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I think demon slayer and jujitsu kaisen both do a good job in how they choose to acknowledge and subvert the shonen genre, which makes them more exciting to me than more boilerplate shonen. I’m really excited at the new generation of shonen protags who are motivated by compassion versus the desire to Be the Very Best- I think showing kids that it’s okay to make caring for the needs of others a priority in specific ways (instead of just a general sense of ‘fighting for your friends’) is really valuable, especially in ‘boys’ media.

JJK also has great animation and like, really stellar compositing especially in the OPs which are both great. I don’t feel like a lot of studios can give ufotable a run for their money in that department but Mappa just keeps betting better and better. I’m really psyched that they also are adapting Chainsaw Man, I just hope it doesn’t overload the staff given how much they’re working on.

MHA has a plot at this point in the manga. It’s not a good plot and it has actively made me like the manga less but, it has a plot now.

Iirc the second arc that season 5 will cover is where stuff starts happening.

Unfortunately apparently they already are. I can’t really find any good articles that dive into this but I remember when the Chainsaw Man anime got announced that there were animators warning people on Twitter about working for Mappa (while also wanting to work on Chainsaw Man themselves). Which, given how bad the anime industry is in general, is not a good sign.

Oh also the first six episodes of Vlad Love are now up on Crunchyroll. I’ve watched the first three and it’s been fine, with the first episode being the roughest. Also it switches between two OPs each episode and they’re both incredible

That definitely tracks with stuff I was seeing people be concerned about. I wish artists’ enthusiasm about working on a particular project or in the industry in general wasn’t always taken for granted and used as a way to get a ton of labor out of ppl in a very tight turnaround. I definitely feel guiltier about consuming anime than games because as bad as the games industry is, anime seems even worse. It’s a bummer.

They went and made a Dota anime

I usually don’t care about calling anything animation an anime regardless of where it comes from, but Netflix trying to change the meaning of the word to a genre/style that’s basically “action animation aimed at teens/young adults” to better market their shows feels kind of gross.

This show is a good example of that. As far as I know, there’s no involvement from Japanese creators. Its showrunner is American and the animation is being done by Studio Mir, who are South Korean and are mainly known for animating most of The Legend of Korra. They also animated Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts for Netflix, which they’re not calling an anime because of it being aimed at kids rather than teens/young adults.

And I wouldn’t mind it if people called this an anime in the same way that people tend to call Korra an anime. In Japan all animated works are called anime regardless where it comes from. But this isn’t really the same as that.

Anyway, I can imagine this show being okay. Studio Mir’s stuff tends to have pretty good animation at least.


I’ve been posting about my experience with Food Wars.

I had to stop watching Food Wars when I noticed that (dont read this if you dont want the show ruined) the camera never stops moving.

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Body unclear?

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Starting Kids on the Slope and really enjoying it. The jazz is a blast and makes me miss playing in a combo. I had hoped for Watanabe levels of care, craft, and details of Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Champloo wrt theming, but that’s unfortunately just not there. It’s a standard anime OP and ED, the jazz is infrequent, and it’s all in service to a larger story (which I’m enjoying!!!). It’s just different than what I expected, but I’m still very positive on it.

Also I’m not sure if I posted about it, but I’m still thinking about Hi-Score Girl’s ending, and that whole show is so good and touching and sad. I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a romance anime


Hi-Score Girl is super good. I have no idea but it feels overlooked? Maybe because of what it’s called or what it looks like, but it really moved me.

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