The current anime thing


I also think it’s a little unfair to call it cost cutting specifically. The VAs the show is snagging aren’t your third tier nobodies. It’s very much a lot of money to get that consistent level of stardom to show up to your gag comedy production and then there’s the other stuff on top of it. I think people are not used to an anime budget being shifted so significantly because most big budget anime we do see tend to do it all in very similar ways.


Darling in the FranXX is slowly growing on me. I almost dropped it after the first couple of episodes but the characters are keeping me interested. The high concept is pretty dumb and I wouldn’t blame people for being grossed out by the pretty on the nose imagery but the character dynamics are moving at a pace that I have hope that they’re going to start doing something with those obviously dumb things.

BUT, maybe it’ll just end up being garbage.



I would say the issue with FranXX is that the sexual imagery and innuendos are just kinda…there. Because it takes itself so seriously, they stand out more as not being used in any meaningful way, especially since there haven’t been so much as any real hints that they’ll actually matter later on.
And it doesn’t really help that it’s otherwise a pretty standard mech show with, like, one good character.


Okay, but it’s not supposed to be some specific meta-textual statement or like, how/where the “actual” plot is revealed?

I’m mostly curious whether the stuff is important because it wasn’t until I was like 2 seasons into Arrested Development that I learned I shouldn’t* have been skipping the “On the next episode…” bits

*Not that there was anything necessarily crucial in them, but there were some good bits


Near as I can tell, the whole deal with the robots is that the women have the power but are objectified to literally give men control of their bodies. It’s not a mind melding thing like Pacific Rim where there are two equal parts (near as I can tell). We know the women can move the robots themselves but are told it’s too dangerous for them to do it alone. The reason 02 is special is that she’s both powerful and in control and it’s her partners who are in danger. They’ve thrown these cards down so quickly that pacing of the first couple episodes has been rough, but I’m interested enough to see what they’re going to say about this situation.


i can promise you there will be just as much actual plot in this show as there was in the original comic


I’ve been binge watching Little Witch Academia on Netflix and also catching up on Card Captor Sakura Clear Cards and let me just tell you all.

Life is good.


hey i just want to say, the latest episode of popteamepic (episode 7) features one of the greatest sketches I’ve seen in a long time, and if you weren’t feeling the last few episodes you should definitely give at least this one a watch


So here are the winners of the Crunchyroll Anime awards

  • Best Opening: “Peace Sign” – Kenshi Yonezu – My Hero Academia Season 2
  • Best Ending: “Ishukan Communication” – Chorogonzu – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • Best Film: Your Name
  • Best Score: Made in Abyss
  • Best Animation: My Hero Academia Season 2
  • Best CGI: Land of the Lustrous
  • Best Comedy: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • Best Slice of Life: Girls’ Last Tour
  • Best Continuing Series: March Comes in Like a Lion
  • Industry Icon: Christopher Sabat – Funimation
  • Best Boy: Shoto Todoroki – My Hero Academia Season 2
  • Best Girl: Ochaco Ubaraka – My Hero Academia Season 2
  • Best Villain: Stain – My Hero Academia 2 Season 2
  • Best Hero: Izuku “Deku” Midoriya – My Hero Academia Season 2
  • Best Drama: The Ancient Magus’ Bride
  • Best Action: My Hero Academia Season 2
  • Best Manga: My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness
  • Anime of the Year: Made in Abyss

My Hero was obviously going to do well but some of the surprises like My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness shows that the community is growing in different areas and minds are opening up.


Pleased to see Miss Kobayashi getting some love, I really like that show. Guess I should probably try to watch Made in Abyss sometime.


The True winners are SOL , CGI and Manga. I honestly expected Girl’s Last Tour to be forgotten i’m so glad it got something.

also starting a new campaign #rakugowasrobbed2yearsinarow #watchrakugo


Hugtto Precure looks pretty damn good.


With Rob going on about it on the podcast and then him bringing it up again on Three Moves Ahead I finally decided last week to get started on it. A week has passed and I’ve watched 56 episodes so yes… I too think that it’s very food.


Spring 2018 will be the best season for anime in a minute.


I know it’s not the “current” “anime” “thing”, it’s last years anime thing, but I just started watching Made In Abyss because the only other person I know irl who watches a lot of anime won’t stop talking it up. It kind of fell off my radar last year because I don’t have Amazon Prime.

However: He and I don’t align 100% in our tastes (which is to be expected, I suppose), he tends to put up with more bullshit in anime than I can deal with at this point. While I found the first episode intriguing enough, I’ve heard it’s hyper-violent and deals with some sexual themes.

I’m cool with violence and sex in my anime if it’s handled well, and it rarely is, and all the characters in this show are like 12, so! Waypoint anime friends whom I trust to call out bullshit! Is this show genuinely worth watching or should I quit while I’m ahead. Considering I haven’t seen it widely discussed on the anime forum means two things to me: It’s either real good or the total opposite.


I got hooked early because the show was so gorgeous but I was pretty cool on it by the end of the series. There isn’t really a lot of sex in the show (apparently the manga gets real wild but I haven’t read it myself) but violence wise it gets pretty brutal but not in a glorified way. The whole season feels like introduction to a longer story rather than something that stands on its own so if you’ve got reservations maybe don’t bother.

I deffo don’t think it’s the best show of 2017 like Crunchyroll does. That show is Land of the Lustrous or maybe Dragon Maid


Thanks for the clarifications. I was mainly worried about the violence feeling exploitative and bad, and people just turning a blind eye to that because a lot of bad shit in anime seems to get ignored a lot of the time. Thought I’d come here to try and get a different opinion because Waypoint’s community is a lot more willing to take a show or a game to task when it fucks up.

I also read in some other places about how the manga gets. I hope, like the violence, it’s not exploitative in like the uh… really bad way there too, but more in service of some greater theme. I suppose it can be both?

Word on that last bit there, though. I was also pretty partial to ACCA 13 last year.


Depending on how you mean “exploitative”, the violence in MiA could be considered as much. It’s definitely intended to sicken and horrify you rather than thrill or entertain. That the victims are frequently smol children (or what’s left of children) is certainly leveraged to maximize the discomfort.


I meant it more in that second way than in the first, for sure. A show wanting you to be horrified in it’s violence is much different than a show expecting you to take pleasure in it, or to revel in it or some other synonym of revel I can’t think of right now that doesn’t sound so bad.

The friend who recommended the show refuses to say anything about anything even though I keep telling him I don’t care if I’m spoiled, I’d rather know what I’m in for.

Thanks again.