The current anime thing


Hadn’t heard of this at all but the screenshot completely sold me


Seems like there’s some slice of life stuff worth checking out this season. Started last year with Maidragon and it was a good way to cheer up after the standard New Year’s/back-to-work/5 hours of sunlight depression. Started this year with Devilman which maybe didn’t work as well there.


So there’s a bunch of stuff I need to catch up on, now that Anime Strike is dead and I can actually watch all those shows with a Prime sub … but I wanted to point out that the last 4 episodes of Anime-Gataris are completely bananas, taking the question “what if anime, but real life?” and turning it into an extended on-screen meltdown. Watch it if you want to see the main character get run over by a Saber Marionette-style eyecatch.


I don’t watch much anime as it’s airing but this season has a few things I’m interesting in.

Violet Evergarden- I’m always up for some KyoAni and this one looks pretty cool.

Darling in the FranXX- Trigger has made some good stuff but I’m honestly not as huge a fan as many seem to be. Willing to give this a chance because it’s robots.

Fate/Extra- SHAFT doing the flashiest/weirdest Fate spinoff should at least look beautiful and I hope it’s entertaining enough to keep me watching. I’m no huge Fate fan but I did try this game and thought it was a complete chore to play. Hoping an adaptation will hook me in!


Yeah there’s some good light fluff series this season. As well as Colors, Hakumei and Mikochi (daily life of tiny people living in a fantasy world) and Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (boy constantly tries to prank girl but is always severely owned) both got anime this season and while i haven’t watched them yet the mangas for both are good and cute.


Overlord season 2:
One of the things that I enjoy with the novels is the crazy world building and how the characters are built from that that allows them to be interesting in the face of the overpowered lead characters. The anime lacks a bit of that but makes up for that with interesting visuals with the Lizard brothers talking about how one of them was able to gain knowledge of fish farming while the other is twitching his tail around in hopes to get a bit of those fishes. There a scene with a old adventure lady and a huge dragon that is shot very well to show that while the dragon is big and wise, the old lady is able to shine just as bright with her color scheme.


As a middle school assistant teacher in rural Japan I’m immediately drawn to anything in that kind of setting and Skilled teaser Takagi-san opened with a scene with the two main characters goofing off in English class. Complete with hiding papercrafts behind a textbook that was almost too close to reality for me.

I’m not too sure on the quality of the actual show yet, comedy is hard to get when you’re watching without subs. But it was a perfect palette cleaner after watching people’s heads getting ripped off in Devilman: Crybaby.


Darling in the Franxx - Very Kill la kill like in some areas from being open with certain themes, crazy animation, and maybe taking there too far in areas like sexuality & character types. Has a interesting start and a pretty nice leading lady. Male lead needs some development. BTW it a mech show if anyone wondering.

Citrus ep2 - Yuzu getting closer to Mei’s problems and good on her pushing back on Mei bad touchy behavior. Also not sure who the best Yuzu or Harumi.

Violet Evergarden - Looks super duper good. Character detail from colors tot he strands of their heirs. The subject is Violet just trying to find feelings in her life after being built for war and having metal hands now.


does it count as “The Current Anime Thing” if it aired ages ago and I’m just currently watching it again

'cos I’ve been watching Seasons 2 of Railgun and Index, plus The Movie, and enjoying it greatly. These two series share one of my favourite fictional worlds and diving back in again feels pretty great.

Railgun S is definately the strongest of the bunch, thanks to the lack of Everyone’s Favourite Anime Tropes in favor of lovely slice of life stuff. A lot of it’s problems are in the middle and stem from the first arc being a remake and expansion of a 2 episode arc from the first season of Index. By the conclusion it becomes really clear that it was originally written with a different character as the protagonist. But the second arc has a much better pace to it and is ace from start to finish. And has Mechs.

Also, Kuroko is much better when she’s just a pest, as opposed to an actual sex criminal. Glad that sunk in eventually.

Index is still pretty good when it isn’t being unececerily gratuitous with it’s nudity etc. Touma’s such a brill protagonist he actually makes the “Every 3rd Female Character Loves Him” trope genuinely enjoyable for once, which is one hell of an acheivement. Index also uses it’s focus on magic brilliantly, cleanly forming it’s own interesting rules, then twisting them in unexpected, but never completely left-field, ways. The pretty simple concept of a Magic Array has had so many unique spins on it now and it’s always great when one comes up. Also it sometimes breifly turns into Railgun for a few episodes at a time, which is good because Railgun is good.

The Movie, Endymion No Kiseki, is the movie that Marvel Cinematic Universe detractors think every Marvel movie is. Completely inaccessable if you’ve not seen both seasons of the preceeding series. I loved it, obviously, and if you’re anything like me you’d probably get a kick out of watching it without those 4 seasons of context for a giggle. It looks pretty great too, so you’ll have that at least.

Season 3 of Index and the Virtual-On crossover are this year, cannae wait. If Index 3 can bring the good shit from the last two seasons and also learn from Railgun S that toning down the perviness won’t actually hurt it’ll kick a whole lot of ass. And naturally I’m down for just streight up adding mechs to this bollocks so ima get A Certain Magical Virtual-On no matter what it takes.


