The current anime thing

I’m still pretty early in Singular Point, which is why I haven’t posted about it myself, but I’ve definitely been enjoying it! It’s very charming.


Also a big fan of Singular Point here. I love the quick pace of the show and just how fun it all feels. Never a big fan of overt CG animation, I can say here at least I didn’t totally hate it (same feelings for the new Gundam Hathaway movie as well).




It’s the least offensive CG animation I’ve seen so far, although it’s also used pretty sparingly in the early episodes. I could see it wearing me down if the balance of the show tilts toward more action later.


Vinland Saga 2 is very good news. That’s some of the best stuff that’s been on for years.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is back too, baby. Great first ep. The animation is off the charts.

Looking for some anime recommendations. I want to watch a good post-apocalyptic anime. Can be movie or series, but I’d like it to be streamable, and I do have most of the major streaming platforms. I’m a big fan of classic post-apocalyptic anime, like Akira and Appleseed (1988), as well as later stuff like Eva and Appleseed (2004). My anime watching tops out at around 2010, though. So, I’d definitely be interested in anything more modern.

If you like Eva, Gainax also made Gurren Lagann, which I already recommended here as dystopian, but I think also counts as post apocalyptic? It’s fun, though, not a dreary post apocalypse. Like a very optimistic look at the spirit of humanity I guess I would say.

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For recent stuff I’d recommend something like Deca-Dence, Akudama Drive, and Dorohedoro.

For a more relaxing apocalypse, Girls’ Last Tour.

For things where the apocalypse is kinda just a technicality, Land of the Lustrous or Scrapped Princess.


Thank you, both. I have added all of these to various “to-watch” lists.

I finished Godzilla: Singular Point last night. While I don’t think it stuck the landing, it was still a lot of fun. I think it might disappoint anyone looking for a more traditional kaiju beat-'em-up, but there are still some cool kaiju scenes and I enjoyed the human characters and the weird science/conspiracy theory angle they followed.

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Two recommends , both are from around 2012:
From a New World : planet decimated by psychics, enslaved sub humans rising up
Humanity has Declined : civilization is back to mostly medieval tech living, but there are wierd ruins and fairies that grant monkeys paw wishes (they are probably robots)

Do you know if this series is streaming anywhere? I can’t seem to find any available episodes.

Quick google shows it removed from crunchy roll but still up on VRV and HIDIVE
I remember it as a whimsical series with dark undertones that never quite come to the surface. For example, the humans ask the fairies for food, so they are supplied fully cooked chickens that are still alive.

Huh. Checked on HIDIVE and didn’t see it. Downloaded VRV and it’s on there through HIDIVE, so… eh? It does look pretty good tho.

Outside of Sonny Boy the summer anime season hasn’t really had much that held my interest, but dang there’s a lot of interesting looking stuff in the fall season. The two I’m most interested in being Ranking of Kings and The Heike Story:

Beyond those I’m also really interested in Lupin the Third Part 6, Komi Can’t Communicate, and Restaurant to Another World 2.


Both of those look very nice. Not too many shows that stand out these days (but Sonny Boy is one for sure). Wanna watch more Lupin too, saw part 4 but not part 5 because it was stuck on Amazon or whatever.

I am once again thinking I shouldn’t watch so many airing series at once the next season, but it probably won’t work out.

Very glad to see this get an anime, Spy x Family is easily one of the best ongoing manga right now.

(also people need to watch Ranking of Kings it’s pretty great)


DAMN, the GOLGO 13 show has such a solid gold, tenouttaten, start! Can’t wait to dig further into that one!

(also people need to watch Ranking of Kings it’s pretty great)

Now that the show has almost finished: I retract this. The show’s first 11 episodes are great but it really falls apart in its second half as it puts less of its focus on Bojji and more on some really horrid politics and messier less interesting characters. Episode 21 is still a highlight because of how well animated and directed it is but outside from that, it gets real bad.

Still hyped for Spy x Family though, I’m caught up with the manga and know it just keeps being really fun throughout so at least I don’t need to worry about that show suddenly becoming terrible unless they make some terrible decisions for the anime adaptation

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Yeah, Ranking of Kings is for sure one of the best series in the last few years. It’s wild how many unique and great series 2021 gave us. I’m sure a few people out there skipped it because it looks childish, so a vocal recommendation is in order.