The current anime thing


I watched the first episode of Persona 5 the Animation and it made me realize how much of that game’s style is on the periphery of the actual game - in the menus, the text boxes, what have you.

I’m definitely going to watch the rest of the series, but I feel like if you showed someone this episode and told them “this is based on one of the most stylish games ever made,” they would have a hard time understanding why.



Yeah the Persona animated stuff has never really tapped into the same kind of style as the games. Most of the style is unique to medium, I think, for reasons you said. The UI plays a huge part, especially in battles, and the music is definitely better suited to scoring a game than a show.

I recall P4A having really bad pacing problems, too, but it’s hard to adapt a 100+ hour long RPG into a relatively short anime series.

I just watched the first episode of the new Lupin III and didn’t expect to get burned this hard.


Happy Wotakoi Day.


Apparently somebody forgot to tell Amazon about this.


cThese aren’t exactly current, but I’ve been catching up through netflix and amazon:
Violet Evergarden was beautiful, and I liked the episode about the playwright trying to get over his daughters death.
Wakfu season 3 is not anime ? shares a general aesthetic I guess… but I liked it. Based on that French video game so there’s all this lore I wasn’t entirely sure about (elaborate pantheon of gods for instance) but I muddled my way through.
Still looking for something as good as the Rakugo anime last year.

edit: watching Pop Team Epic, the part in episode 7 where the animation is entirely made up of sketchbook pages was amazing and kind of turned me around on this.


Spring releases I seen
Gegege no Kitarou - It pretty decent show about Japanese ghost. I has a nice female lead so it has that going for it.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby - Horse girl who race and the top 3 get to put on an idol concert. It has pretty good energy, delightful characters, and the main character has 2 moms.

Amanchu! ~Advance~ - The muppets are back! Continuing the diving slice of life.

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online - First episode was almost a pubg match but with a little asskicing bunny girl.

Persona 5 - It the first 1 and a half of the game, minus the filler and just the important scene. Like P4 anime it lacks a little breathing room but it sticks to what works with a few nice touches.

Golden Kamuy - It rough in a good way. Taking place after Japan’s war with Russia and introducing the indigenous Ainu. There also CG bears so watch out.


FranXX is still fine, and is even threatening to be good?


Tokyo Ghoul is back if you’re into that. Luckily for me I couldn’t remember how it’s last season ended but neither did Kaneki. Also I was scrolling through and anyone in need of a shonen, Hunter x Hunter 2011 still looks good. One day I’ll cosplay Hisoka.


FranXX really loves to tease its own potential, doesn’t it? My take so far is that it has individual scenes and episodes that are pretty solid, but the long-term storytelling is kinda…jumbled, to put it nicely.

More specifically: it continues to puzzle me that the show centers on Hiro and 02, rather than Ichigo and Goro. The episode focusing on Ichigo and Goro was easily the strongest so far - it highlighted each of their weaknesses as characters, and how as a pair, they are able to cover for each other. This reinforces the conceit of the show in the same way that Pacific Rim attempts to. But both Ichigo and Goro’s development (even 02’s) are directly linked to Hiro, whose defining trait just seems to be that…hmmm…well, uhhh…I guess, he’s a nice guy? “That’s right,” FranXX says, "he’s SO nice, and everybody loves him because of how nice he is!" If the show didn’t saddle itself with such a shallow lead, I think they would have an easier time exploring other characters & story themes.

Some high-up Trigger staffers recently guested at Genericon, an anime con in New Jersey, where they talked about how much they’re struggling with managing this co-production. Co-productions are pretty popular in the industry, and they signed on to the FranXX project thinking this was a good way to ease their workload. Apparently it’s been even more work trying to steer the ship than it would’ve been had they made the show themselves. That would definitely explain the show’s inconsistencies and shortcomings.

In any case, I don’t really see myself dropping it. If this road ends up leading somewhere, neat, but if not, at least it’ll have been an interesting ride?


Totally agree: the worst part of the show is the main character. The fact that it’s so seemingly dense with meaning while never actually delivering anything deeper makes it fun to ponder but, at this point, it’s basically just reverse Eva: happy mech kids have high school inflicted on them by a jerk scientist and it makes them miserable.


