The current anime thing


Zodiac War is legit, like there’s a lot more going on than just a survival game, and the zodiac theme is deeper than just character designs. Really great action scenes too.




Something About Food Wars and Yukihara plans coming together is so satisfying to me
also Watching Dragon Ball Super and Ancient Magus Bride Im also Watching the Ballroom dance Anime


I’m currently watching these four shows of this new anime season(?)

Shoujou Shumatsu, I was a bit pulled away from watching cause of the moe blob faces but once I got over that hurdle, the show is really interesting due to the setting and the mystery of the world and these two characters. Why are they wearing what seems to be WW2 weaponry and army clothes, why are they journeying through snow, what happened to this world, yadda yadda. Definitely invested to find out more. Helps that the main characters are adorable but not to the annoying levels I cant handle.

Black Clover, I need my fix of Shounen after MHA S2 wrapped up and this will have to do. I’ve only watched episode one but I’m already interested in the world’s concept of books and magic. Plus the MC being uniquely hot headed by screaming his goddamn lungs off makes it a bit stand out.

Osomatsu-san S2, I enjoyed and binged the whole first season and safe to say, S2 has been just as great so far.

Net-juu no Susume , the MC being a jobless gal at the age of 30 who NEETs her life into an adorable MMO adventure, quite enough to make keep watching to the end. Plus the hilarity of a gender bender romance makes it more interesting. Also the MC is also relatable as heck.


Woah, this is the first I’ve heard of a new Kino’s Journey. Had to drop what I was doing to go check out a trailer. Are they actually just doing a retelling of the original series the whole way through?


I think its a mixture of new stories not yet adapted from the light novels and old ones. The first episode was entirely new.


My Hero Academia is also something I’d recommend. Its 2nd season recently ended so now’s a pretty good time to get into it.

I’ve seen Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond recommended a bit so I decided to check out the first season and I enjoy it. It’s got a nice aesthetic and the dub’s really good, and I really like the characters.

Heart a lot of good things about Ancient Magus Bride so I’ll be sure to watch that afterwards as well.


I tend to be really bad with keeping up with current anime and stuff but this season for me has had so many great shows that I’ve actually been keeping up for the first time in a while.

Kino No Tabi (2017): Pretty damn great so far. Though there were parts of episode 2 I thought could’ve been done better, it absolutely nails what I loved about the original show so much and reminded me yet again that I really need to read the LN’s. The slight tension in each episode really really works for me. Just the way it carries an interesting theme or idea through neat little traveling stories just fascinates me so much. Very relaxing as well honestly.

Blend S: I’m a big fan of the show Working!! and in my opinion this is almost like watching another season of that. Really funny and cute and definitely a standout comedy for me.

Inuyashiki: While the animation for this one isn’t the greatest ever, I think they captured the style of the manga pretty well. Episode 1 got me tearing up and cheering for the MC. And episode 2 is absolutely tense and horrifying at a certain point and I absolutely adored it. Hope it keeps up its mojo for the whole run.

Children of the Whales: This show is just so interesting. The world built up is really unique and cool. The characters and the mythos is really interesting. And it knows how to pull it’s gutpunches off so far. The art style is also really soft and nice on the eyes. Definitely really wanna stick with it.

The Ancient Magus Bride: This is straight up one of my favorite anime’s of this season so far. Everything about this show makes me feel so happy, calm, and safe in a really strange way. The world and characters are extremely loveable and interesting. And even when terrible things happen or are described, it knows how to balance itself and make ya feel perfectly warm inside. It’s just super relaxing. Definitely a standout and I’m glad that it exists. And Studio Wit’s animation and art is absolutely perfect.

Net-juu no Susume: I honestly thought this show was going to be terrible or mediocre and so far it’s one of my favorite romance shows in a while. It’s pretty relatable and I’ve kinda been waiting for a show about an MMO/Online relationship kinda thing as I think that topic is really interesting. Plus with it being from the perspective of a 30 year old NEET corporate dropout woman makes it pretty interesting and fun.

Girl’s Last Tour: I live for melancholy traveling/exploring type anime and this show just ticks a lot of boxes for me. I absolutely love the characters, and the slow worldbuilding just scratches a nice itch for me. Like Kino some scenes can have this light tension to them that makes ya worry for the girls and it just has me hooked. Very hopeful that it stays as good as it has been. And the art and animation is pretty fantastic so far.


Will I need to know anything about the previous Kino’s Journey series to watch this new one? Because I’ve technically seen it but I remember literally nothing about it other than that it involved a girl riding around on a motorcycle, and maybe that the motorcycle talks but I could be conflating some other early-mid 00s series I watched in high school.


Houseki no Kuni - Story about agender gems. It cuties has some interesting elements of people’s feelings and life and some nice CG animations.

Juuni Taisen - 12 people kinda base on the chinese zodiac go in to a battle royal. It pretty trashy but generally fun so far.

Kino no Tabi - Kino travels around the world to see how differently places work.

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season - It Love live so it what you expect, cute school girls doing idol stuff.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride - Girl recovering from her dark past and hanging out with her odd ball skull man.

Girls’ Last Tour - Cute girls doing cute things in a post-apocalyptic.


I’m only watching Shokugeki no soma, but it’s so damn good and makes me very happy. Been looking for more good things on Crunchyroll so this is a very good thread of tips.


What you described is Kino’s Journey. :slight_smile: My understanding is the new series is meant to stand on its own without prior knowledge needed.


