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My Hot Take on FranXX thus far:

  1. god I hope this makes good on what it’s showing me because I really don’t like it.

  2. I’m not going to say don’t watch FranXX, but if people like the questions the show is trying to ask about awkward adolescent connections through mech piloting, but don’t really vibe with the idea that the deepest form of human connection/the best metaphor for growing up is sex between men and women, you should watch Gunbuster, and its phenomenal (and incredibly queer) sequel, Diebuster.


I’m enjoying being able to pretend I’m a child again by watching new episodes of Card Captor Sakura (Clear Cards) and Dragon Ball (Super). Everything old is new again.

DBS has gotten so much better, with the current arc being pretty consistently great but the show as a whole is hard to recommend given the movie arcs were abysmal, the first tournament was merely okay and the Goku Black arc started with a strong premise but turned tedious thanks to constant time travelling and random power boosts for the villains.

Card Captor Sakura Clear Cards picks up shortly after the end of Card Captor Sakura and it’s honestly like the show never went away. It’s beautiful, it’s cheery, Sakura gets a bunch of adorable costumes and if you enjoyed the original then I can’t recommend it enough.

I’m trying to watch more anime in general atm, so I’m also working my way through Jojo’s Bizarre adventure and just started Ancient Magus Bride.


Darling in the Franxx is pretty bad so far. I love everything else I’ve seen from Trigger so I had pretty high hopes. Their style of animation is so nice, so I’ll probably keep watching anyway. But how they are making it so sexual just makes me laugh a bit. Pretty stupid.


new cardcaptor sakura is wonderful. it’s, yeah, it’s more cardcaptor sakura.
I enjoy her classmates maybe getting slightly more screentime (it’s honestly a little early to really tell this, I suppose, but they seem to All Hang Out more, eating lunch and such, it’s very cute)
leave it to kero-chan is back, finally


Honestly, out of this season’s new shows, the one that has me most invested so far is Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles



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I was inspired by on of the recent Waypoint podcasts to start watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I’ve been eyeing it for a few years, but was always a little skeptical. But I took the leap and started watching…and I’m so glad I did! It’s very, very good.


HUGE second on this one. probably my show of the season after poptepic. even in just 4 episodes, it’s already doing a lot with its characters and direction that i didn’t expect from what appeared to be “yet another slice-of-life anime”. the director (Atsuko Ishizuka) has a history of doing a lot visually with scripts that always feel a bit lacking, so it’s really exciting to see her work on something with very promising writing


I really wish citrus would drop some of the squickyness because Yuzu is probably the most agonizingly realistic portrayal of high school crush angst I’ve seen in a long, long time. The over-analyzing, the jumping from hope to disappointment to hurt-filled anger, the accidentally-on-purpose revealing her crush to her friend… it’s just spot on.

I’m really enjoying the Junji Ito Collection for what it is but short stories always leave me a little flat (except that one about long dreams jfc). Maybe if this is successful we’ll finally get an Uzumaki adaptation?


Fate/Extra Last encore 1

Your in for a ride when the first few minutes of the episode is a dying high school girl watches a fight between a female version of the Emperor of Rome Nero and some sort of Buddha. Fate/Extra is a surreal part of the fate series since it takes place in a visual world on the moon. This means it can be a little more wild with it actions and plotting. Also having Shaft do the animation fits right in with the Extra.


Antarctica Moe is so, so good, but I think I want to watch the rest in one big chunk so I’m gonna swear off it until it’s finished, and then rewatch the whole thing.

I’ve heard good things about Yuru Camp too, but I think I’m gonna take the same approach there.

God, it’s a good to be a fan of slice of life right now.


Yuru Camp is very good but a little each week is the right amount.

I think A Place Further than the Universe would make for a good binge show, tho.


I can binge almost anything, no matter how slow, meanwhile I’m terrible at keeping up with shows from week to week–but still, I might at least give Yuru Camp an episode-by-episode go, so thanks!


now I am watching
Violet Evergarden
Darling in the FranXX
Ito Junji: Collection
Mahoutsukai no Yome


I tend to catch up on shows after they finish airing so I’m not watching too much at the moment, but I’ve been keeping pace with Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family and it’s been really sweet so far! It’s a series of shorts where various characters from the fate/stay night world have dinner at the protagonist’s home and everyone has a good time. Fate is at it’s most endearing when it’s a goofy sitcom imo

Lancer is so moe~


Darling in the FranXX feels like it was genetically engineered in a lab to make me feel as old and out of touch as possible. Gita Jackson gave it some praise on Kotaku and called it worth watching, and I love her but I think this is the hardest I’ve ever disagreed with her on anything ever.

Violet Evergarden is very pretty and atmospheric and I’m currently running on a high of how much I loved A Silent Voice so atm KyoAni can do no wrong.

Card Captor Sakura is cute as usual.

Pop Team Epic is the best anime of the season. It’s very refreshing how little it cares about anything in a market that’s oversaturated with tropes to make sales.


I was thinking the same thing. I really like a lot of Triggers past work but so much of Darling in the FranXX feels incredibly forced and has none of the tongue in cheekness that other Trigger shows felt like they had. I’m probably going to stick with it for an episode or two longer because I’m kind of expecting “The big revelation” that a lot of their other shows have had that made them worth sticking to. Honestly though, even if they do have that I might still drop it because not a single character is interesting to me which is a real bummer.

Card Captor Sakura is good though.


I watched the first 2 episodes of Pop Team Epic and I thought they were neat, but… it does some things I don’t really understand. Things like having the episodes be half as long as normal, but showing them twice in a row (with some minor changes), specifically.

Am I missing something here? Or is it one of those “don’t worry, you’re not SUPPOSED to know what’s going on, that’s the point” situations?


If I had to guess, the episodes being the same 12 minutes twice but with the main voice actors changedmight be a combination of cost-cutting, and not being able to decide between the male or female main voice cast. I’d wager a lot of the budget is going to all the more outlandish stuff they’re doing, like that ace stop-motion plush stuff.

It’s also got a lot of anticlimax and non sequitur humor, which I guess falls into that “it’s supposed to be like that” kinda deal. Though maybe “you aren’t supposed to know what’s going on” is an unfair assessment, it’s more like “there’s definately a thing going on, but sometimes that thing is, like, laughing at you for expacting there to be a thing”.


long rambling explanation of the history behind poptepic’s author cut short: bkub has been making a career off of a hyper-specific lampooning of the manga/anime industry and many of the things in the show that make you ask “why would you do that” are usually there specifically to provoke that reaction.

specifically on the double-episode thing, i do think it’s a clever way to conserve budget in the most ludicrous and visible way possible, which loops back around to this sense of authorial transparency that bkub has worked to foster with his core audience. it’s also a show that is so dense with rapid-fire jokes and easter eggs and references that watching it twice in succession actually adds a lot more to the show than you’d think.