The current anime thing

I also recommend Spy x Family, which has been really good so far this season! I was reading the manga already, but the adaptation has worked well too.

The surprise hit that I didn’t expect this season has been Ya Boy Kongming! If you haven’t seen the catchy OP here it is:


I don’t know a thing about Lupin III but now I must do research (nobody parties like Japanese jazz musicians)

So, on my current run of “trying to catch up with 40 years of anime classics I never saw at the time”, I’m onto Mobile Suit Gundam, which unfortunately seems to only be available for “free” on Crunchyroll with English dub and no subs

Nevertheless, persevering, I’m up to episode 10 (helped by each episode “really” being about 20 minutes, once I skip past the 2 and a half minute intro which is the same each time, and ignore the 2 minute closing theme)… and, I’m actually quite impressed by how determined this seems to have a somewhat cynical viewpoint of warfare.
(Okay, so the “old civilians” are just annoying with their inability to recognise that “just being set down” in a warzone isn’t actually a sane thing to want; and the whole “modular combat systems that have names like ‘Guntank’” is a little risible; but the actual characterisation isn’t bad. And, obviously, one should always back Char.)

God damn it, I’ve been watching Kids on the Slope for the better part of a year, now, and it’s just killing me. This is high level drama. I stop watching for months at a time because it gets so heavy. Just … damn, it. Live your best lives.


I gotta get back to Kids on the Slope at some point. It put me real deep in my feelings because of how much of my high school experience was in it but I imported the physical soundtrack because of how much it meant to me


Well, I finished Kids on the Slope and I’m an absolute mess. How fucking dare they be so dramatic [encouraging].


Found out there was a new Masaaki Yuasa movie out and went to an early Thursday screening, because this was an emergency and everything had to wait. It’s a medieval Japan story set during the Northern and Southern Courts era, where a monster boy and a blind musician monk team up, and then suddenly it turns into a prog rock concert movie.

It fucking slaps, one of the best movies of the year. I want to shout about it everywhere.


I cannot wait for this. I live in a cultural wasteland, so it’ll probably be streaming before I get a chance to melt my eyeballs via new Yuasa, though…

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