The current anime thing


Usually I wait until shows have finished airing to watch them, but I’ve been watching Pop Team Epic weekly and loving it. I was so worried that translating the very specific sense of humor of the 4koma wouldn’t work when animated and voiced, but the show has proven me wrong.

Looking forward to watching Yuru Camp and the Antarctica one with the long name.


Some encouragement for the Antarctica show


I’m not one to cry often at anime, but episode 10 of Violet Evergarden had me on the verge of tears. A really well written episode after two that I didn’t think were necessary.

The show has a really good emotional core, It’s just a tad heavy-handed at times and I’m sort of unsure where it’s all going.


Antarctica anime is so incredible and every single episode has made me cry and the latest one made me cry even more than all the other ones.


Last episode had me absolutely bawling. I almost scared myself.

I love how something you don’t know anything about can suddenly come and surprise you, and steal your heart so easily.


New trailer for Hisone and Masotan came out!

Upcoming show from BONES coming out this spring with the most hilariously stacked list of creative talent in a while. Shinji Higuchi, SFX master and co-director of Shin Godzilla? Check. Mari Okada and Hiroshi Kobayashi, who respectively wrote and directed Kiznaiver? Check. Shoji Kawamori, mecha designer and Macross creator who’s doing the mechanical designs? Check. Taisei Iwasaki, who did the music for Blood Blockade Battlefront? Check. Yuji Kaneko, who did amazing backgrounds for the Little Witch Academia OVAs and Kill la Kill? Check. Plus on the voice acting front, Tomoyo Kurasawa (who voiced Phos in Land of the Lustrous) has a major role. Okada’s scripts can be hit or miss for me, but I’m pretty excited about this one!


For anyone who looking for a show that is not only heartwarming but also about bullying and how to combat it March Comes in Like a Lion is one to take a look at. Also talking cats.


Couldnt help but do this:

I’m gonna miss this show.


wow i can’t believe rin is dead


I ended up liking quite a bit this season even if I’ve fallen behind in a lot of it.

Looking at next season, I’m glad that Hero Academia is back, although I’m a bit surprised that it’s another 25 episodes. Also super curious about the return of Full Metal Panic.


The tears streaming down my face are endless. I’m going to miss those Antarctica teens so much. Seriously one of the best anime I have ever seen!


Snow Girls is one of the best animes of this generation and I will take that opinion with me to the grave

Because folks, when I’m six feet underground you’d better believe I’m still gonna be sobbing about the email scene at the end of episode 12


Anime gone too far!


i’m sorry


My bf and I decided to watch the first episode of the new Lupin III anime and I really enjoyed most of the humor and the returning characters, but, man, anime really needs to turn the horniness down. LIke, it’s even too much when they subvert it, too.


So, about Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These is really good, much better that I expected, sure might not be the same thing as the original anime, there is some changes, such as ships now are way more detailed that back there (which mean, that their design might not be so clean), some character design is a bit different, however - this changes in general so far have been really good or well made.

The ships, while a bit more busy in design, still keep the same vibe of the original (specially the contrast between the Empire and Free Planets Alliance), uniforms still look really cool (The FPA uniforms are dark blue, which make them closer to the book, where they are black, the Empire uniforms still similar to the original). The characters still kept much of their original design with some changes (some character appear have design more inspired in the theater play version, such as Mecklinger), but still very similar to the original with their more older look and broad chested (everyone looks a bit larger, which compared to the original anime, might make some characters as Farenheit look a bit strange, since he was more slim).

Oh, one major change - the sound track appear to be all new instead of just using classical music, like in the past, which isn´t bad, the music so far looks great and I am not sure how much using only classical music for the OST would work like the past.


So far I’m pretty happy with Megalobox aka What if Every Boxer Was Jax From Mortal Kombat.


Megalo Box has been really interesting so far. Thematically keeps a lot of the spirit of the original Ashita no Joe (Megalobox seems to have been made in honor of its 50th anniversary) while adding some new inspirations too.


I’m sorry pt 2


Golden Kamuy has started and there are apparently memes about the badly cgi’d bear in the first episode, which is fair, but do not let that turn you away from this extremely good show which is based on probably my favourite manga ever. Please come and learn about the culture and cuisine of the Ainu people, and also there’s something about some gold i guess