The current anime thing


Honestly think Dragon Ball would be a good gym show. Dub’s solid and it’s long enough that it could last you a while. Also has plenty of action, including three tournament arcs, and is genuinely really fun. Only problem with it is the way it treats Bulma early on can get really icky and Master Roshi and Oolong’s antics can go way too far sometimes. Definitely worth watching the first fourteen episodes just to see if it’s something you’re gonna be interested in continuing.

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Thanks for the reply! I actually finished Dragon Ball Z Kai quite recently (anime experts, Giant Bomb, got me into it!) and was thinking about either going back to the original Dragon Ball series or starting Dragon Ball Super. Would you recommend one over the other for someone that really enjoyed Kai?


Hmm, I don’t know if I can necessarily recommend one over the other because I like both a lot (I’m only a third of the way through Super so maybe it randomly goes to shit, I doubt it though). Super’s tonally closer to Dragon Ball than it is to Z so maybe go with Dragon Ball first and then go on to Super?

It’s really up to you and you can’t really go wrong with either of them tbh.

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Awesome, OG Dragon Ball it is! Thanks so much for the recommendation mate :blush:


No prob, hope you enjoy Dragon Ball!


I watched High Score Girl, and I enjoyed it! It’s basically a cute little love story, and also a highly accurate nostalgia fest for gamers old enough to have played in arcades in the 90s. I highly recommend it if you’re into that. The main character kinda sucks at first but idk I found him kind of endearing by the end.

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I watched an episode of Domestic Girlfriend, because I was curious how weird it could get, and uh…


I recommend High Score Girl too… really funny and cute :grin: got to know Street Fighter from the show!


My partner and I discovered a new show called “My Roommate is a Cat”. We watched the first episode at an anime night thing and it was fine, but she really enjoyed it. So much so she looked it up to watch what’s been released.

It’s cute. I mean, her reaction. She’s always been a very casual anime watcher. She would watch Gibli films, maybe a series if we were watching it together, but doesn’t really seem it out. (She did watch most of Space Dandy on her own after being introduced to it though.)

But it’s just so cute how she fawns over the main character. “He’s an introvert author who is socially awkward! And look at this good kitty!” Uhhh. She has a type.
The show, itself, is fine. It’s got a cute cat and some decent moments. Very trope-y and slow. It’s just surprising how into a cheesy slice of life anime she is. But there’s a cute anime boy for everyone.


Thank you, Comrade Chika


When Chika’s planning a proletarian revolution and you know they’re coming straight for that generational wealth


Since the season is just about at the halfway point, I thought I’d drop in a few thoughts about the couple of shows I’ve been watching.

The Magnificent Kotobuki has been a really fun thing. It’s reminded me a lot of Girls & Panzer in that the show seems like a cute girl-shaped Trojan horse that let’s the creators actually make an anime about cool old war stuff, which makes sense since Tsutomu Mizushima directed both Kotobuki and Girls & Panzer. The way the show mixes 2D and 3DCG visuals can be a little jarring and not great at times but I think this show is fun enough to be worth checking out.

The Promised Neverland has been a really wild ride so far. The twists and reveals have been great so far and it does a great job of keeping up the suspense between episodes without feeling exhausting. There’s something that I think is going to happen soon but it may just be setting up another red herring since it already pulled that once. I think this is a show that is going to benefit from rewatching it once it’s all out just to see how it foreshadows and sets up a lot of this stuff from the start.

I feel very mixed about Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. On one hand, it’s totally one of those grimdark magical girl shows (big content warnings for this show for gore, violence, and torture) but on the other hand it’s actually taking time to slow down and have the characters talk about and deal with trauma and PTSD. I don’t know that the show is doing a great job of that but I like that they’re even attempting to since so many grimdark magical girl shows just wouldn’t even bother and would instead just relish in the violence. I’ve been picking up the manga as it gets released in English and I think that does a better job of showing the characters coping. One thing that’s fun about it is how nonsensical some of it can be without context: illegal magical girls, Russian mafia wizards, a French magical girl with a magical Ducati motorcycle.

I don’t have too much to say about Dororo other than it’s quite good. The most recent episode (or two episodes, since it was a two-parter) felt very predictable but then it still made me really sad so I think that really speaks to just how effective it can be at conveying itself.

And I think it’s anime-adjacent enough to mention here, but gen:LOCK is pretty good. I’m still not totally convinced it’ll go for any of the bigger/major themes that Austin talked about on a Waypoints a week or two ago but it seems like it’ll be a fun ride nonetheless. And the latest episode confirmed that one of the main characters is genderfluid and y’know it’s just nice to have some actual canonical representation in a relatively big show like this.


Do you remember which episode it was? I have a bunch of Waypoint episodes backlogged. There are so many podcasts and it only takes me so long to drive to work. I was wondering about gen:lock since it was pasted at the top of my Vrv feed, so I appreciate your thoughts on it.

Unrelated: I guess I’m watching Gundam 08th MS Team since it’s about to disappear from Hulu. So my question is: dub or sub?


Think I did the dub when I watched it years ago and I remember it being okay. Maybe try dub first and then switch to subs if you find the dub to be bad or off-putting?

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It was Waypoints 17: Fyre Walk With Me, about 1h12m in.

I just started watching 08th MS Team and I’m watching the sub which is fine, although I haven’t tried the dub so maybe that’s also fine.

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I’m 3 episodes in to 08th MS Team, and it’s really not doing anything for me. Is there a point where it gets interesting, or is this pretty much it? I really loved Macross Frontier and COUNTER/Weight and Evangelion (the parts I understood anyway), so maybe it’s a Gundam thing?


08th MS Team’s plot isnt fantastic, but its a pretty great distilation of Gundam’s visual depiction of warfare. The gritty, Vietnam War-esque setting helps with that. Its much more explicitly mech-as-tank. Kinda stays the way it is all the way through.

But with your background in mecha I think you would probably be more suited to Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket, which is designed to be critical of Gundam and the mech war machine fetishism it helped bring about and focuses a helluva a lot more on its characters. Its the human side of Gundam distilled the same way 08th MS Team distils the real robot warfare.

I might also suggest Gunbuster/Diebuster and Eureka 7 as shows you may want to consider. I cant explain why, but Counter/WEIGHT has always read to me as extremely in line, at least aesthetically, with Eureka 7


Thanks! I’ll check 'em out.

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Double the Eureka 7 mech, and I’ll even suggest the sequel series AO (though I am heavily in the minority there).

Also, if you want something different, check out G Gundam and Rapxaphon. The first one is just Gundam in brand, and it’s really a big dumb hyper shonen action series where all the fighters get into rubber suits and do actual martial arts to control their giant robots. It goes to some WILD places. The second one is a sort of EVA like from the tail end of the trend and is really interesting in a completely different way. It’s basically what if the Christian imagery in EVA wasn’t just there to be cool but actually super important thematically.


Roommate Is a Cat is turning out to be the anime I’m looking forward to the most. Super chill. Like the transition between human and cat perspective.
Like one of the characters, love cats but don’t own one (allergies, it’s nit practical for me to have a pet right now) , hope I’m not as annoying to cats as that guy tho.