Crunchyroll has a Contest if you watch the first episode of these anime and i tried them out

Black Clover couldnt make it 10 mins. I am officially over screaming main character trope.

Dies irae The concept for this one seems like it was written by an edge lord.

Food Wars! The Third Plate Loved it, its a “Combat” anime but with food, watch if you liked DBZ, Yakitate Japan, or Initial D.

JUNI TAISEN: ZODIAC WAR Super flat characters in the first episode. just seems like a combat pr0n show.

Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series First episode was interesting, magical realism

The Ancient Magus’ Bride BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON! FITE ME!

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Cute, seems like it will be a NEET slice of life show plus romance?

URAHARA Seriously I couldnt follow what was going on, im old. Art style is nice.

Shows i havent tried but im interested in

Inuyashiki Old man suddent gets a new body i think?

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau I love this art style and the fantasy setting

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Cute meets post apocalypse

Houseki no Kuni Steven Universe anime? maybe

Konohana Kitan Cute fox girls run a hot spring


you are WEAK


Awesome, I’ll have to check that out then. Thanks!


I’ve only watched the first episodes of these yesterday, but this season seems to have some pretty ok stuff.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Seems like a good one? Creepy and strangely calming. People tell me the whole person buying thing gets addressed and I will trust them.

Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 Cliche as all hell, but an entertaining shounen thing. I grew up on these kinds of shows, so I almost feel obligated to watch.

Inuyashiki I’ve only just realized how much I didn’t like this one…huh. An old dude gets a superpower and going to make things right, goddammit. He has cancer and his family is full of soulless monsters, so don’t you dare not to empathize. It’s from the creator of GUNTZ, so that’s all you need to know. People are terrible, but especially it seems young people this time? I dunno, I’m tired of aimless nihilism.

JUNI TAISEN: ZODIAC WAR A bunch of mediocre to pretty cool character designs are going to murder each other in a series of mediocre to pretty cool action scenes. Seems watchable.

Garo: Vanishing Line A tokusatsu show. Great designs, spotty fight scene direction.

I swear I’m not trying to be negative, but it seems, I didn’t like much of what I saw yesterday, huh.


@devtesla @lordkuragari That moment is why I’m watching the show. It’s so ridiculous. Thankfully this is my first experience with the “screaming trope” in many many years, I’m looking at you Avatar.


2nd Seasons
Food Wars it gets made fun of for it’s over the top fanservice but has actual fun and creative food science worked into its drama. The third season still fun even though the way its cut together and animated seems to have been getting a bit lazy. Simply interpreting manga panels pretty basically with limited flow a stitched together like a moving collage of intermittent shots and character moments.

March Comes In Like A Lion still the most gorgeous and creative presentation of an anime this year without feeling too experimental. Depressing and heartwarming at the same time.

Continuing from Summer Season:
Welcome to the Ballroom still enjoyable. I find it’s stifled by the visual medium that it’s based on. Relying on a bit too much internal monologue and not enough of the dancing aspect. Compared to Yuri on Ice it was an original work that could rely on strong choreography and a singular direction style that emphasizes the skating and less of shounen tropes.

**Still amazing and criminally under-appreciated is Magical Circle GuruGuru. A 90s anime revival that parodies JRPGs reimagined with ingenious animation that heightens the frenetic comedy moments and an aesthetic that stays true to the retro game material its parodying.

New Shows:
Juuni Taisen/Zodiac War is a pretty stylish fun killing game/battle royale reminiscent of Fate/Zero or Future Diary but really trims the fat of the whys and hows the fighting. Cool powers and characters designs.

Konohana Kitan a relaxing slice of life show about cute fox girls running a Bath House Ryokan. It’s sweet, relaxing and has adorable moe yuri romance (if that’s your thing). It has fairly standard learning life lessons/coming of age tropes but a bit of meat to these scenarios. It’s no Hanasaka Iroha but…

Girls Last Tour two girls spend their days scouring the post-war nuclear winter land of Japan. It has stunning art, don’t let the simplistic character designs fool you. It feels more like a slice of life. The seriousness of the setting is incredibly atmospheric but not overbearing. It’s still about fun goofs and relaxing scenic moments but has spikes of tension. It’s still mostly a “relax with tea” kind of viewing experience.

Inuyashiki from the guy that made Gantz (a show I know nothing about aside from its weird psychological action horror) makes another show more or less with that vibe. This time… Old Man RoboCop. I’m inclined to just leave it at that and let you discover the madness for your self. Trigger warning, episode 2 gets especially dark. Like eats Made In Abyss for Breakfast levels of dark. The visuals are very sharp.

Land of the Lustrous Steven Universe but from the perspective of the Home World and they are the protagonists. Everything about this show just shines with this gorgeous luster and despite it being 3d, works! I definitely recommend watching to at least episode 2. Great 3d camera work, good writing, and direction. A really solid unique feeling show.

Ancient Magus’s Bride watch the OVAs first (which are on Crunchyroll). It is a magical drama/romance show that takes place in a modern era in which magic is mostly un-observed from the muggles of the world. Unlike Harry Potter it has a bit more of a dark fairy tales vibe with magic stemming from various old western cultural influences.


I did not realize Ancient Magus’s Bride had an OVA…I liked the first episode but thought I was missing something.


Is watching the OVAs first really ok? Someone else who read the manga told me it sort of spoils certain mysteries of the show if you see it and you aren’t caught up with the manga.