the ‘dog ate my homework’ of the modern era.

Anyway, proper shout outs to Zombie Land Saga for having the 3rd coming out scene of the season, executing it pretty well and foreshadowing it well in advance. Lily is visibly distraught when the girls learn they’re doing a gig at a hot spring and she constantly corrects people when they don’t refer to her by her name throughout the series. I also appreciate, and this isn’t directly related to the new episode, how the girls’ ‘zombie mode’ designs tie into their backstories with regard to how they died. It’s definitely one of the better shows this season.

Stan Franchouchou.