The Defenders Trailer Discussion (Potential Spoilers)

Netflix just released the trailer for The Defenders

What are your predictions, hopes, and dreams for series?

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I was thoroughly amped up for this before Iron Fist happened, now I’m mostly worried. Perhaps the tempering of expectations will end up being a good thing. I’ll certainly check it out, at least

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I KNOW! Even in the trailer when he says “I’m the Immortal Iron Fist” it makes me cringe.

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Marvel + Netflix sure loves their hallway fights, don’t they?

I am cautiously optimistic for this one. I am especially hoping that they have enough plot for a full season and don’t run out of steam in the middle padding out the season. The highs of a Marvel Netflix show are very high, so fingers crossed that this will be a great capstone to the Netflix Phase One.

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I haven’t watched Iron Fist. I’m not sure I will. But I’m hoping that this series really pulls something together. But yeah, I agree with the sentiment that Iron Fist looks like it has the potential to drag down something that was heading to a good place.

Yeah. I really like Daredevil season 1 and 2 and I really, really like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. But even though I liked them, I have always felt like they should have been 10 episodes instead of 13. They just seem to kinda lose their way in the middle.

Edited: I said Iron Fist when I meant Luke Cage.


The rest of the crew refusing to take Iron Fist even nearly as seriously as he takes himself might end up making it work. Here’s hoping, anyway!


I just hope that iron fist doesn’t bring this whole thing down. Some of the stuff that happened in that show actually has me confused about the state of the world in Defenders. But! Sigourney Weaver is in it! I’m feeling optimistic overall. I imagine they can explain some of the confusing stuff in iron fist or maybe even just retcon some of the especially bad stuff?

The premise itself looks interesting, since it is a conclusion of the Daredevil and Stick story line from season 2.

They only thing I worry about is if the individual characters, will allowed to be in other shows following the conclusion of this initial Defenders season( e.g Iron Fist in a Daredevil season, Jessica Jones in Luke Cage season 2, etc). Or will Netflix keep costs down by continuing to do solo shows with just one hero.

As what seems like the only person on Earth who didn’t hate Iron Fist (it was certainly the weakest series, but still quite good), I’m hyped. Plus supposedly this is only eight episodes, which is fantastic.

There are dozens of us! Dozens!


Prediction? It can’t be as bad as Iron Fist was! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I have a lot of hope that Defenders can continue what Claire Temple started with Danny Rand so far as trying to make him woke to his own ridiculousness.

He should make a good foil to this group of serious and grounded brooder supremes.

He just better bring Colleen Wing to the party. She nearly saved that show.

Yeah. They have been pretty effective with that in the comics in the past. Danny’s generally optimism and occasional naivete adds a nice foil to a group made up of Jones, Cage, and Murdock. So, I think there is potential.

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I wish this Danny Rand was a little more lovable, but, I’m assuming Defenders as a team dynamic fiction will make him work.

I just… like the point where Danny basically says he can break the law because he’s rich in a casual conversation. I dunno, it’s like he doesn’t get his own joke I’m a weird, slimey way.

But w/e, I’m optimistic, actually.

Iron Fist suffered from having a show runner with a history of making it up as he went. This is being done by the guys who made DareDevil S2, and they only have 8 episodes, so I’m hoping they find a more interesting way to use Danny.

Yeah, that dude is now showrunning the Inhumans show. Soooooo…that doesn’t bode well for that show. As if the Inhumans didn’t have enough of their own problems to deal with.

This show will surely deal with the Hand to some extent right? I’m still concerned about their bizarre downgrade to lame thugs in Iron Fist. Do you guys think this show will address that, or just ignore it and go back to them being sick ass ninjas?

I feel like the end of Iron Fist got them organizationally back to 0, with Gao back on top and the Meechum infiltration storyline basically pinned down.. But who knows who Sigourmey Weaver is re: The Hand. All I really want is a ninja clan, but they seem pretty committed to their immortal zombie business.

Remember, even in the Marvel universe for most of his tenure, Iron Fist was nothing until he met Power Man. For that reason I am optimistic.

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