The current anime thing


Honestly, the tenth and final episodes are better experienced not knowing a thing about them, or at least their important parts, so I’d say it’s for the better. But yeah, the violence isn’t supposed to be something to like, but rather a way to emphasize just how bad the abyss can get, though it can come across as torture porn at points.
Also, Riko’s body is displayed more often than it should be, and it still seems like no one’s quite sure on whether there’s a point to that or if it’s just the creator’s inclinations…


Hey plot stuff I can understand not wanting to spoil, he’s keeping his mouth shut about everything, including the relatively small amount of information I’ve got here. I didn’t understand why he didn’t want to just tell me how the show handles violence generally.

Well, uh… shit.


Zac from ANN calls it a fetish, specifically of the violent destruction of innocence. Listen to this podcast starting around 54:05 for the complete roundtable discussion. I haven’t watched the show, but I am 100% never in the mood to be watching small children going through excruciating physical dismemberment, regardless of the point.


Thanks so much! Never listened to that podcast before, but I appreciate the discussion happening here, especially since a lot of The Discourse™ I see around problematic/straight up bad bits of anime usually get completely ignored or brushed off for the sake of “authorial intent” or the like.
After watching some more I can see where he’s coming from especially when they discuss how like every episode has a gag about dicks, or a joke about being tied up naked as punishment.
It’s just… not good. Straight up. I don’t even know if I’m into the plot so much? It feels like a middling JRPG set up. Boy with amnesia, horrible darkness, overcoming hardships (albeit in an intensely violent way not usually shown in a JRPG).

I tend to give shows that are 12-13 episodes at least 3 episodes to hook me, if it hasn’t then I’m out, if it has, then I’ll watch till 7, and at that point if I’m done I’ll drop the show (don’t ask how I arrived at those numbers I’ve been doing that since like Middle School). I’m past episode 3, I’ll give it some more time, but unless it picks up hella I don’t know if I’ll want to finish this.

I don’t want to turn this thread into a Made In Abyss thread, so thank y’all for being cool even though I sorta kinda derailed everything maybe?


Nah, it’s fine. Made In Abyss is last season, so it’s still pretty current. Also, given the amount of content put out every season, staying current is exhausting, and not something I expect anyone who isn’t hardcore into anime to even attempt. Unless a show hooks me week to week, I find myself often waiting for a season to be over to see what shows people really liked, because there just isn’t enough time for any other option.


She gotten too strong!

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san is a fun show about a boy and a girl with the girl always getting the upper hand with her mind games on him.


Princess Principal was robbed of best opening. :frowning:
Also more people need to check it out now that you just need Prime.


It also on Hi DIve anime which is much cheaper and Sentai starting to put their dubs on there as of recently.


I just signed up for Hidive over the weekend, and I’m pleasantly surprised. Especially for someone like me, who prefers dubs, I’m pretty happy with the selection. Tons of OVAs that aren’t really available anywhere else, too. I also appreciate that they use the home video versions most of the time.

With Crunchyroll & Funimation both available under one subscription now, I have no problem dropping $5 of that savings to fill in some of the gaps.


Watching Made in Abyss. It has a ICO game feel to it with ruins, bizarre wildlife, cryptic history, and literal smallness of the characters.


Never made a post in this thread about what i was watching really but uh.
Winter has been pretty good for nice easy going shows.

i’ve really enjoyed Yuru Camp , A Place Further Than The Universe , Pop Team Epic , and Mitsuboshi Colors.

I enjoyed the 5 episodes of Karakai Jozu No Takagi-san i watched but the formula quickly becomes pretty predictable but it’s funny!

Thinking about getting into Hakumei & Mikochi at a later time because i just have too many chill anime rn haha.

Also just started my first Precure with Hugtto!


No one else has mentioned it but Kokkoku is a great high concept thriller with a banger of a OP.


That OP is choice! chef kiss It honestly is giving me some S1 Psycho Pass vibes which means I’ll probably give it a look.


Bless this genderless rabbit Nanachi


what anime from the upcoming season are you most excited for?

for me it’s gotta be:

Steins;Gate 0


and Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou

but spring 2018 is looking STACKED.


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and then…I just don’t…but I’ve been really digging Sanrio Boys.

It’s just a slice of life anime about high school boys who love Sanrio characters, talking about their feelings and supporting each other.

Also something about the humor in the show really resonates with me and I typically laugh out loud at least once an episode.

I also feel like it hits the right notes in terms of not just being a commercial and (at least as it goes on) not harping on the Sanrio aspect but focusing more on finding out who you are and being comfortable with that.

All of that’s not to mention that after watching it I desperately want some kind of Persona/SMT spinoff where the Personas are Sanrio characters.


I’m a while behind at this point on Mahoutsukai no Yome but gosh it just feels like such an imperfect adaptation. Outright bizarre pacing and music choices and such all lead to the show feeling like there are a lot of corners cut in places they didn’t need to be. I should read the manga and see how that holds up


I just basically binged all of Laid Back Camp and it’s real feel good and nice and just happy and I like it a lot.

Rin buys a small grill for camping adventures


Yurucamp is so good. It’s just so pure and happy. There’s only one episode left! I’m sad I wont have more but very excited to see the good girls have fun camping.

Hopefully it will get another season, there is more to the manga. Seems likely, based on what people are saying. Like it’s doing well in Japan.


Yay! I was just talking to a friend, lamenting the fact that our chill camping show is finishing this week. I’d love a second season.