So Gun Gale Online got a show? I didn’t care for Sword Art Online but I liked the setting of their gun mmo. Watching it reminds me of the game I wish Destiny was, plus the skyline shot they keep using is really cool.

Fun first episode (anime pubg!) The last shot made me think the main character was a mom (which would have been amazing) but further research said she’s not (just in college). I’ll keep watching and hoping Kirito never shows up.


I have been told that Kirito never shows up and there is no (overt) romance.
In addition, this story was written by Keiichi Sigsawa, the creator of Kino’s Journey rather than the original Sword Art Online author.
I actually wasn’t going to watch this show but all of that was enough to make me give it a shot. I’m not super impressed by the two first episode format they’ve given it, with an episode to explain what the game is and then an episode to show how she got into it, but hopefully episode 3 brings it all together a bit more.

Having said that, I’ve now picked up far too many shows this season, including Hisone and Maso-tan, the new Studio BONES anime about dragons who transform into fighter planes and are piloted from inside their digestive tract.


I feel like better music would do wonders for the show. I watched the first 5 or so episodes and most of the action felt underwhelming. The Star Driver look doesn’t help because I’m reminded of how good that show sounded.


I think I’ve finally pinpointed what’s been bugging so much about the new Lupin: it’s an acute case of Trying to Have Its Cake and Eat It Too. Lupin Pt. 5 tries to bring its classic spy caper antics into the 21st century, and to a certain extent it does. Lupin and co. shifting their focus from physical wealth to cryptocurrency in the first episode was an inspired decision, and the “hunt the Lupin” social-media-game thread has definite promise. Where it succeeds in integrating modern tech into its plot, though, it fails at the more fundamental task of bringing its tropes into the contemporary moment. Lupin’s misogynist womanizing attitude goes unexamined, and the show’s writers and directors continue to treat the show’s female characters like trash. There’s a disconnect between what the showrunners are aiming for with the series - a Lupin for 2018 - and the reality of what the show is - a needlessly and uncritically trope-y caper that feels like it could’ve been an unusually prophetic show from the '60s.


Yeahhhh I’m kind of with you, but I’m willing to give the new series some time to start examining the shitty aspects of Lupin as a character, and I’m into the dynamic between him and Ami that’s starting to build (I can see a little bit of a father/daughter thing happening later on, which means something for Lupin as a character for sure) and the constant comments that he, Jigen and Goemon are just… old. It could be something, but we’ll see. I’m probably just giving the show too much levity because of nostalgia, honestly, but they do have an opportunity with introducing Ami that they haven’t really had before.

I also appreciate that there seems to be more of a narrative through-line in this season so far, as much as I came to like the “each episode a different madcap heist” of the old Lupin. Hopefully they actually start to deconstruct the characters along with the structure, and I’m interested in how they justify bringing back all the weird villains from like the 70’s era of the show as assassins and what they do with that in terms of narrative / Lupin and co.'s long past finally creeping up on them.


Speaking of hopefully deconstructing characters along with the structure and being interested in how they justify bringing back all the weird villains from like the 70’s era of the show as assassins, Cutie Honey Universe is fucking going for it.

I don’t know if it’s any good yet, but it’s honest about what it’s doing: being weird trash Sailor Moon.


I watched the first episode of Laid-Back Camp a while ago and while it was fine it did not stick with me. However, after going through a semi-traumatic experience today I decided to watch some more of it and turns out it was exactly what I needed. I don’t know if I’ll watch all of it but for now I love it.


I liked Aggretsuko!
It’s that anime currently on Netflix about a Sanrio character who works as an accountant and loves Death Metal. At first I thought she was a Tanuki but turns out is a Red panda.
Where’s Hello Kitty in all this?
She probably a rich dowager who’s all reclusive and secretly owns everything.


i’ve been watching violet evergarden with a friend of mine and it’s a ridiculously gorgeous show with an incredible budget, but every time benedict shows up with his bike, i’m even more blown away by the worldbuilding of someone successfully riding a motorcycle in high heels. revolutionary anime. 10/10


Aggretsuko rules :metal: