The current anime thing



Lily, the trans girl, is 12 years old.

So, that makes all of this even worse.


Here’s an interesting thing about that episode of Zombie Land Saga that I’m not sure is intentional or not, but my husband noticed it. In the scene that prompts the reveal flashback, Sakura’s shorts are uh… sort of the trans pride flag? (It seems like the colors arent in the right order, but IDK)

If this is intentional it’s hard to think that the intent of the creators was bad w/r/t this character, even if the execution wasn’t great. Hopefully that makes the folks who are already mad about it even more mad, tbh. Can’t blame including that on crunchyroll.


It makes me really happy that, even as these gross nerds spring up to misgender Lily, they’re being drowned out by supportive voices. The fact that the official English twitter for ZLS is being respectful really says something:




Please let this mean that we’re closer to a decent Eva Bluray collection that won’t bankrupt me.


Would like to rewatch Eva but it’s probably only US release.

Can I just say (again?) how much I like the slime show!? It makes me really happy. It has that same feeling as One Punch Man (so far) where the hero is so overpowered and nice that everything is neat and relaxed.


Live action Cowboy Bebop?..
I haven’t seen anything about casting yet, but I’d put 5 us dollars on Edward being cast as a boy.


Also, this “Cowboy Bebop proved to be a major commercial and critical success despite the fact the entire television series consists of just 26 episodes” is such a hilariously american way of thinking.


I got caught up on the second season of Golden Kamuy and gosh that show is really great. Fun characters and a fantastic story. It’s maybe the only time I’ve enjoyed a cooking anime? Also learning about all the historical stuff in it has been really fascinating. Although I think it’ll probably end up being a while before we get a season 3 since I think it’ll be nearly caught up to the manga by the time this season ends.

Also, I’m really happy to see the good trans rep in Zombieland Saga. That show has been such a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t really expecting much from it but it’s been so much fun.

Oh and the new volume of Land of the Lustrous came out and I love that manga a whole lot. The show is really great too. I just love that thing a whole bunch, I love all the good gems.


Have y’all heard of an anime called My Hero Academia?

Just kidding, but seriously it’s so good. I’m not huge into anime. I loved Cowboy Bebop, and my wife and I got really into Death Note. But I just finished Season 2 of My Hero Academia, and it’s probably one of my favorite TV shows of all time, right up there with Park and Rec. It’s paced super well, has fun characters, and is just stylish all the time? I can’t explain why I like it so much, mostly because I haven’t developed the language to talk about anime. I’m considering watching season 3 subbed, because I don’t want to wait for the dub on hulu.


Glad you’re enjoying it! HeroAca seems to really tread the fine line between being anime as heck while also having an appeal to major Western audiences, and especially with superheroes so in vogue. Cowboy Bebop and a few others also hit that sweet spot (Bebop is infamous for the Japanese market kind of instantly forgetting about it, and I know one Japanese guy who has since re-discovered it specifically because it’s popular in the USA!)


I mean, probably not? The most obvious reason for it being out of print for so long is that no one wants to cough up whatever ridiculous amounts of money are being asked for the physical rights. Netflix has Netflix money, but they don’t care about anything other than streaming.


Gridman today was incredible. They really leaned fully into the show’s more human moments, and this episode had some of the most powerful and evocative shots/moments of the series so far:


Several months went by between me watching the first and second episode of Golden Kamuy, and again I’ve been a fool. I love it. Every episode ends on a good hook, sometimes in the middle of the action. Love all the food, good humour, many characters. Good!


Slime anime is isekai trash, but it’s been wholesome trash so far. “I’m going to use my overpowered videogame abilities to help create a settlement for friendly monsters” is a lot more appealing than “I’m going to use my overpowered videogame abilities to act out my misanthropic teenager fantasies and manipulate women”.

Run With the Wind has been the actual top anime of the season, though. A simple concept done exquisitely well.


Run With The Wind has been really great! I think it had kind of a weird start but once it got going it’s been doing some really great work with all those characters. It helps that this is the first sports anime that I feel a better connection to since I actually run on a regular basis and even used to run competitively when I was in school but even without that it’s still been a great show.


A Certain Magical Index 3 continues to be precicely my bullshit, quadrupling down on long explenations of christian artefacts and concepts as magic, and indecipherable super spy chatter about orginisations called S.C.H.O.O.L and people called stuff like Management.

Also, here’s The Pope on his phone, checking up on The Discourse


Enjoying Zombieland Saga, the most recent episode with the biker gangs made me happy.

Somewhat related, but it’s the WORST when you’re watching crunchyroll with commercials and the commercial just refuses to load… i’m just like, Well, I guess that’s all i’m going to see of THIS episode


I pay for Crunchyroll so no commercials, but their streaming sucks so bad sometimes. Often I get periods of five second frozen screens with like one second of motion in between, and it can go on for minutes. I have 250mbit down, please Crunchyroll, I beg you.


yeah, i also subscribe to crunchyroll and while i feel like their video player has improved somewhat lately but when it decides to be finicky there sure isn’t anything you can do about it!!

on topic: i was watching double decker but it unfortunately ended up disappointing me in a lot of ways, so i’ve given up on it for now. maybe i’ll finish it when all the episodes are out, i don’t know. but since the current anime i had chosen to watch didn’t end up being worth it, i have decided to go all the way back to the 90’s and watch the vision of escaflowne. i’ve got 3 episodes left and i gotta say i’m really enjoying this wild rollercoaster of a show