Overlord ep 2:
What the episode about - Complex lizard tribes, hardships with how they operate, and looking to help protect them.
What it actually about - Two lizards flirting.


My SO and I started JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure about a year ago, with me having seen all of it already aside from the last few episodes of Stardust Crusaders and most of Part 4. We finished it last week.

I don’t read the manga, so I have no idea where the story goes from here, but I think the small town aspect of Part 4 works perfectly with Araki’s style of story-telling. My biggest problem with SC was that there were way too many important scenes that felt like filler because they involved monster-of-the-week style villains. Part 4’s ability to introduce and hold onto characters was so much better than Part 3’s. Overall, Part 4 felt very focused while still keeping with its over the topness and zany characters.

My SO, who has only watched Hero Academia and One Punch Man before JoJo, cried when it was over which I thought was super adorable.

We have moved onto Hunter x Hunter now which like JoJo I started and never finished but I am loving it all the same.


I recommend Laid-back Camp (or Yuzu Camp). My favorite Slice of life so far all about just chilling and kicking back in the great outdoors with friends, tons of charm. Crunchyroll’s youtube has the first episode on it for free!

Also School Babysitters, which is about an older brother having to take care of his toddler younger brother after their parents died and in order to pay for lodging he has to work at his new school’s nursery. It’s super sweet, emotional and the cutest show this season bar none.


I’m with you on Fate. I played about 10 hours of the PSP game but just couldn’t get into the battle system. An adaptation is certainly something I can go for.


Darling In the FRANXX and Citrus are both shows about sexuality in some form. Both are pretty rough with how to approach their subjects but so far Citrus is at least looking to put some feeling into it 2 main characters as they question if their feels alright as where Darling In the FRANXX is having trouble finding it themes but keeps falling on over used tropes like two girls going for one man and having the girl be use as devices to run the mechs.


like others here i have finally been watching some of last season’s anime that was locked behind a double paywall on amazon until recently!

land of the lustrous is just as excellent and beautiful as i have heard. the themes are something i resonate with a great deal, and it’s wonderful to see a full cast of nonbinary characters (even if it would be nicer to see more diverse interpretations of androgyny in media). i hope it gets a second season; i’m really interested in seeing where the plot will go and how the main character will develop as time goes on. (award for most rapid character development in a protagonist goes to…?)

princess principal is another ex-anime strike show that i’ve just finished watching. i…love it a whole lot. it’s a kind of…steampunk spy thriller? and all the main characters are girls who are actually well written and not just tropes? and it’s gay? definitely one of my favorite shows in a while, with a lot of interesting twists and turns.

i also finished watching the second season of blood blockade battlefront (i wasn’t sure about the new director at first but i enjoyed this season a great deal in the end), and i am continuing ancient magus bride. it took me several episodes to warm to that show, as the dynamic between the main characters made me nervous. once certain things cleared up, however, i was hooked.

those are all fall animes…what can i say; i’m kind of bad at keeping up with current shows. the winter shows i’m hoping to try out once there are a few episodes up on crunchyroll are DamePri Anime Caravan, which looks hilarious, Violet Evergarden, which looks beautiful, and maybe Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens, because i like weird murder mysteries?


With Fate/Extra coming out soon I started re-watching Fate/Zero and damn that show is good with it pacing, action, and pretty deep characters. English voices are pretty damn good. Also super handsome Saber


So far I’ve been following 3 anime this season:

Pop Team Epic is super impressive with how far they’re willing to bend the medium. I like how it mixes pretty low-budget skits with more impressive and out-there parts that feels super fresh and it’s just an enjoyable time.

Violet Evergarden is something I really like because it shows a world that is recovering from a war and how people have to adapt back to a normal life. When learning about European history that part was always something I found rather interesting so the world is already something I’m very much into.
Violet herself is also a good character and mechanical limbs are always something that makes any character 10x better.

Darling in the FranXX is… something I’m very much split on. On the one hand the mecha and monster designs look nice and some of the characters are cool but on the other hand the show just takes itself so seriously with its sexual themes. Kill la Kill, as an example of those done better, always managed to stretch those themes to the bizarre while not taking itself even a single bit seriously. It was just a fun ride and I enjoyed it. But the fact that the show presents these themes with such a straight face (like the one-person mech Hiro rides having an artificial ass to pilot it) just doesn’t sit well with me. I might drop it, not sure yet bc the mecha animation is super good so far and I like most of the designs.

Not a current anime but a few friends and I got together to watch some anime over Discord and so far we’ve watched 7 episodes of Love Lab which was really enjoyable. The comedic timing is on point and the characters and especially the expressions are super good, especially when you have other people to enjoy it with.


I saw so many hilarious images of it on Tumblr that I had to put this notecard up above my PC monitor to remind myself of Pop Team Epic. I don’t watch a lot of anime but it’s so funny


Yurucamp and Antarctica Moe are the best shows of the season thanks


WLV you’re correct but have you also considered: Pop Team Epic and Mitsuboshi Colors?

they are v good comedies and both for dif reasons