The Defenders (and the other Netflix Marvel stuff)


I am only three episodes into JJ 2, but the conclusion I can draw already is people need to answer their goddamn phones.


I really enjoyed season 2 of JJ. I wasn’t sure how or what they would focus on after Kilgrave, but I didn’t leave disappointed.


I think my enjoyment of JJ season 2 was somewhat ruined by how much of a bummer I felt like it ended on. Overall, I still think it was a very good season of tv and a they certainly took it in a different direction than I expected to, but… man, I really didn’t like where a lot of the characters ended up by the final episode.

Also, good GOD, Eka Darville is an unbelievably handsome man.


I don’t know, I kind of like how much of a bummer it was, not everything needs a happy ending, you know? Also, I kinda hate how Malcolm had to cut his hair to become professional Malcolm, that seemed kind of ehhhhhhhhhhh to me.


Malcolm cutting his hair was the biggest tragedy.


I’m late to this party but I just finished Defenders in preparation for JJ season 2. And I think I have a simple rule when it comes to these shows; I’m just incapable of caring about The Hand as a villain in any capacity. I think Kingpin, Killgrave and Cottonmouth were all such compelling characters in their own right and that’s what made DDs1, LC and JJs1 so interesting. Even Punisher was pretty good as an antagonistic force in DDs2 until it took that hard right into K’un-Lun. It just feels so much better when the antagonist feels like they belong in New York instead of just being the ninja mafia. They felt like they belonged there and it felt like they developed along with the protagonist. Even Elektra and The Chaste fall falt for me.

So I’m pretty excited for this season of Jessica Jones. And I was excited to go to the Punisher’s wikipedia page and find 0 results when I ctrl+f’d “hand”.


Can I watch JJ season 2 without having seen The Defenders?


absolutely, virtually no reference has been made to it so far

and speaking of JJ, i have watched 10 episodes of S2 so far and oh my god Trisha I know you’re going through a shitty patch but oh my god i am so mad at you


I am on episode nine of season two and can’t say I have seen/heard anything that has really related to events in Defenders.