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Double Decker sure has been a ride… but not quite as good a ride as I was hoping. It started off pretty strong and has had some good bits to it throughout but the newest episode was just such a bummer. They’re suddenly trying to cram a whole lot of main plot into not many episodes and it isn’t really working. On top of that, the places it’s going are incredibly ridiculous (but the bad kind of ridiculous where it’s just nonsense). Also they killed off one of my two favorite characters and made a point to say how they definitely won’t be able to bring her back at all. If she stays dead then that sucks but if she comes back then they’re contradicting themselves and that also sucks, but for different reasons. Ugh.


yeah, the stuff you mentioned in spoilers (i haven’t seen that episode but i saw people talking on twitter lol), plus the extremely clumsy way it treated its trans characters, was enough to turn me off watching more. the wild pace of the show and the way it kept humorously undercutting itself was fun at first but when it came to handling more delicate, serious stuff, and also making the overarching plot have any impact, it didn’t seem like it was up to the task. i can’t imagine how they would turn things around at this point, which is a shame because i really enjoyed most of the first half of the show. frustrating!


Mob Psycho 100 season 2 is looking incredible.


Goodbye, Gridman.

Incredible conclusion to an incredible series.


Well, I’ve been watching some less than great shows lately as well as some good ones, BUT there is one I’ll warn ya’ll about if you don’t know about it and its artist.


Dr.Stone’s artist, Boichi, created a manga of his own, called “Sun-Ken Rock” I do not recommend you go look it up.

I could go into the details, but it would require a HUGE content warning and I don’t want to think about it to be honest.

Don’t support this, don’t watch it.


Oh man, Sun-Ken Rock. That manga is incredible art and is so close to being good (the chapter where they kick out the MMO farmers is genuinely great), but the guy falls back into some NASTY story telling devices. (aka TW for sexual assault). I eventually dropped off the first time that popped up, it left a nasty taste in my mouth. It wasn’t Trash bad, but few things are as bad as the manga Trash.

Still, Boichi is just the artist for Dr. Stone, and this was a manga that ran in modrn Weekly Shonen Jump, so I doubt anything in this series will be that bad. I mean, the writer is most known for Eyeshield 21.


The art still is gross and does panty shots of underage characters in the same style as boichi draws all the women in his series. Seriously, avoid this, its gross.

While its not as openly vile you can still tell the creator hasn’t changed, and its best to not support something created by someone like that.

Its also why you shouldn’t watch recovery of an mmo junky considering the director of it is a nazi.


I might delete this post later. I really don’t like it and I haven’t slept yet. Well got around to Double Decker and it tried to go back to just being a silly buddy cop show, but I don’t know if I really liked it. Krill also did that thing a character does when they know something to move the plot forward without really feeling like he earned it if that makes sense. Like he even says, “yea after I wrote that paper for a scholarship, I forgot it all” and sure whatever. I guess I just wasn’t really that into it. Also I have no idea what is going on with Krill’s sibling. Like I don’t have the life experience to understand really what the writer is going for or if it’s landing.

Also don’t watch attack on titan, it’s got some antisemitism type shit in the periphery and from reading ahead on a wiki it goes to the place of what if the people in the walled city deserve all the hardship because of what they’re genetically capable of and what they’re ancestors did in the past. It also gets stupid. Like what if this genetically better people can become intelligent titans… and have a superpower that built the walls… and then also had superpowers to make an entire nation’s worth of people forget life before said walls were built. and all of this took place within the span of a hundred and fiftyish years and was done by like one person.


Yeah, I’m with you on Double Decker. At the start of the season that show seemed really good but over time it just hasn’t been keeping up the quality. Pretty much everything they’ve done in relation to the main plot has been pretty bad: a lot of it is rushed and it all feels like a bad sort of ridiculous nonsense. I really wish the show had just stuck to being an episodic silly buddy cop show like it had been at the start. And yeah, everything with Kirill’s sibling is just… confusing. I think what they’re going for is kind of an extension of the running bit of people thinking Kirill is a girl (which isn’t a good or funny bit in the first place) but if that is what they’re going for then they’re doing a pretty bad job of it. Despite how bad that is, I’d prefer that over the other option I can think of because if Kirill’s sibling is supposed to be trans then they’re doing a pretty abysmal job at it (different characters using different pronouns & names for them). It probably doesn’t help that they’ve had like maybe five minutes of screentime total. The final episode airs today and I’m not expecting it to salvage the show or anything but I’m hoping that it’ll maybe at least have an okay ending?

Also yeah, Attack on Titan is bad in a whole bunch of ways, people should avoid reading/watching it imo.

I want to end this post on something a bit more positive so I’ll just say that ever since I watched Revue Starlight a few weeks ago I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m probably going to rewatch it soon because it’s almost certainly one of my favorite animes ever. Also the soundtrack is really great and I’ve been listening to that a lot lately.


I just very very recently got netflix in our household, so i’ve been watching Aggretsko because it has been highly recommended. I like it for the most part? Its made me laugh pretty hard at places, and as someone fed up with work culture (wow i’m so special), i totally get a lot of what the show is laying down.

Minorish spoilers
The only two criticisms i have with the show is its handling of Toan, which seems like its going for “Well he is a sexist piece of shit, but hey, better the devil you know amirite?” Which doesn’t sit the best with me. I mean i get that the message may end up being “guess what you are probably gonna have to work with a terrible person or two in your lifetime, you gotta just deal sometimes”. But when hes just such, for lack of a better term, a cartoon version of a sexist, i dunno, its just so hard to deal. Also its kinda been revealed that the Hyena dude has a crush on retsko, and uhhh, i don’t think they have any romantic chemestry on either end? But i’m willing to accept that it will come later i assume.


Aggretsuko is really good… but also comes off as racist in the dub to me?


er i dunno, i’ve been watching the sub, so i can’t really say.


My understanding is that theres some problems in the Aggretsuko dub regarding Gori’s (the Gorilla character) VO falling into some stereotypes that would be problematic to begin with but paired with her representation as a gorilla are… not great. I can’t elaborate since I never got around to Aggretsuko myself, but I saw that kicking around twitter when it first came out.

Not at all related: Yo that last episode of SSSS Gridman fucking brings it, huh.


I had felt pretty mixed about Gridman throughout most of the season but that final episode was actually really good. I’m a big fan of the bit when Gridman changes into an old-style Gridman and the original Gridman theme starts playing. I’ve never seen the original show but that’s such a cool throwback. Also the weird little live action thing at the very end was strange but I liked it.

Also just an update to my last post: The final episode of Double Decker didn’t save the show and in fact seemed like a pretty bad episode! But it just got announced this morning that there’s going to be a 3-episode special so maybe that will save the show? I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up.


Everyone is hyping up these last few Gridman Episodes. I’m gonna actually have to finish it aren’t i? Ahhhh that show frustrates me in many ways.


I don’t watch as much anime as I used to. I’m terrible at keeping up with what is good and cool. That said, I’ve been watching the English dub of Baki on Netflix and that sure is a thing. Violent as all heck martial arts show that is completely over the top. Sure there are stereotypes all over the place which is can be off putting but also everyone is 9 feet tall and full of muscles. I ran through the first 13 episodes in about a day. Not sure why Netflix is breaking it up into seasons when they mid point is absolutely not a natural break in the season.


I totally think Gridman is worth finishing for Rikka and Akane’s relationship alone. I love my awkward queer teens.

Its also just a great loveletter to both tokusatsu and the anime directly inspired by it, which Ill admit is just extremely my shit and if that doesnt vibe with someone I get it, but I do think the character moments are worth it regardless.


Currently watching Antarctica anime.


I had no idea the new season had already started, until I saw “Boogiepop and Others” trending on Crunchyroll. Then I wondered if I’d somehow fallen into a time warp.

If you’ve seen Boogiepop Phantom and are psyched for more of that … that is definitely not what we’re getting. It’s an adaptation of the very first LN, and while it streamlines some of its pacing issues, the first episode is still a dude standing around on a rooftop with Boogiepop while absolutely nothing happens. The first 2 episodes are dry as dirt, and it feels like a combination of weak source material and adaptation that’s holding it back.


I don’t know what Boogiepop is, but a number of people seems to be excited about it. The first two episodes are indeed not super great. Very confusing, which isn’t maybe bad if something happens later. But also maybe not the best way to introduce new viewers to something.