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Io9 posted a huge piece on Vic Mignogna. Worth a read.

(CW Sexual Assault/Harassment mentioned)


Ugh the ad loading is screwed up on crunchyroll again, just as i get hooked on anime cats I’m cut off.


I’ve never seen Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket, but sounds great (I really enjoyed how 08th MS Team got at the real robot warfare and it’s vietname war-esque settings matched that criticality).

It’s a bit silly, but tengen toppa gurren lagann is a pretty unique mecha anime (and it’s on netflix atm).

Speaking of netflix, I caught the castle of cagliostro over the weekend and it was really inspiring to see miyazaki’s early ability to already create those whimsical environments that are so fundamental to studio ghibli’s atmospheres.


TTGL is a major favourite of mine and is deeply important to me, but some of the stuff specificially around how it mostly ignores Kamina’s sexism and Leeron’s… whole character (too a point. He stops being the butt of transphobic jokes at a point but it still aint great) makes it hard to recommend wihout caveat 12 years later. I still think the high points are unparalleled in Super Robot action.

fwiw its also on Crunchyroll, I think, though when I rewatched it there I noticed some aspect ratio weirdness (it looked like it was stretched past 4:3?) that might not be present on Netflix.


Crunchyroll get more broken by the day. Now thumbnails are no longer loading and after the latest update to the PS4 app the video is fluctuating wildly between 360p and 1080p. The website is a broken mess in every other way. And it makes me really sad! Their catalogue is so good, even in my country where only like 10% is available. There is literally no other way for me to watch all that stuff legally, but I can’t keep paying for something like this either. Ugh!


Hm, yea, there was an update for the PS4 app the other day and it seems proper busted right now.

The video quality fluctuating is one thing, but a second audio track started up about half way through an episode so all the sound was playing twice? I tried to rewind to try and buffer it out but only the video would rewind and the audio just kept going.


Not great news re: Crunchyroll. I was hoping to watch on my ps4 since the iOS app is also broken (and hasn’t been updated for two months, the app page is covered in complaints) Is there any way to keep the ps4 app from updating?


I’m not sure, but I’m guessing no. If you can pause the update download before it’s done that’s one thing, but I don’t know if you can even open the app when there is an update available.

The thing is with this, it’s probably not gonna be fixed. They don’t seem to care or know what they are doing. Why else would the ios app still not work. The forums are nothing but complaints but there are never any responses from people in charge.


Netflix has put up 3 more dubbed episodes of High Score Girl, just a heads up (This is USA Netflix, not sure about other regions)


Let’s share some cool anime OPs and EDs from Spring! Actually there aren’t too many good ones yet. But here are a few I really liked.

It’s the sequel to Touch! Honestly Mix’s OP is my favorite so far. The flow here is really great, and they capture the nostalgic feeling of Mitsuru Adachi’s manga while unmistakably updating it for the modern day.

Into every season must fall a new Shounen Jump adaptation. This OP isn’t a masterpiece, but the song is “a banger” and I think it captures the characters pretty well. Watched this one way too many times…

The first Dororo ED was excellent, but this one’s a close runner-up? Captures the weird, melancholy mood of a story about weird and melancholy people.

Any other recs? Bracing myself for Sarazanmai and Carole and Tuesday…


I’m just waiting for Sarazanami to drop and deliver me that ‘barrel smashing over your head’ experience only Ikuhara can provide.


The entire Cowboy Bebop series (plus the movie) on Blu-Ray just arrived from Amazon today after hearing Austin talk about one of the characters having strong opinions on Charles Mingus.


I finished Run With the Wind last weekend, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s in the same ballpark as a Ping Pong: The Animation where it’s less about the sport that it centers on, and more about how it correlates to the individual lives of its characters. It’s a fantastic production.

For this Spring season, a reminder that the remake of Fruits Basket started airing last week. For those unaware, the original anime was a Fullmetal Alchemist situation where the production got somewhat botched. The director applied their signature 90s era anime comedy style that totally didn’t fit the series’ tone, and they ran out of manga content and had to end it abruptly.

The original mangaka is on the production staff for this new adaptation, and it’ll be much closer to their vision. I’ve never read through the manga, but I’ve heard very good things about it, so this’ll be a series to keep up with.

Also, hope none of y’all had high hopes for season 2 of One Punch Man. Looks like the production suffered a case of brain drain, and boy it shows.


Curious to see how Fruits Basket deals with the earlier episodes. Something like Brotherhood kinda skimmed over things a bit, so I hope FB doesn’t do that (as somebody who didn’t watch it the first time.)

And yea, OPM S2 has seemed dire for a while. There was an insider report sometime last year that said it wasn’t going to air until 2020, but now it turns out that it was more a case of “it probably shouldn’t air until 2020.” The first season sounds like it was more or less a production miracle so I wasn’t expecting a repeat, but it seems like things went quite a bit worse than expected. The first season was some sort of perfect storm where it was content that people in the industry wanted to work on, done by a director that people in the industry wanted to work for, so people from all over (somehow) made the time to contribute. The second season sounds like… that was not a thing that happened again.


I’m interested in how the new version of Furuba. I loved the original version of the show, but I suspect time may change how I view a character like Tohru Honda—i wonder if I will appreciate her almost unlimited love for her friends or I will see her as someone who puts up with abuse because of low self-esteem.


Yeah, Run with the Wind is great! I still need to finish it (some friends of mine marathoned the first 10 episodes recently, but I haven’t seen beyond that) but it’s one of the better character-driven sports series I’ve seen recently. The animation and soundtrack are consistently on-point, and it does a great job varying its arcs among its cast–you have the genius runner whose anxiety keeps him from excelling, the smoker trying to defy his bodily limits, the manga fan who hates physical exercise etc. Definitely one of my favorites from last year.

And I should probably watch Fruits Basket…the manga means a whole lot to some of my friends, and it sounds from the previews that the anime’s doing a good job so far. Hopefully they hold strong! The industry is hell

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Hi everyone! I just got Funimation because I wanted to watch My Hero Academia season 3 dubbed (I like to watch at work and can’t always read subtitles). Any other recommendations for shows on Funimation?

I like
My Hero Academia
Death Note (it’s a little self-serious, which isn’t always my favorite)

And that’s literally the only anime I’ve watched/enjoyed. My wife and I are going to watch Yuri on Ice, so any recommendations beyond that?


I’d check out Noragami! It’s about a nameless god trying to make a name for himself by granting wishes for 5 yen. Really good action/adventure story with a lot of Japanese mythology. Two seasons, twelve episodes each season, the dub is really good.

I also watched this at work, violence isn’t too bloody, there’s one character with a more fanservice-y design, but I don’t remember the show lingering or oversexualizing her either.

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ONe of the only show’s I’ve been able to wholeheartedly recommend is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (complicated by recent allegations of assault by the english dub voice actor).

But also my partner and I have been watching this super cute show called My Roommate is a Cat (also on Funimation).

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Run with the wind was very good. The last six or whatever episodes had a really great intense, emotional pulse.
Binged Love Lab and New Game!, two good, fun, cute slice of lifes.
Still watching Hunter x Hunter, and it’s basically the reason I get up in the morning.

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