The Division 2 Impressions?


I saw this tactic work on real-ass grown-ass men who defend the last couple Far Cry games and boy does this suck.

Like, yay, they figured out the tactic of disguising and delivering shitty ideology and normalization to liberals by casting multicultural extras. Even Watch Dogs 2 had some straight garbage use of minority gang stereotypes, not to mention no comment ever on what kind of violence you inflict on those gangs, or even civilians (including, y’know, the openly queer background characters gamers don’t like very much).

The funny thing is, when your whole brand revolves around plausible deniability towards having a political leaning in your justified-violence video game fantasies, it tends to slide naturally into a right-wing mass gun murder fantasy with the thinnest possible social coding hmm how weird


I can see that. The gang stuff is a bad look. First time I saw one with the gun sideways I definitely wasn’t thrilled with what they were getting at.

Hyenas is just a bad name for them because they literally just bust up weak independent settlements and murder people and steal their crops because they don’t want to grow stuff (at least that’s what the opening cutscene would have you believe). I think the devs just forgot to actually look up what hyenas are well-known for? That said they’re not doing any Robin Hood type business and like fighting for the people against the establishment on a regular basis, so I don’t know if the apex predator thing holds up.

As for the true sons I don’t really know what their deal is. They just love America so much they shoot at anyone who isn’t literally draped in a flag it seems like, and it’s that sort of limp, half-assed attempt at some sort of critique that I think characterizes Ubisoft’s games for the most part. I can’t really even work up the feelings to be upset about any of it or make it out as particularly controversial because it’s overwhelmingly just devs stumbling to make anything not akin to bland nothingness after endless focus-testing, when it comes to storytelling at least.

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The True Sons in particular are just a strange mishmash of characteristics. They seem like just some stock, shitty militia at first, like the previous game, but then it gets worse when you encounter audio logs with their leader talking about how a nearby group was allowing refugees in that aren’t worth the resources that are being wasted on them and that they need to wipe them out. Like, clear extremist, right wing rhetoric.

But then that leader is a black man? Again, just making every group diverse racially regardless of if it makes sense is just pure laziness…and that’s the most charitable reading of it. Worst case is intentionally giving cover to white supremacist ideologies by having it led by a black man. Like, I get that people like Clarence Thomas exist, but it’s just fucking absurd. I guess at least this group is a clear and unambiguous villain?

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