The current anime thing


It might spoil some stuff but, it definitely builds some empathy towards the main character.


It essentially fleshes out Chise’s childhood and subsequent isolation/trauma. It starts in-media-res as Chise has now adapted to her new life as a Mage and there are some characters not shown yet, but this is only a way to introduce her to a book from her childhood which spawns a flashback that is the OVA’s sole focus. I didn’t find it ruined the story the way I watched it. I wouldn’t say it’s necessary if you’re still too worried but gives Chise’s character a lot more context.


Well, I have not read the manga so I don’t know what has been spoiled. To me I feel like the OVA episodes introduced me to the characters and some of their struggles/motives. I’m still interested and excited about the show.

It would be interesting if you watched them later and just started the new series straight away.

Then sometime later you could watch the OVA’s and share your observations.


I finally watched The Ancient Magus Bride, OVAs and all, and it lives up to the hype. However…and this is a pretty big however…I think what the show has to say about slavery by the end will ultimately make or break it.


The only anime airing this season I’m really getting a lot out of is Land of the Lustrous. It’s a really weird production: a CG project directed by the guy who previously worked on Love Live! and GATE…but so far it’s a strong adaptation of the source material. Patches up the wonkier bits of the first few chapters, manages to capture the style of the original manga without being an exact copy. If you’re lucky enough to have access to Anime Strike, check it out!

There’s a bunch of other worthy stuff airing this season: Just Because, MMO Junkie, Girls’ Last Tour, Garo Vanishing Line, Ancient Magus Bride, even Urahara. Nothing has me watching immediately day-of like last year’s Flip Flappers, though…biding my time until Devilman Crybaby and Banana Fish The Anime next year


HiDive just got the rights for Space Runaway Ideon, with the first episode going live today, so I’m watching that.


Highly recommend the fate apocrypha dub on Netflix.


I just started the 1st season of March Comes in Like a Lion, really recommend it if you like drama/daily life type of show. It’s kind of boring at the beginning, but it gets better after few episodes. Watch til episode 5 before you decide to drop it.


I am enjoying Shokoku no Altair (Altair: Record of Battles) a lot is, very Arslan like, the first episode where good, but the later one where even better.

Another show, which start in a really weird way was the Vatican Miracle Examiners overall I enjoyed, specially the initial clever play between what was going on, first appear to be one supernatural thing and them they revel is something else. However, the ending was not bad, but not amazing either.

Fate Apocrypha is another when which I am really like it.


Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond: i watched the original BBB season a while ago and really loved it. this is one of the very few times i’m kind of disappointed a show has become more manga-compliant, since i really enjoyed the anime-exclusive characters that were introduced in season 1. it’s also pretty obvious that there’s a new director whose tone for the series i like a little less! however the core of the series is still the same and still incredibly wild & enjoyable, and i’m interested in seeing where this season goes. i just hope that at some point they bring back some of the characters i loved from the first season (there have been a few references/cameos of them in the opening/ending, but it’s “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of stuff…)

Ancient Magus’s Bride: i honestly might have bounced off this one if i hadn’t been told that the red flags raised in the first few episodes get addressed in a good way later. since i know i can give the show the benefit of the doubt, i’m really enjoying it so far. it’s a beautiful anime with intriguing main characters, set in a colorful and interesting world that has hit on a lot of my favorite things in fantasy (weird dragons, talking cats, fairies). the show’s writing so far has done a lot to convince me that when it does touch on heavier, more difficult things (i.e. slavery, some of the more dubious aspects of chise and elias’s dynamic) it will do it with empathy. we’ll see though
note: i haven’t watched the OVAs yet, i think i’ll wait until i’m farther in the show to do it

god, i want to watch land of the lustrous so bad but there’s no way i’m paying for anime strike…maybe when it gets on blu ray or whatever i’ll be able to watch it.

i’m also planning to watch fate/apocrypha when it comes out on netflix, though i’ve heard that it’s pretty…rough around the edges compared to the other fate animes. mostly i just want to watch it to get a bit more background on some characters that are in the fate/grand order mobile game.
edit: oh wow it is actually on netflix now. guess i’ll try it out soon


New season is here and to start off we got Yuri Citrus.
So far the show is a bit physical (just like the Manga) but from the moments in the manga like how forward they are about their relationship and how much they battle society about being lesbians keeps this from being complete trash.


I’ve been watching My Hero Academia through Hulu since it was voted #1 for the GILMs. There’s stuff about it I like, but all the sexist and homophobic one-liners are garbage and make it difficult for me to fully invest in what is otherwise a sweet, aspirational story.

After I’m done with it I’m checking out Devilman Crybaby on Netflix.


unbelievably happy with the Pop Team Epic anime. exactly what i wanted from bkub in an animated medium, excellent guest animation by AC部 (long-time favourite of mine), cannot WAIT to see more


Devilman Crybaby
Note to self, don’t trust blond boys.


Same. I think I’m going to sneak in Devilman Crybaby between MHA seasons tho because I’m just too excited for it.

Also interested in Darling in the Franxx. I’m not convinced it’s going to be good but I’m pretty desperate for a good new giant robot show.


I have to say, Devilman Crybaby is on the list of best Animes of 2018.

Best not read till you finish the show.

The last episodes remind me of the Matrix anime of the humans failing to stop the robots but here both demons and humans end up dying with Ryo Satan being the last living being crying over his dead friend Akira Devilman.


Yeah, that was a bit of a ride.

I couldn’t tell if it was trying to be titillating or gross or disgusting, or edgy for a while… All the scenes felt like I was having the wrong reaction to them. Totally mundane scenes of like… a family breakfast or whatever just made me super uncomfortable. I’ll be curious if that’s intentional, and others felt similar, or if that was just an odd reaction. The rapping and music is very good.

(Spoiler tags are just breakdowns in episode numbers, don’t think it’d actually ruin anything, but better safe than sorry.)
I thought it was going one direction the first 4-6, then no direction for 6-8, then what it was getting at all clicked in the last 2-3.

Then I started appreciating it a day or so later.

Still very wild to me that Netflix was involved in making this. Not sure why, they’ve done weirder, it just… doesn’t seem like very ‘normal’ media, which is somehow still what I have Netflix incorrectly locked into in my head for whatever reason? But yeah, probably one of the better shows in some time that I can recall. Grappled with its philosophy very well.


i encourage everyone to watch Mitsuboshi Colors, the tale of three girls who team up to defend their home town against a great menace to humanity: Cops.


I’m super excited for Darling in the FRANXX to start on the 13th.

To be honest I’ve found Trigger’s 23-minutes-an-episode shows to be pretty spotty thus far, but this one has big robots so I’m hoping it’ll hook me.


Don’t sleep on A Place Further than the Universe. Beautiful and touching.