The Death Stranding Trailer is Here, and Holy ****

I’m still not fully sure what’s happening here, but it looks wild and messy and ridiculous and I absolutely cannot wait to play it. The trailer seems to confirm the notion that it’s going to be mainly exploration-based, but the clips with the ladder and rappelling seem to be hinting at some deeper systems (maybe this is where the immersive sims went?). The plot and premise still seem pretty opaque, but I’m extremely interested in the glimpses of the world that it is giving. Not suuuuuuuper confident that there won’t be lots of issues with women characters because hey it’s Kojima and the little scenes in here gave me a bit of pause (especially a couple of the names, but all of them are pretty out there). I guess we’ll see on that front.

In any case, I had never even considered the possibility, but needless to say if Death Stranding ends up being Kojima Does Breath of the Wild I might just die on the spot. What do y’all think?


Kojima mentioned on Twitter that the premise is one where the US has enacted physical walls on each state border, and Reedus’ character is working to rebuild “bridges” between the country.

It sounds like some real on-the-nose commentary, I’m wondering how well or how badly this could go.


I am ready for this anime.


Honestly i feel like its genuinely been a while since i’ve seen a legit AAA ass video game and went “man this could legitimatly be a pile of garbo”. I’m excited.


I don’t usually pre order games, but I think this might be an exception. The games Kojima works on are always about something. Even when they’re bad at least they’re worth thinking about, which is more than I can say about most AAA games!

Death Stranding looks batshit in a way that he was reaching for with MGS4. This game doesn’t have the constraints of lore and continuity, so hopefully it lands this time!


I’m just glad I can stop screaming at videos and podcasts saying the Death Stranding is years away or something. It never made sense to me why people thought this game was going to take more than 3 or 4 years. That’s the time-table of nearly every Sony published game.


I don’t know why I am shocked that Death Stranding looks so good; it’s Kojima, PT understood what it took to make a great horror teaser, and MGS has always been better than it should be. I put my faith in this man to make something that is worth playing and understanding.


Probably because Kojima is the type of director that seems like with the amount of money and resources sony is giving him, would scope creep endlessly. Though tbh, Sony probably has had a tighter hand on his studio than has probably been indicated im sure, i was convinced this was going to be a next fall game, as like a cross launch title.

Sony must have faith in this game, because it looks like Last of Us 2 got pushed to early next year, so they must anticipate this game being huge. I will say none of the gameplay snippets looked particularly impressive, but they were just snippets, i’ll wait for an actually gamplay trailer.


This looks super interesting. I love the little MTV touch of the music and artist.

I cant wait to dive into this, it looks bizarre


So basically it’s “those boring chapters of Cryptonomicon that were about undersea cables: The Game”? But with ghosts and ladders?


while i truly appreciate the codenames heartman, deadman, and most especially die-hardman, i am also worried about how two of the female characters are called fragile and mama, knowing full well how kojima’s games have portrayed women


Why would Sony dump such a weird game into the cross-system territory? With backwards compatibility I’m sure the 2 SKU for 2 systems model won’t be a thing. Sony put out Last of Us 5 months before the PS4 released and they made a new SKU to release once the PS4 had an install base. Sony puts out games when they’re done, they’ve spent their resources on it and need to start seeing returns and where else to get those returns than in the fall where they cross 100 million units sold?

I’ll post what reddit user u/LawLayLewLayLow managed to assemble through watching interviews on the game. Mild setting and game spoilers below.

It’s a third person sci-fi action game that takes place after a huge explosion that caused something that’s called Timefall, rain that speeds up and ages whatever it touches.
Everything it touches crumbles and dies except for plastic ironically, the one thing we polluted the planet with will outlive us.
So they use plastic to build bases and suits to protect themselves, and the main character Sam is a delivery man going between these bases. Why and what he is delivering is part of the mystery and that’s fine, that’s a good thing.
When he faces enemies or bosses, they kill you and you end up switching to first person mode in this purgatory dimension searching for your body. When you find your body you enter your mouth and the naked baby giving you a thumbs up acts as a transition back to the third person “reality”.
Every death seems to leave a handprint on his body.
Then you continue on your journey, rinse and repeat. The end of the trailer showed stealth, and the short teaser shown at TGS showed the bosses you’ll face.
He says it will revolve around building a “rope” with players around the world. Most likely a connection like a more advanced version of Dark Souls etc.
Anyways, really annoying when people say nothing is known of this game. He’s releasing information at a nice pace without giving it away. If you are expecting some Rockstar video with a voiceover laying out the game experience he’s not your guy.
He’s all about keeping the experience a mystery till it’s in your hands and every time it’s been worth it except for MGSV maybe.


Ima just copy-paste my Tweets here, rather than write it all out again:

So, that Death Stranding trailer has me super excited, because it confirms that it’s a lot of the things I wanted from it. Meaning: Sci-fi Horror Hiking Simulator with little focus on combat and a lot of, and a veriety of, weird imagery.

But also, a lot of warning signs of bad attitudes towards women are there. Lot of women in that trailer who are either seemingly absent/dead or imperrilled. Even just the names of the women compared to the men is telling.

I’m excited though. It feels a lot more real now. I still stand that it never needed to be, “Death Stranding” could have literally been just the trailers and not a videogame at all and it would have been a Ride, and I already knew more than enough about it. But still.

It does feel like that trailer was everything that people have been calling for Kojima Productions to put out, and I’m glad they waited so long to actually do it.

I have a much clearer idea of what I’m looking for, good and bad, when I eventually get to play it, and that’s a good way to get me very excited. This is a Big Thing in the games space it feels like.


So we’ve got the ladder from mgs3, skulls from mgs v, anything else?

i guess i didn’t really have a reason beyond i didn’t think the game was going to be ready yet. sorry.

In a way, I’m almost disappointed that it’s actually going to be a game that I can play rather than some sort of endless dadaist project of trailers for a game that never exists

I’ll definitely play it, and it will definitely be a messy fucking game with lots of problematic shit

still, I will probably give it Two Norman Reedus Throat Fetus Thumbs Up in the end

aww, I liked that stuff, it was interesting


Didn’t mean to come off confrontational. Just explaining my reasoning why I never thought Sony would let the game slip into PS5 territory. We’ll see LoU2 and Ghosts of Tsushima this fall or winter would be my guess also.

I for sure thought that it would be a launch release for PS5 to seek that system, core be surprised also

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Wow. It’s been a while since I watched a video game trailer and felt like what is this strange and amazing artifact?

Going to agree with some others here that the depiction of women already looks worrying. Still, I’d be lying if I said I was anything but mega-hyped, and I wasn’t even really sure I cared about this before watching the trailer (I mean, I was intrigued, but just hadn’t seen enough to be fully hooked). Fingers crossed that Kojima will surprise us with his female characters, but…