The current anime thing


Hunter x Hunter is fantastic. I do feel like the setup was slightly better in the 1999 anime instead of the 2011 reboot. I liked how we got to see Gon being Gon. It sets up that he’s into nature and what not. In the 2011 version, it just kinda hand waves that on the boat with yea he can smell the weather changing or he can track these almost twin creatures individually. There’s a film coming but don’t expect any new anime. From what I understand, the manga goes on hiatus a lot as well.


An addendum to horror recommendations, this season’s adaptation of The Promised Neverland looks to be a damn good thriller. The main “reveal” scene has a fantastically unsettling pace and tension to it.

I’d like to recommend the anime for Made in Abyss from a couple years ago for its incredibly chilling horror sequences, but it’s also got some real creepy-ass, borderline fetishistic obsession with harming its main character. It’s unpleasant for the wrong reasons.

On a lighter note, the second season of Mob Psycho is so, so good.


Dororo has had kind of a stealth release on amazon prime, at least i wouldn’t have known about unless I hadn’t come across it randomly.
First two episodes look very nice, haven’t read the source material so can’t speak to that.
It’s the story of a wandering warrior who’s father sold most of his body parts to demons as a child. He is regaining his parts by slaying the demons…yes sounds very vidoegamey, nope never played the ps2 game based on this story (Dororo in Japan, Blood Will Tell was the english version)


I’m really excited about The Promised Neverland, too. The music is excellent, and its direction does a great job of foreshadowing without actively spoiling itself. They make this intentional, selective use of 3D backgrounds at the very end of the episode to fluidly animate these long-shots, and it works so well to shift the mood after the style of the first ~15 minutes. I loved the rapid-fire cuts in the middle of conversations, too. It’s a bit like sitting in the room with someone that knows the source material and is trying to guide me towards the shows’ bigger ideas just-under the surface.

I haven’t read the manga – so this concern might be off base – but I’m crossing my fingers that the horror foundations and imagery don’t merely exist for shock value. The big twist in the pilot was executed really well, and I’d love for them to build on the impact of that scene, rather than needlessly repeat its gruesome, child-targeted horror for a cheap rush. There’s been a lot of praise for the manga proper, including a big recommendation from Anime Feminist (which I haven’t read for fear of spoilers), so I’m optimistic!


You’ve got nothing to worry about there. One of the story’s best strengths in the long run is that it’s a premise that could easily make for a misery-porn setting filled with cheap shock moments, but instead maintains a constant focus on tight pacing and great world-building.


…eh, I’d still be careful, because we were all saying that about Tokyo Ghoul and MAN did that manga take a nosedive in quality. It’s gone on so long that misery-porn is all it really has left in the tank.


I absolutely loved the first series all the way up to the ending, which i thought was an actual great cliffhanger. i waited a bit on RE so i could read a substantial amount of it, and i read the first 25ish chapters of it and it just felt, off to me, so i ended up dropping it. Was it really that bad? Thats a shame, considereing how good i thought the first series is.


With Lu over the Wall and The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl doing the state-side theater thing, it seems that Masaaki Yuasa will continue to gain some household recognition. I just wanted to say that for anyone who hasn’t seen Kaiba, It’s the most slept on anime series. It is in the same category as Legend of Zelda and Adventure Time, wherein dark stories are told with adorable aesthetics.


As to what’s been said here about the Promised Neverland, I really doubt it will nosedive. I think TG and this are different things and you could tell from rumblings in TG.

More than that, TPN has a set ending and it seems like it will end sometime this year or early next, so there’s not much runway for it to get really self-indulgently gruesome. I’d say it’s 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through and has never returned to the specific sort of shock and imagery that is so effective in episode 1.


Kaiba is a masterpiece. I don’t see it mentioned as often as it should, despite Yuasa being so loved.


mango, do you have any other anime recs that are similar to Kaiba? It’s got such a unique atmosphere. The only one that is coming to mind for me is Mononoke, but it’s more aesthetically serious than Kaiba.


I have none, I’m afraid. I’m not super familiar with much anime to begin with, but then Kaiba is also, like you say, so unique. Would love to know if there is anything similar out there though.


I think you’ll have a hard time finding anything that is such a fusion of story and aesthetic like Kaiba is.

  • Kino’s Journey (2000s one): This deals in parable-like stories and big themes like Kaiba does. Follows a person as they travel from town to town, sort of an anthology show of magical realism.

  • Ergo Proxy: Features a similar dank sci-fi world and concerns about bodies, though much more serious and grim-dark. Not a fan but I know some people love it.

  • Serial Experiments Lain: Less fantastical but deals in weighty themes of the self and also revolves around a major mystery/question.

  • Casshern Sins: Another sci-fi series set in the post-apocalypse about a world of robots devoid of humans. though not lush, the animation is eye catching, and the themes are devastating.


i’m sure everyone else has already said this but mob psycho fuckin rules and i didn’t expect them to come close to matching the quality of the first season’s OP but damn they did

also: does anyone know a goddamn thing about Mob Choir. i cannot find out who the vocalist is!


Kaiba is so good, cool to see other people appreciate it. Can’t think of any anime off the top of my head that have been similar. Unique art style, transhumanism with super dark undertones covered by a lighthearted veneer…


I watched the new Dororo on at an Anime Night thing and was wondering if there’s anywhere to watch it legally. Is it only on Amazon Prime? If so, that sucks. I enjoyed the one live action movie I saw years ago and the LP I watched of the PS2 game.


Unfortunately, no.


I’m an anime dilettante so the only new thing I’m watching is the Kaguya-sama adaptation. Loving it so far, though.


The ED of the newest Kaguya-sama is

utterly stunning


One of the shows I’m currently watching is Kill La Kill. I’m also listening to the corresponding episodes of the Anime Feminist podcast and y’all, I’m so conflicted about this show. There are parts I really enjoy (the Elite 4, Satsuki :heartpulse: and the soundtrack in particular) but there are moments in the show that make me want to throw things. Listening to the discussions on the Anime Fem. podcast is definitely therapeutic. I’m watching the dub because I’ve made this my “watch at the gym to get me through boring cardio” show and it would be impossible to read subs on my phone screen whilst running. The voice acting has been absolutely brilliant and it’s especially wonderful with Carrie Keranen as Satsuki.

I’ve only got another few episodes left so I’m looking for another gym show to start afterwards. I prefer action heavy stuff for the gym, so if anyone has any good recommendations for that type of show (that also has a decent dub), I’d super appreciate it! If I can’t find an anime in time, I might finally get around to watching Steven Universe because I keep hearing good stuff about it.