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Yes! Co-signed! Also the sequel, Diebuster, which is about a gay robot! I have no idea where you can watch Gunbuster legally these days, but Diebuster is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Looking though the thread again, Revolutionary Girl Utena is a must-watch and, as posted above, is completely free on YouTube (which is wild).

I also want to add Trigun to my list of recs. It was contemporary with Cowboy Bebop and it’s a Space Western so the two get compared to each other a lot, but it’s doing it’s own, cool thing regarding the nature of non-violence and when it’s appropriate to break an ethos of non-violent intervention. I watched it for the first time last year and thought it was really fantastic!

Also worth mentioning 0080 War in the Pocket and The 08th MS Team, for a lot of the same reasons Austin Walker has talked about innumerable times on multiple podcasts. I personally prefer 0080’s focus on just how directly citizens are impacted by mobile suits to 08th MS Team’s anti-war romantic through-line, but both are worth watching for sure and showcase different things Gundam does, both good and bad.


Huh. They got Diebuster but not Gunbuster? I know there’s a gap between the two but I would’ve thought they’d be talking to the same people for those licenses.

Also just learned that there’s apparently a third one planned… I’m sure that will go well.


yeah licencing around Gunbuster must be weird. DiscoTek Media had a DVD set of Diebuster but not Gunbuster as well. Not really sure why.

a third Gunbuster seems like… not the best idea, tbh.


Watched episode one of Sarazanmai. Weird, wild stuff. Outrageous animation that can probably keep me interested even if I don’t understand what is happening.

One Punch Man s2e1 was fine, not the most exciting episode but I’m sure the zaniness will pick up.

Would also like to circle back to Boogiepop and Others, which I complained a little about after watching the first two episodes. But now that it’s over I really miss it. I, again, never really understood what was going on, but it had such a good mood, and an elegant style. Love Boogiepop’s voice too.


Currently watching Run With the Wind after reading all the praise for it here, as long as the ads on the Cruncyroll app keep working and I can watch for free (knock on wood).


Sarazanmai was amazing. I was honestly kinda worried that I would be overhyped for it but it has blown me away. I honestly can not wait for this ride on Ikuhara’s dick smasher.

I would like to link to a thread that disscuses reasons why Ikuhara’s works resonate with people so much (THERE ARE BIGGER AND SMALLER SPOILERS FOR ALL IKUHARA’S PAST WORKS HERE THOUGH SO BE WARNED)


This sounds incredible!

Unfortunately Funimation doesn’t have the the original. I will have to check my university’s library, I am shocked at the amount of anime they have there.


I made this chart a little while ago just for fun, maybe you may find it useful? Most of the shows on this list are relatively recent series somewhere between 12 and 24 episodes long, most tending towards the former.

I wouldn’t recommend everything on this list to everyone (Devilman Crybaby comes with some serious caveats depending on your tolerances) but there should be at least 2-3 shows from any respective genre that may be interesting. And plenty more which aren’t represented here! The world of anime awaits you…


Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! I’ve watched about 7 eps of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as that seemed to be the most consistently recommended show, and also the one I’ve heard the most about.

I DID NOT expect a gothic horror story. The show so far has the pacing of a short-story and it’s wonderfully grisly. The amount of what I’ve heard described as “anime bullshit” is a bit much for me i.e. characters describing what their dang fists are doing as they punch someone, to the person they’re punching, but it’s still tremendous fun.

Seeing that this is only 9 eps makes the prospect of getting into anime in general less daunting, as I was under the impression that these shows run for hundreds of episodes.


JoJo is interesting because it switches genre with every part. The first part is all gothic adventure by the style of Fist of the North Star, the second introduces lots of gambit fights based around planning and manipulation, three brings in the super power ghosts that basically defined the entire shonen battle manga formula, four takes stands and mixes it with slice of life, five is a truly bizarre crime adventure about inner-conflict in the mafia, and six is about escaped criminals in the US fighting a cult and also one character has the same life story as the main character of Holes. Seven? Cowboy race. Eight? EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME.

You’re in for a ride. Part four’s anime is the longest so far (we’re on five) and benefits a lot from that length. I should also mention part three had a series of OVAs that started with the final stretch of the arc in the 80s or 90s and wrapped up with everything before that in the 00s. You wanna see the 80s OVAs if you ever get the chance because they were handled by Satoshi Kon, the guy who directed Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue, Paprika, and other incredible classics. If you want an animation showcase, check out those OVAs (the later made ones have some cool stuff but nowhere near as impressive as the Kon OVAs).


As a longtime China Mieville fan, I am extremely down with a writer who changes genres frequently just to see if they can do that too. I can tell that I’m going to devour this series.


I am also watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, about 15 episodes into Part 3, and aside from some occasional iffy treatment of female characters, it fucking rules. It’s so much fucking fun to watch. It’s wild how it just keeps moving and one-upping itself in new and cool unexpected ways. I love it!


Yeah, there’s some extremely questionable stuff throughout the whole franchise. More people are willing to forgive it solely due to how everything else is so constantly entertaining. Also everything just gets gayer the longer the series goes on. By the time of five, the art style had completely shifted and the amounts of gay could not be contained anymore, and it’s only gone further in that direction since.


Yeah I’ve seen some of the later character designs and holy moly that is a downright inspirational level of gay, I am very excited to see them in action!


on the podcast today, they mentioned Death Parade and after having seen 3 episodes I’d say it’s pretty good.
also read some bad things about rising of the shield hero involving, major content warning, slavery and falsely accusing someone of rape.


Chika puts on her Mom voice.


Shield Hero is genuinely one of the worst things in general, not just one of the worst anime. It’s an adaptation of novels written by an incel who outright said his starter villain was based on a real girl he knew who didn’t want to fuck him. I can’t even describe the most basic of plot points without risking triggering a survivor on here, so I’ll do it in a spoiler tag.

TW for everything, mainly slavery, sexual assault

The starter villain is a princess who falsely accuses the main character of trying to rape her because she’s a cartoonishly awful person and she ends up being horrifically tortured by her mother, enslaved, renamed “■■■■■,” and gets killed off screen by a rapist she’s sold to as punishment. She later comes back as a ghost and gets wiped from existence.

Also the main character owns slaves and the whole show is a disgusting incel fantasy about ethical slave ownership where a slave girl who’s basically a child refuses to have her magical slavery ended because she falls for the hate filled bag of crap.

Also kind of super pissed at Crunchyroll because they both pitched the adaptation and funded it, and their doing the same with an exploitative snuff fest called Island of Giant Insects now.


If you’re enjoying Death Parade you should try to look up Death Billiards as well. It’s a one-off thing that got made as part of a young animator training project and was well-received enough that it got made into Death Parade, so it’s basically an extra episode.


Finished watching Hunter x Hunter and now I don’t know what to do with my life. No doubt one of my favourite shows, quite a religious experience.


I mean, i’m not shocked that CrunchyRoll, a company in the anime business, caters to all the gross disgusting shit that infests the industry. i don’t really want to sound too pesimistic, but honestly its worth washing your hands of like 90% of the anime idustry, i think its genuinely the worst entertainment industry out there.

Also modern Issekai is the biggest genre blight i’ve ever seen. Although i suppose it was kinda genius in pressing on every loser boy age 13-23’s desires of “what if i was actually right about everything and justified about being an asshole and also every hot girl wants to do the fuck with me?”